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Trim by the Stern?

Slim McSauce


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2 minutes ago, Slim Jimmerson said:

Universal Skill book

Rudder halfturn time 12%

Yard turn speed -10%


Two negative attributes? Whats the deal here?

Can't say for sure if they're negative or positive from the numbers alone. The wording makes it sound like something you'd never want to put on, but upgrades are something you should want to put on so it's most likely a case of unfinished description. Toss in one extra word and we have - and - makes +. ;)

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1 hour ago, Headless Parrot said:

Quicker turn if manual sail turning and slower if you are auto sail rudder turning....I suspect


you would suspect, but the "bonuses" are actually both negatives. when you but this knowledge slot on your ship, you're literally handicapping yourself by making it worse.

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