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  1. Vicksburg capitulated on the same day as Gettysburg after almost 2 months of siege... which means, complete loss of the river, before the capitulation. The only way to win an enemy is to subdue it: The north, with the odds I mentioned would have never surrendered to accept the loss of half its country and in a condition of complete economic, industrial and political supremacy. There simply was no reason to sue for peace, its victory was only a matter of time even if Lee had captured Washington and crushed Meade while taking no losses. The conditions between defense and offense are very di
  2. By the time Gettysburg happened, Vicksburg had been blocked and the Mississippi completely lost to CSA. Confederacy cut in half and no western armies to stop Sherman. Meanwhile, the population was starving as inflation had risen to intolerable levels. No, the war had already been lost to CSA at the capture of Ft. Sumter for the reasons stated above. 1, 10 or even a hundred battles won by CSA can't make any difference when by manpower alone you're facing 1 to 4 odds, when half your population is composed by slaves (who surely aren't sympathetic to your cause) and you have no navy to c
  3. A map editor, technically speaking, is a feature that allows you to draw a map... and the map is a bit more than just a graphical representation. More than just the modders, it takes map makers but before that, it takes the map editor itself which is probably part of the SDK and I don't think the DEVs would be willing to release it right now after the 1st title with this engine. There's scenarios to be made for future DLCs that map editor would fool. The OOB instead is about building the army and setting units on the field in starting or reinforcing position. That can be done, for fictional ba
  4. The routing issue is being addressed. I have other ideas about the reinforcements... but your suggestion will surely be put into the cauldron for this feature. Don't know yet what's gonna happen but something with the reinforcements is surely gonna happen. As of the battle editor I don't think this is possible because the map is something too complex to design, the OOB feature would be nice too. It's in the cauldron too. The battle replay is a great idea.
  5. The matter is extremely simple: a small state cannot go up against a large state, that a few cannot oppose many, that the weak cannot contend with the strong. Lee's defeat at Gettysburg was a desperate, futile and completely expected result that only his skill as a tactician had delayed thus far.
  6. The DEVs will identify the issue in the installer, should my wild guess be correct, if it's solved for you it will be solved for everyone through a hotfix pushed via Steam, they won't need to do anything: Steam will propagate the patch to their clients automatically. So... the sooner you try this step, the better for you and for everyone else.
  7. Did you already post about this in the Support forum? Have you already tried to uninstall the game, delete the folder and then reinstall it again? The issues you describe sound like version incompatibility which happens with faulty installations.
  8. For the time being, this much needed patch was released to address major faults and implement some new features (most notably, but not only, the arty limbering). In the future, all the pre-announced new features will be implemented while other bugs and glitches are addressed. At the speed of development we've had, without that freezing issue, UGG would have had a lot more fixes but it was more important to release a stable platform, gather the feedback of all players (which is what you just did) and then put down a new patching plan for the next patch. Rest assured, it's not over yet.
  9. We've been delayed because of a nasty freezing issue that took us almost 2 weeks to identify and solve. We have been testing the release candidate and i have strong feelings about the latest one we've been given. Don't worry, when you see the changelog you'll realize how big this patch impacts gameplay, why it took us so long (solving the freezes AND adding features and fixes at the same time) and you won't be disappointed. Patience, remember: the longer you wait, the bigger the improvements.
  10. Performing multiplayer tests. Don't worry you'll be notified when the patch is out. You'll all know.
  11. I am not at liberty to tell him WHEN or WHY, Myes. I told him all I could.
  12. It's not ready yet, patience, they're working on it.
  13. Only Beta can access the Beta forums. No ETA on release at present stage, the team is working 'round the clock.
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