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@Louis Garneray

So after some testing, I've realized two things. I can recreate the escapomatrix in google docs, but I need to enter the ideal angles manually, which means it will take a lot of time, and will not be easy to update. 

However, to find the ideal angles of escape, I made a tool that might still be useful to some people. Using the data that @jodgi pulled from the API (Link to his stuff - https://plot.ly/~jodgi/7.embed) I added it into google docs, and setup some stuff to auto assign colors depending on the given values.

My tool -  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DWPtw9Qy-xG50YJn82IPmT1S4FT_LKcu1aG3d8YWvMU/edit?usp=sharing

Hopefully this is useful, in the end it is just a different representation of the plots Jodgi created.




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I would absolutely love seeing a tutorial about getting started in ship crafting. Not like "How to get rich with building ships", but "Setting up a proper production facility, so you can just build what you need instead of having to rely on others". :)

Because all tutorials I have found deal with how crafting itself works, but not where you should start.

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How does boarding work? What are the rules? Is it just gear and dumb (last second) luck?

How does morale work? what effect does it have? and on what? How does the boardingame makes any sense?

HOW DOES IT WORK????? randomclicking against ai gives me the same result as trying to win the game ...

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I would love to see a how-to-start-with-crafting guide. I rejoined the game after not playing for a while, and fail to comprehend how to craft.

Unfortunately, a lot of the crafting guides available are outdated, using the old UI for example. Any help?

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