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  1. Thats to bad. Hope they fix this then...
  2. Hahaha, really not what I was after but why not
  3. Hello Open world sailing seems very dull and boring. Is there any plans on more sails and rope managements, and the aspect of wave angel fo attack so its little more engaging Open world sailing? So even merchant that will try to avoid combat have little more fun when they are sailing? Seems that this game really have the opportunity to make for an super exciting and relative complex and engaging sailing mechanics. WOuld be shame not to use them. Anyone knows if this is on the horizon or not likly to happend? Best regards Haddock
  4. The navigator at that time did not havbe GPS, that is correct. But they dident have just a map either. They had tools for this, rulers, caliper etc...
  5. Haddock

    Silent Hunter Maps

    Yeah and old sea chart over the west indies and some rulers with compas heading, and nautical calipers so we can have some dead reckoning atleast! http://www.history-map.com/picture/001/pictures/Caribbean-Map.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f7/1762_Zannoni_Map_of_Central_America_and_the_West_Indies_(_Caribbean_)_-_Geographicus_-_WestIndies-zannoni-1762.jpg
  6. I just wonder if someone have seen or heard anything about if they are going to intergrate some basic tools for navigation in the game? I see that they sometimes recomend the use of google maps, but u cant even draw a rumbline with compas heading on that one so its impossible to make a descent route planning...
  7. As long as they introduce NPC ships, such as military (different nations) merchant and pirater. im all about open and wide world
  8. Absolutley, just made a response to when people say that other people wont like it. As it seem by reading these forum there is plenty of people that like little more heavy game style (like long distances, and some who dont). So just to defend agains the "some people wont like it" ofc some wont, but how many of all is the question. And its absolutely to early for a poll, it need to be worked on.
  9. But the question is as always, how many dont like it and how many do like it? Maybe we should do a poll?
  10. Yes my idea is just that, an idea. I just would like to see some kind of feature like this, it does not have to be just like this. But you get a what I mean at least. Maybe it is too hardcore for peopel? I dont really know, its just I would like to have this in the game. Becouse like many other open world game I have more fun traveling and not just battle all the time. And to make the travel fun and engaging I think this is one way to do it. You would need to be active most of the time you travel near coastal area that have reefs and shoals that can damage your ship. But maybe its to hardcore? When I thougnt about it, I dident think that. I mean not even a 5 min tutorial would easy get people in to the basics. And of course this ide is only fun and game if the game have mechanincs that punish the player if hes not doing it right, like running aground and get damge to your hull etc. If there not will be anythink like that maybe this idea is no so necessary?
  11. I left the he part about open ocean navigation out just becouse they have not really said anything about how it will work. But your idea is what I also think would work. The thing is to keep it not too complicated, if they find a way to keep the sun/moon/star navigation without complicated formulas or by the use of tables it will work. People need to be able to understand how it world pretty easy without reading a while book about astronomic navigation
  12. Note that I have not provided the second telscop visual for the other coastline, just two different ways to show compas in the telescop, of the same lighthouse. The first picture is a sample of how c chart could look like for that area, it would be very great if you dould put out your own track line so you know where you want to be aproximately. The second picture is how it really is, Thurd picture is how you draw the lines in your own chart. 4th and 5th picture is of the same lighthouse just different way to show bearing. But you would need to have checked for the other coastbearing aswell
  13. Here is my advice on how the developers should handle the basic navigation on the world map in Naval action. First of all remove the minimap that show the ships exact position. Instead the player will be able to open up is chart table where he can select the what chart he wants to have active, (preferbly the chart covering his present area). The chart will be big scale and small scale depending on what type of navigating he need to handle, When be near coastal area and need to keep clear of different reefs, shoals and grounds he will need to use a in zoomed chart. How the navigation then will be is like this: You will use your telescope that also show you the compas bearing, look for landmark or a distinct coastal formation, not the bearing in the compass and then go to the chart over the area you are in, but a stright line from the object and across the chart, in the bearing you saw the object in. The do this again to another object. and repeat the same procedure in the chart. where the to lines cross eachother is your aproxematly position. (Another wahy to do it is: to take the bearing to the same object but after a little while, and calculate speed and time, but that is just slightly more advanced) This is a very easy way to handle the navigation of the game, it is alsoe vary engageing and fun! This will make sure that regular sailing never gets boring I have provided a few picture of how I think of it.
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