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So this painting has sat over the mantle of my parent's house for years. I never gat it much thought before I started playing Naval Action, but Now I'm curious what battle/event it depicts, what ships are shown, etc. I'm hoping someone here might recognize it and can enlighten me. Before you ask I checked the back of the painting, and there is no card or tag with the name or artist. 

Also, sorry for the crappy cell phone picture, it's the best i could manage with the lighting and my old phone.

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No such luck, unfortunately.

Also after spending the past little while looking up the ships involved, atleast the ones I found names for and on pages written in English. It seems like the Endymion is the only Naval action ship which could be a stand in for a Participant in the Battle of Navarino, the HMS Glasgow. Though if Game-Labs adds a Téméraire one of these days *hint hint* then we'll get the 4/10ths of the allied SOL contingent.

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