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AI Boost (Vote)

Nick Thomadis

AI Boost  

50 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you like an option to boost AI with bonuses?

    • Yes! I want more challenge. I can enable on/off according to my needs as a player.
    • No! This contradicts to the overall gameplay concept, that AI does not use cheats to win.

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The AI is challenging but we know that many of you would like it to be even better. AI has already handicaps comparing to human opponent. It cannot run to its objectives, use cover efficiently and advance without charging like the player. Creating new AI algorithms is a risky procedure and could take much development to make right.


So what if we added a button "AI Boost" to enhance subtly some statistical parameters of its units? That would increase a lot its effectiveness and should make your life real hard in competing AI. These bonuses will be carefully balanced so to not affect overall gameplay to frustrating levels of toughness.


Please vote so we can implement in a next patch together with other AI improvents!

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I voted NO because the AI not cheating is a slogan of the DEVs and it's bad to trace back on a core decision such as this.


I see nothing wrong in that, obviously, but I think the glitch of "condition" that affects skirmishers and infantry might have something to do with the AI not attacking properly or being too passive.

There's also the issue of artillery concepts not yet fully functional to tackle down and with these 2 things improved the AI might not need cheats at all anymore. Just a few checks on the routines in infantry combat.


I think it's something not to be scared about: no AI can cope with a human player because, technically speaking, the AI hasn't been born yet. :)


Also, I'm convinced the setbacks of the freezing issues sent to waste 2 weeks of development... that's a pity but a good lesson learned for the future. :rolleyes:

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While I don't begrudge other people options that ehance their enjoyment, cheat toggles, unless they're very skillfully made so that they directly counteract the ai's shortcomings (without making them just plain better in a stand-up fight), 

would feel to me as giving up on the AI department.


A better endeavour, in my mind, would be to develop slightly different versions of the scenarios in the campaign, maybe one at a time per patch if it's too challenging otherwise, where the fortunes of war bring about a worst case scenario of arrivals for the human player. Make the human reinforcements consistently appear later in their arrival window and AI units earlier. This might cause the AI to receive some late reinforcements it wouldn't have otherwise, and cause some of the player's reinforcements come so late they need to be rushed into action.

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