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  1. Wow I love the new oblique feature. I hope the game continues to get major improvements like that.
  2. Are there any plans for Civil War to be released on GOG? I try to buy all my games on GOG these days due to their consumer friendly practices. GOG is a really great platform and it's getting updates all the time.
  3. It would be amazing if the game had Steam Workshop support. I think that would make these games huge.
  4. I've wondered this too. It doesn't make any sense. Unless it's some kind of weird abstraction.
  5. I hope the devs read posts like these and continue to improve the game if it does well enough to afford it.
  6. Ultimate General Civil War is also discussed in this episode: https://www.idlethumbs.net/3ma/episodes/meta-campaigns
  7. You're so right about the sound. I remember those sounds too.
  8. There are truly a million things they could add and I hope they do. As long as it's financially successful then they should be able to continue to iterate.
  9. I've been playing Sid Mierer's Civil War Collection and really love the game even after all these years. It's a real gem. I love the little videos and narration especially. I was wondering what you guys and gals think this game could learn from that old game.? I definitely think there are some things that Sid Meier's does better, but I'd like to read what you think.
  10. This is one of the annoying problems with the game progression.
  11. Three Moves Ahead is the best strategy game podcast I've ever listened to. They covered Ultimate General Civil War a few days ago. Give it a listen! https://www.idlethumbs.net/3ma/episodes/dream-daddy-civil-war
  12. GOG is an amazing platform for games. I buy everything on GOG if I can these days.
  13. Is there weather in this game? Weather is always a big factor in real warfare.
  14. I liked UG Gettysburg. However, I don't think it was amazing. I felt it was more like a simplistic mobile game than a serious strategy game. My main two problems with it were bad readability (mostly visual) and over-abstraction of some mechanics like "condition" for example. In my opinion different things like fatigue, ammunition, morale, etc should not be arbitrarily combined into one highly abstracted mechanic. I hope UG Civil War separates these things into their own entities. Also, reading the terrain for things like obstacles and height was extremely difficult. I usually gave up on t
  15. ‚ÄčThere is currently a US Civil War game on Kickstarter with 10 days left. I thought this forum would be interested. Search for "War of Rights" on Kickstarter to find it. They have a website too.
  16. You may think it's a great game. I think it's a decent first game for a new developer. Why would the developers combine two completely unrelated things into one mechanic? Physical state and ammunition are completely unrelated. It doesn't make sense to combine them. Why would placing a unit near a General increase its condition? How does the General reduce fatigue and give them ammo? That doesn't make sense. The General affecting morale makes sense, but not condition. If condition is fatigue and ammunition then why would morale affect it? That doesn't make sense. These mechanics are linked
  17. The game says the up and down axis changes the difficulty which I assume means stats and the left to right axis changes the aggression which I guess means AI.
  18. I started playing again after taking a long break from the game. A few things started annoying me in my first battle. I still don't really know what condition is supposed to be. It means nothing to me. It just seems to be some kind of weird abstraction. Two of my artillery units were far behind my lines the whole battle, but their condition and morale went to 0% for seemingly no reason and then they retreated. It doesn't make any sense. Retreating units of the enemy captured one of the points behind my lines. I do not think a retreating unit should be able to capture a point. Then, the battle
  19. So if I'm playing as the CSA then play against Cautious, Defensive, Cunning, or Opportunist? If I'm playing as the Federals then play against Cautious, Defensive, or Opportunist? What about Cunning? What does difficulty change exactly? Does it just change stats or does it change AI behavior?
  20. If I'm playing as the CSA what AI opponent should I choose to fight the most historically accurate one? Likewise if I'm playing as the Federals.
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