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  1. Will you be able to steer a ship by yourself, like in any other game where you "are" the ship (Pirates of the Carribean, Tempest, AC IV...)?
  2. I would absolutely love seeing a tutorial about getting started in ship crafting. Not like "How to get rich with building ships", but "Setting up a proper production facility, so you can just build what you need instead of having to rely on others". Because all tutorials I have found deal with how crafting itself works, but not where you should start.
  3. To be honest, even as a pure PvE-player, I'm against the idea of such a PvE-flag, as with the short cool down-timers and the "Can decline battles"-option, it would likely be abused to hell. Like you could transport materials to a port which is about to be attacked and build ships for defenders without any hassle. The same if you introduce the gulf as an exclusive PvE-zone, where you can simply build up your fleet undisturbed and attack all ports with full power. I still think that it would be the best option to adjust the PvE-server to make it enjoyable for everyone without being penalize
  4. A larger variety of ships as combat order-encounters, according to the selected difficulty. The lower ones pit you against rookie-versions of some ships, while from rank 5 onward, the difficulty-spike seems to be huge with throwing Surprises at you on the easier combat order. Followed up by Constitutions on rank 4 and St. Pavels (Itself a rank 2) on rank 3. Would be also nice if you could choose to participate in equal duels, instead of being subject to RNG regarding ship-composition.
  5. It would already be enough - at least for the PvE-server - if all nations would start out with own ports and a capital (Even though some might protest due to historical inaccuracy, but it's the PvE-server, so...), so they could use the admirality for rewards. Currently, there's no point in playing as Prussia, Poland (Which I am in) and Russia. And to claim the rewards, you have to ask players from other nations to get them for you. If no ports for all nations are an option, then how about making admirality accessible to foreign nations? That would be still incovenient, since you need
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