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  1. i am registered at the cw2 forums, same name. if anyone wants help or a multiplayer game, contact me there or use my steam ben1965
  2. no koro. guess he chickened out!! lol. oh well. campaign was restarted. now saving each turn. let me know when ya get it michael and i will help ya out if ya need it. i am still learning, like NONE of the tutorials cover sea units. they cover river units though, strange, since blockades play a big part of the game.
  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! game crashed!! and my only save was on the 1st turn!!! lol noob mistake. and i had just started printing currency. koro has agreed to a match sometime today. perhaps i will be able to exact revenge upon him for my loss at UGG!!! ::evil laugh:: me sense some brown nosing in the force!! lol
  4. just started the full campaign game. have done all the tutorials. playing as CSA, you REALLY need to use all available resources. gonna try sending foreign powers (uk and france) exports to try and bring them on my side. also, gonna re-inforce mississippi river as much as i can, stop my fledgling country from being cut in two. :-)
  5. i read that post, thanx. koro bought the game, but he says it is too complicated for him. i have to agree, it is VERY involved, but i like it. i had loads of trouble with command structure at 1st, but getting the hang of it. if you do get it, read the tutorial 1 AND 2!! then do the shiloh campaign if you play csa. regional decisions make a huge difference and are not introduced till 2nd tutorial. i kept getting minor defeats until i started using RD's. 1st game using them, i got a 67 - 7 csa victory on the 1st game! lmfao!
  6. right now, i HATE the AI. but as koro has said to me, he needs more of a challenge in single player, so yeah, bust his A$$!!! lol
  7. need ammo rules. being an avid player of terrible swift sword, and other ACW board games, almost ALL of them have supply rules. in TSS, there are counters which represent supply trains. you could do something like that. also, if you do implement ammo rules, would it not be easy to have an option to turn off/on supply?
  8. i hope i am not stepping on the dev's toes by asking about another game, but i was wondering if anyone here plays civil war 2?
  9. i have to say, the being attacked from the rear NEEDS some major overhauling. i mean, i played a game where i charged into the enemies rear......AND GOT REPULSED!!! that is just not right. lol flanking. i have thought about that and wonder, how much of an angle do i need, to be considered as a flank attack? do i literally have to "cross the "T"" or can i be at a 45 degree angle, or maybe less? so you toured manassas? nice place. i live about 3-4 hours west from gettysburg, and have toured most of the great battlefields, and some smaller ones. it is kind of eerie in a way, huh?
  10. huh. i find them pretty useless. i mean 190 guys do not hang around long. i usually just have them sit on my starting VP locations. that damnable union cav. has snuck behind me before! lmao thanx for the reply though peace and blue skies!
  11. wow dave. you went a little overboard there. thanx nick for the "simplified" version. so the different cannon types are portrayed, just not shown due to limited UI. cool. got it. as cid mentioned, there are black lines showing the field of fire dependent on the type of ammo used, but i have not noticed if the field of fire changes do to cannon type (rifled, smooth bore). i will have to pay closer attention there next time i play. thanx cid, but i knew that already, as it is in the tutorials.
  12. soooooo.....uuuuuuuuuh......why these units? why are they in the game? 78 views and no ideas?
  13. lol, complicated? in depth? the distinction is really not that hard, a 12lbs napoleon does not shoot as far as a whitworth. pretty simple. so which arty is rifled in the game? how do i tell the difference? perhaps the game scale does not allow for the distinction? could really use a dev here to answer this. if all units have the same range, then fine, i can compensate for it, i just need to know what the correct answer is. yes or no.
  14. lmao!!! 120 views and no one knows an answer. awesome!!
  15. answered my own question. saw it on the wish list.
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