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'Saint Nicholas' , 'Святой Николай' - 44-gun frigate - 1790 (with plans)

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Saint Nicholas / Святой Николай was a russian heavy frigate built in Nikolaev and launched in 1790.  

She participated in Russo-Turkish War (1787–92) and the War of the Second Coalition (against french forces in the Mediterranean, 1798-1800)


General characteristics

Class: 44-gun frigate

Length of Gundeck: 45.72 metres

Length of Keel: 13 metres

Breadth: 4.572 metres

Displacement: 1,840 tons


Armament (1790): 50 guns

Upper Gun Deck:  22 Russian 24-Pounder

Upper Gun Deck: 4 Russian 1-Pood Edinorog

Quarterdeck/Forecastle: 20 Russian 18-Pounder

Quarterdeck/Forecastle: 4 Russian 8-Pounder





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Looks like it was built to the lines of the captured venus

No. Five frigates were built according to plans of the Venus for the Russian Baltic Fleet.

The Saint Nicholas was built according to individual design for the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

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Did the Sviatoi Nikolai really carry such massive firepower as a frigate on a 150ft gundeck length? I was thinking this must a mix-up of units and the ship must be larger than that, but apparently the Russian standardised on the english measurements for ft and in...


26 guns on the upper deck, 22x 24lb cannon and 4x 36lb shell guns, then 20x 18lb cannon on the weather deck and another 4x 8lb cannon on the raised poop deck (again quite unusual for a frigate to have 2 layers of stern gallery).


Be interesting to see reports of how this ship sailed if any survived.

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if she operated only in the black sea then we need to find out how the common sea state is there

after all the waves in the Northsea are diffrent then the ones in the Baltic, must be part of the large amount of shallows.

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