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  1. You are right but having that little bit extra simple auto pilot goes a long way. The Die hard crafter's / traders will use any spare time to jump on and sneak in a run even at the risk of getting sunk, if it increases trade / commerce i thinks its worth it.
  2. Hi All, I feel there should be a option to set a sail destination for our ships they will head direct to the port by the shortest route nothing flash, with obvious drawbacks (getting ganked, not using wind well) but allowing people to remove some of the tedium of long hauls. Thoughts? Those who have played Eve will understand both the benefits and pitfalls.
  3. What and who are the traders going to trade with on the PvE server if none is losing anything? 2 servers is a terrible idea. If they keep fleets make the players have to purchase the ship then you buy the crew plus upkeep. If you NPC ship sinks it hurts a little more and if they don't you still have to pay for the privilege.
  4. How have we not yet got slow repairs based on being in Survival mode using a resource?
  5. When repairs finally become a resource that would be no problem...
  6. Please make Roles Optional, Why can't i be a privateer that crafts and does the odd job for the Admiralty?
  7. Why place restrictions on players when none are required? Players roles should add to the players experience not take away.
  8. So Much discussion around repairs but have we come back to these old ideas hopefully, Basically a slow resource based repair using survival mode.
  9. Having and managing crew plus the upkeep would help with balance of the bigger ships
  10. As we now have the open world i think it worth bumping these repair ideas to be discussed again.
  11. I would not consider those 6 ships built under special order typical of US ship design at that point in time they were a one off and even still didnt 3 of them end up being built to smaller dimensions? Early US had a large merchant navy i would assume how were US built merchant vs the European powers?
  12. Proximity voice chat can be excellent in Planetside 2 we use Teamspeak for our clan but having the proxi option for communicating to nearby friendlies or enemies in this case would be good.
  13. I would be happy to just have the single length cannons and focus perhaps on the quality of the build of said Cannon or even quality of powder and those attributes giving small improvements with trade-offs, this would help the crafting and economy as-well having more consumables.
  14. I got the impression Christian VI was chosen when they were asking for a second rate so hopefully we see it regardless.
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