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  1. Really dislike players being able to jump in on missions, it's nice (and useful) to PvE missions near home ports, but now there's the risk of being ganked without even being able to see it coming and/or steer clear as they spawn right in on top of you whilst you're already in battle. PvP is to be expected and I can accept being ganked during travel in OW (even if it is annoying that gankers are often left unchecked even right by the capital...), however being jumped mid-way through a PvE mission is awful. Partly because it's completely unexpected, and partly because you're likely to have already taken damage whereas the gankers will be on full health. It's fun and profitable to do PvE, and I don't want to have to do them in 5th rates all the time to minimise losses from being ganked, especially when doing them in home waters which are expected to be safe, and friendly players cannot be particularly relied upon to come and save you. I guess missions need to be open for 30mins because they affect hostility but maybe having missions taken within your own nation's waters should close immediately.
  2. I knew that... and I was just confirming? Glad to hear it
  3. I'm not looking forward to hauling goods around just to get trims ;-; Grey Trinc built in KPR had no trim bonus
  4. Aside from the reasons already mentioned, battle rewards (and lost duras) would be completely undeserved due to the lack of effort involved.
  5. Probably a bit obvious to suggest this but Victory's new pale tan paintwork looks much nicer than the bright yellow we have in game imo It's black and white paint looks pretty neat too
  6. This, combined with repairs taking crew away from fighting, would make repairing a tricky thing to use correctly. I like it.
  7. Would make sense to have a selection of national paints that are easy to get, but the more unique paints are very rare. Could represent a captain become rich/powerful/famous enough for the admiralty to allow him to paint his ship as he pleases.
  8. I really don't think such an economy would fit into a non-f2p game. As for paint schemes, I've been really looking forward to being able to customise ships, finding out that doing so is rare is a bit of a bummer. Could you not tie the paint schemes to the existing item quality scale (Or something similar), but have mastercraft/exceptional paint schemes (which would be the fanciest paints) being unable to craft? E.g. A common red paint can be crafted. However it's rather dull and the paint is a bit weathered and battered. The exceptional red paint can only be got through events and it looks brand new and beautiful, with all the brasswork shiny and plenty of embellishments.
  9. While I like the overall idea of having crew, this system feels like it only serves to punish the player in certain instances by having to sit around waiting for crew. I think if there is a cost to losing a lot of crew, there should be some added benefit to preserving them - E.g. Some sort of crew experience that is gained after every battle, increasing reload/repair/yard speed and such. So if a player loses all dura's and the crew is killed, the main drawback is the loss of a good crew, perhaps even the crew regeneration could be quicker to reduce the frustration of waiting around. I also really dislike the idea of a nation's population affecting crew per person, I don't want to be held back by low crew just because of the nation I chose when I first started playing.
  10. I think a lot of the concern over land and port battles would be reduced if it were possible to buy land from NPCs/players - As I assume marrying into the Lordship provides either no land or only a one-time lump of it.
  11. I'm also curious about this - Will alliances be enforced via RoE changes (e.g. turning pirate when attacking an ally)?
  12. After a little more playing it seems the damage of the AI was buffed in general - Not sure how I feel about this. The challenge is nice but it feels a little cheaty.
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