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Vasya, twitter and devs posts

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I have a friend. His name is Vasya and he is robot.

A few day ago Vasya got a new firmware.

After update Vasya, loves Twitter and naval action forum.

Now he reads the forum and tweeting messages of developers.




Probably several horrible horrible bugs introduced © admin

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My friend Vasya has a question.

@Barberouge was in the developer group. Now he is moderator.

@slik is a moderator, but wrote messages as a developer.

What's happening?

Vasya wants to be smarter and  told me that he will continue to monitor your activity on the forum

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Sometimes on Vasya's Twitter account, will appear messages by @Clerk.

Clerk is usual member of forum.

We think that early he was administrator with the nickname Maxim. So we continue to monitor his messages

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