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  1. I had a hard time finding the right forum thread to post this in, it could fit under location, exploration game play and to some extent ships and economy. Open world included more of the options than just one area and since it is more of an open world game play idea rather than just one specific aspect I decided to post it here. Most of the research I did that was within the time frame of the game focused on the Arctic, and the hunt for an northern path above Canada by the British in the early 1800s, ill look into more exploration voyages and explore the Antarctic. I focused on the Arctic because i was more informed in that area, but the concepts could easily be expanded to the Antarctic as well Also for more information on the ships, i found a decent book online that has information on British ships from 1817-1863. It includes the design and technical information for the Vesuvius and Fury class mentioned in the initial post on pages 279-281. (The image quality for the design drawing of the Vesuvius class is not very good but its the best one I have found so far) https://books.google.com/books?id=imFEBgAAQBAJ&pg=PA280&lpg=PA280&dq=british+fury+class+warship&source=bl&ots=i8k40xNt1n&sig=1roPF-a45AwIB_aHZhlAkl0RzTM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=gTtBVcHmH9LUoASDmIDIAw&ved=0CFQQ6AEwCw#v=onepage&q&f=false I know there is a slim chance of polar exploration being included, but it seemed worth considering as something to potentially include in the game and get input from the community on.
  2. One of the fields of exploration that fits within the time frame of the game is the attempts by Franklin, Ross, and Perry to discover a northwest passage, in other words polar exploration. The more famous expeditions used British Vesuvius and Fury Bomb class ships that were constructed throughout the early 1800s, some saw combat in the war of 1812, and in conflicts with North Africa. The ships were refitted (generally before 1830) after combat and used to great effect to explore the frozen north due to their heavier construction (HMS Hecla also saw service as a survey ship). Players could start out with the military variants (balance issues aside since they carried 13 and 10 inch mortars) and then have the option to refit for exploration. This type of exploration could be a niche field that provides an alternate high risk/high reward style of play and adds diversity to the game. Players could become trapped and run a loss or make it back to port with valuable scientific data. There could also be the ability to choose to rescue each other in the relatively isolated environment or abandon each other in the name of profit. People could also try to find npc explorers who got lost and never made it back through finding the expedition party or ships stuck in the ice. Quick list of some of the positives and negatives: Pros: Provides something to do at the higher latitudes away from the meridian, High risk/high reward that's not illegal, Adds diversity and specialization into the game. Cons: Something the devs have to work on (research, balancing, map, ship models, etc.), Lack of widespread appeal. Most of the naval games focus on the Mediterranean and Caribbean, but if Naval Action is going to be open world then the Polar regions could be incorporated as an interesting piece of history and help make the game stand out even more.
  3. Thanks, I didnt see any other post similar to it and there is a lot of potential.
  4. For open world it would be interesting to see a set of "rules" for players to follow and contribute to realism. There were two ideas where the concept of admiralty law could work, piracy and salvage. The first being piracy because it is going to be popular. someone sees another player attacking someone unprovoked then they could file a report at the nearest port and get the pirate marked. The first incident nothing happens, then there would start to be increasing penalties the more reported incidents there are. Some of the penalties could include higher insurance cost and reduced prices for "questionable goods." Eventually the final penalty would be a bounty for that player and a reward for killing them and restoring peace. The second thing is salvage. If a ship is sunk in shallow enough waters to be accessed by divers then someone could go to the wreck, identify it, and lay claim to anything of value. The player then remains over the wreck after laying claim to it and recovers the cargo while being vulnerable to attack. Once the cargo is recovered the player gets a percentage of the original value. The Spanish did this in order to recover treasure from their galleons that sank in the Caribbean so it would be a nice historic touch. Admiralty law has a rich history and would be a nice touch of realism to the game as well as provide structure to open world. The concept could also be expanded on to include more than my ideas but they were the first things that came to mind.
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