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'Saint Nicholas' Russian frigate 1796 (with plans)

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Saint Nicholas

Russian Frigate

34 guns












Source article(in Finnish)/More diagrams and images: http://www.fregattinikolainsurkea.fi/411415125 

In English:http://www.fregattinikolainsurkea.fi/426398867

Info(Probably this one):http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=21081

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The rowing frigate launched in 1796 in Saint Petersburg had the name "Nikolai" ("Nicholas"), not "Sviatoi Nikolai" ("Saint Nicholas").

The above mentioned "Saint Nicholas" (1790) was not rowing frigate. It's a mistake. She was 44-gun frigate at the Black Sea, not the Baltic Sea.


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A lot of frigates (all?) had ports for sweeps until at least the late C18th. I'm not sure which ones were built without, but that is probably a much shorter list.

They are usually omitted from the general arrangement drawing but Admiralty orders in 1759 and 1774 instruct provision of scuttles and sweeps to be fitted as the establishment and for ports to be cut 'as many ports as would prove useful' along with the sweeps to suit. (This reduced the number for later frigates from the establishment 18 a side to 7-8, which made them less useful, but they were still being fitted to Frigates such as Minerva (18lb, 1778)

Orders relating to provision of sweeps and their existence on plans persist until 1815, when the introduction of the diagonal bracing probably rendered their provision impossible.

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