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  1. Same applys, to reach My home port its a 1.2 hr sail and being logged out after 30 min is a pain in the ... Could we stretch the timer out more or make it the OW dosnt have an inactive timmer ?
  2. Windy

    Map Issues

    Like many others, the issue of navigating caused me to constantly get lost, so looked around and found a free map called MARBLE, this allows you to plot a course, although not 100%, it will help. Note you will have to know how to translate Bearings [135 deg into Hdn ie. SE]. The other thing it allows you to place Country flags and INFO about ports in a drop down box, which is useful for knowing what is in each port. NOTE: you will need an early version, as newer have removed the ability to add flags.
  3. After the last wipe I decided to try Trading and Crafting, found a nice port to operate from with all the recourses I needed. My goal was to make Mastercraft Privateers and Pickles and sell to Pirates. Unlike others im only sailing Shallow draft ships, because these are the Ports Pirate operated from. Last week [as a result of new method to rank up] I turned Pirate. Ive found that a smaller ship can move around with more immunity than a large. And this is the MAIN point. Pirates operated out of small Bases, so if ALL ports that Pirates have access to then they can only sail ships that can access these ports. May be have 1 Pirate port that is Deep water and 1-2 Free Ports that are also Deep water. With these Deep water ports all other Nations will know where any Pirates with Larger warships will sail from, there for only the Brave or foolish would sail from them. Would not something like this work in preventing Fleets of Large Pirate warships from roaming the seas ? And easy for the devs to implement with little or no extra coding.
  4. I've sunk one of those Spanish ships, as he stole me gold, now i'm branded a Pirate, so it the Brotherhood id be joining... So who knows "Where be my Buckanears ?"
  5. OK came across a new ship [or old] called 74, is this just a ship we have by a different name ? {looks like a 2nd or 3rd rate] Commodity prices have NO change across 12 ports so far visited, makes trade and making a profit hard. The new reinforcement need some tweaking , found a trader Brig hauling contraband, engaged only to have 16 ships come to my aid and 6 come to traders, isn't quite right. Crafting is good, although you need some form of weight so you don't overload your ship, cost me dearly to find this out.
  6. Pickle or Privateer, both fast and fairly armed.
  7. Also if you take Bow damage while under sail, the water would be coming in faster due to forward movement. We see this atm with collisions. So forward movement and holes = faster sinking. Heel and movement would also add to faster water entering the hull through damage. Resulting in capsize if not corrected by either repair or changing tack. LIMITED repairs should be available while in battle [minor sail repair and pluging of leaks], all other repairs were done after the battle or in port.
  8. Windy

    No guns

  9. Windy

    Silent Hunter Maps

    You may want to check out Marble maps same as google but with more features and able to place ports and update info on those ports. http://www.snapfiles.com/freeware/misctools/fweducational.html
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