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  1. I've been playing NA for a few years and never understood the unnecessary amount of clicks in this game. It sometimes feels like a government website. For instance: When purchasing something a player sets the amount they wish to purchase then clicks confirm, It should be done. That purchase click showing the price per amount should be the confirmation of the player accepting the price. However, after each purchase a new pop up box emerges that requires the player to; wait for it to load then click a confirmation box. This extra click slows down players' workflow and adds no value to the e
  2. It would appear this game has all the makings of something awesome.
  3. May I suggest... There be pockets of mist. For instance a ship sails into a looming cloud of mist. Players can use it as terrain, to their advantage and ads a bit of strategy.
  4. I would very much like a double tap max sail trim :-) -Cannonball
  5. Ahh cool I see what you mean there by plotting two points out to get a reference. That's cool I can get behind this :-)
  6. When playing MMO's that had abuse, I've found the /ignore feature ideal. Not all players have that kind of self control, even I struggled with it at times wanting to shoot a zinger back at them. Global chat is hardly healthy I would be happy if it never made it into Naval Action. A "Report" button can be useful but it would also swallow man hours on the devs. Having a peer to peer evaluation is good way too, but again that takes time away from game play and or development. Reasonable fix.... Limit chat options. Players can only chat with their Faction Local area chat Ignore but
  7. This should do it. After reviewing other game box art and twitch.tv button logos of other games I felt like mine needed something done with the font. Added some pazzazz to the font and minor drop shadows and verbiage. I think this one pops a bit more than my first. -Cannonball p.s. Is there a deadline for this?
  8. I would like to see customization in the game for ships. Deep, rich, customization. Not all your ideas I agree with, such as Torpedoes. But the general idea is there. -Cannonball
  9. I resized my image to fit the requirements. Let me know what you guys think. -Cannonball
  10. I'm pretty sure this has been covered. There should be a deep penalty system, but I feel once you are considered vile against everyone and a pirate. The player should be able to re join society, as long as it is a long drawn out system to discourage flip flopping. -Cannonball
  11. I can always re-scale it if it's off. Thanks for the love you filthy wobbly legged sea turtle! -Cannonba
  12. Here is a little something I came up with. I'm pretty sure the scale is right. -Cannonball
  13. Sure, anything to make the game more "deep" is good by me. -Cannonball
  14. I think hammering S as soon as you seen the flying horse shoe "chain shot" can and will be addressed via coding. As for ship slowing or decelerating I think that does need to be tweaked, even when I spill the wind from me sails I drift a little more than I'd like. But then again I don't know much about inertia and momentum equations. I'm trying to figure out the communities stand on how fast or slow the sails go up and down, but I'd like to see my sails visually adjust at a quicker rate, seems to slow. -Cannonball
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