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  1. Dear Nick, the game is just wonderful just like it is. Even the AI is challenging... Main prob remains... You cant keep a MP community together with 1vs1 battles only. I see them coming, I see them leaving Just a very very veryyy small amount of permanent players) regards Martin
  2. already discussed... about one year ago Nick already said there will be no MP campaigns. Other Priorities. Hope this has changed, but dont think so.
  3. Really all pleased with latest patch ? Indeed we had a lot of worse balancing before. But I think we also had better balancing before. I dont play the game very often anymore course iam veryveryvery unhappy with the current balancing. Another example of today... Pauls(1200) charged Davis(1700) from HerrsRidge.... I had to reorder whole Heth Division to Herr Ridge. Enemy decided to attack my line at Herr Ridge with Meredith(800) and Cutler(1200) and... surprise, he really drove me back. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/446207189568770138/EEC232F001B583CEF40CBD35BB97154
  4. Hi friends, game became ridiculous!. Regardless which side I choose, the outcome is almost always the same. Winner: union Looks like low skilled played cried enough to reinforce union so hard, that high skilled players are now undeafeatable with union. What is advantage of Rebels ? Close combat ??? Maybe it was, but it isnt anymore. 3 Star Union regiments meanwhile work like machine guns and good god they are fightingmachines in close combat. Pettigrew and Archer cant charge Meredith out of the woods. I attacked McPhersons, defended by Meredith and Bucktail today with com
  5. shot through the heart ! I really expected that feature coming somewhere in the future. Especially because we have a prob with long time motivation. As fast as we gain new members we lose other ones. Really rare that u meet more than 14-15 players in the lobby. While the US is sleeping I even find myself almost alone in the lobby.
  6. No problem. Its an honour to help improving the game. Nevertheless, units get routed on the edge have the tendency to leave battlefield regardless of strength. An armistead with 1800 or a cutler with 1300 dont have necessarily to leave the field.
  7. update 04/16/2014 Hi guys, I recognized something new you might dont know.... http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/39746859827518096/78CD562759FBAE2FD58A104D15D25AD655D59488/ The Prob is not that they are not fighting anymore, the prob is that I can still see a routed unit. Meanwhile I withdrew Pettigrew. As you can see union player wasnt able to see or command biddle. So it isnt that huge prob anymore if you recognize on time that it is just a ghost regiment. At least 4 gameplay. regards
  8. Well, I think the units retreat much better now since last patch. It still happens if enemy shoots in ur back. Iam more surprised that units are still able to recover inside enemy hollow square :S
  9. I have to submit, iam not pleased with reinforcement as well. There are a bunch of scenarios where you can get advantages if you know where reinforcments are arriving. I.e.: 1st day scenarios most of the time theres only arriving dead artillery at breams hill. Dont count on Andersons Division if you play me in battle of Devils Den, Iam already waiting in McMillan woods taking out Perry directly. In chance to change history you can take out union cav within minutes and so on and so on. Sometimes it feels a little bit unfair using the knowledge but I suffer as well if Iam playing the "wrong
  10. Well, iam refering to the historical happenings. All positions but culps, cemitary and the roundtops had no strategical importance in the end. Which theoretically means all worth nothing. Of course the armies weren t fighting for vp but for position.
  11. already tried the edgething. Will end up with "driven from field" except Rebgeneral is sleeping well.
  12. I think its difficult to adjust balance, if you change unit quality here (only option because it should be historically accurate), you change the balance of all 1.day scenarios. I guess best way would be to change vp amounts. Maybe cancel oak hill, decrease Herr Ridge, Lutheran Seminary, rise culps hill or cemetary hill or similar. Historically all vps but culps and cemetary were worth 0p
  13. What the hell you are talking about ??? Its Night attack ! No Cemetary Hill VP. Benners Hill, Culps Hill and Wolfs Hill and Rebs already occopy them and a good genaeral wont come down one fcking step except union is already exhausted and can be driven from the field. Still havent found a winning strategy... just like in"chance 2 change history" u need stupid or unexperienced Rebel General 2 win.
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