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Frigate Galley Charles with a deck of Sweeps (oars) and cannon launched 1776

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just finished reading the Anatomy of the Ship about the Blanford (20 gun 6th rate frigate / +oars) and a paragraph is dedicated to "British oared frigate", and talks about the Charles Galley
1. those ships were not battle successful : too large for the few amount of gun they carried  (the oar deck would have been used for guns in 17th century). For example 30% of the ship from this class were defeated and captured by french during Great alliance war and Spain succession war ...  (quoting Anantomy of the ship : Blanford )

2. Oar were not manned by "slaves" or prisoner, but by crew :) ... and so were were almost unusable in battle, because oars required most of the crew, leaving guns unmanned

3. To be noted, they had very good sailing qualities, both with sails and oars, despite their bad reputation as warships .... 

-> Could be an awesome ship in Naval action, as the game seem to favor speed and maneuvrability over gun poundage and crew number (which were the historical key factors of a battle)

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