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  1. It would appear this game has all the makings of something awesome.
  2. I will buy a new graphics card, just for this game. And sell my 2nd kid. -Cannonball
  3. I think this is a great topic, however we need to address .... Does a ship get repaired? Is it auto repaired with or without paying for it? Is the penalty a time penalty for being sunk (you can't sail that ship for x amount of minutes/hours depending on last time you were sunk)? Do you limp back to port and only pay the damaged parts? Is there no repair bill, you have to buy the items off the market to repair her yourself? -Cannonball
  4. May I suggest... There be pockets of mist. For instance a ship sails into a looming cloud of mist. Players can use it as terrain, to their advantage and ads a bit of strategy.
  5. Open world porn.... Oh for the love of god these look great!
  6. I would very much like a double tap max sail trim :-) -Cannonball
  7. Cannonball


    California, USA My ping in battle will ether be 180 ping (I'm guessing euro server) or 60 ping (American server) It's defiantly the server location not my connection. FYI, game still playable at 180 ping.
  8. Ahh cool I see what you mean there by plotting two points out to get a reference. That's cool I can get behind this :-)
  9. When playing MMO's that had abuse, I've found the /ignore feature ideal. Not all players have that kind of self control, even I struggled with it at times wanting to shoot a zinger back at them. Global chat is hardly healthy I would be happy if it never made it into Naval Action. A "Report" button can be useful but it would also swallow man hours on the devs. Having a peer to peer evaluation is good way too, but again that takes time away from game play and or development. Reasonable fix.... Limit chat options. Players can only chat with their Faction Local area chat Ignore button Report Button
  10. When it comes to game development, sometimes you just gotta throw it against the wall and see if it sticks. I'm all for the upcoming changes.
  11. This should do it. After reviewing other game box art and twitch.tv button logos of other games I felt like mine needed something done with the font. Added some pazzazz to the font and minor drop shadows and verbiage. I think this one pops a bit more than my first. -Cannonball p.s. Is there a deadline for this?
  12. As am I, the larger the play area the better. Let the world be full of uncertainty and uncharted waters. I say let fly the black and take no prisoners!!! Oh, wait.... Just make it massive please. -Cannonball
  13. I can see that being exploited should you be chasing someone they just by default sail to the open sea. Hmmm interesting concept.
  14. Fantastic insight guys. The amount of time a player contributes towards playing, the type of monitors or pc rig they have, the level of difficulty they prefer, the knowledge of past games, game mechanics and engines all contribute to the "type of gamer" a person is. I made this post speaking in generality and I'm aware these are not the only attributes that define gamers. With that said, a casual gamer doesn't have Alien Ware with 4 monitors while spending 8 hours a day quad boxing different games in a custom computer chair hanging from the ceiling. I'm not saying you have to be rich to be "hardcore". I was broke for 5 years working at a night club kicking drunks out making minimum wage. I bring this up because I've seen a few, not a lot, but a few post's of people saying Naval Action should cater towards the casual market. To much time spent, is one of the attributes generally associated with the casual market. My point was clear to me but I'll reiterate it again. Naval Action shouldn't be handicapped in favor of the casual market. Simulators and MMO's (in general) attract players that want to spend more time playing a game than other activities. Yes, arena mod will be a great feature to allow players to get comfortable, test ships, practice group fights in a safe non loss environment. But the open world map should not be shrunk, the loss system should not be lenient, open world materials should not be reduced to simplify the game. The idea of forums in particular this pre-game phase forum is to make recommendations to the devs. My recommendation, make this game as grand and open as possible with deep, rich mechanics. Great insight guys :-) -Cannonball
  15. To the point, Why Naval Action should be deep, rich, massive and geared towards players that can devote hours into it. Back story I've played many PC games over the years from first person shooters to MMO's. In 1990 my dad bought my brother and I our first used Pentium 286. Not for homework, photoshot but for gaming. Needless to say I am a thoroughbred gamer that devotes many moons and past relationships in search for the ultimate fun factor in games. Point of View Arguments suggesting that Naval Action should focus on casual gamers or even keep them in mind is a flimsy one. MMO's/Simulators are not like first person shooters, sports games or phone aps where you can play for 30 minutes before going to work your graveyard shift then study for a midterm. MMO's/Simulators are designed to be played where you have to put forth time and effort so that they may be rewarded with a rich meaningful gaming experience. That doesn't mean you have to be a single unemployed 24 year old male living in mom's basement only to leave the room to use the restroom or the occasional family dinner to be successful at this game. For example, I have a wife, kid, am in college and in the Army so being deployed for 9 months is a possibility. Even still I think this game should NOT be handicapped because casual gamers don't have enough time. Things like a skirmish or arena mode where players can sail their ships in a non penalty environment should be implemented to satisfy the casual gamer, but that's it. The more you put into something the greater the reward should be. This applies towards school, working out at the gym or in this case a MMO/Simulator PC game. Players that manage their time should be rewarded with bigger ships, better economic resources more money etc... If someone has more time than me with every ship in game and can sink me with eas then good for them, I'll tell my self atleast I get laid. The world (including game developers) should not try to please the entire demographic, because they will end up pleasing no one. Naval Action's main focus should be building as realistic and deep game as possible. If you are limited on game time such as myself then you have to make time. If I want to play a game that requires many hours then I have to make time by being efficient when it comes to my obligations such as; school, work or family. Always placing my mandatory obligations first and being time efficient I will make time to play Naval Action. ClosingNaval Action is selling itself as a naval combat simulator with the ability of exploration. For those of you that don't know that means it's essentially time consuming. That's not a bad thing, again the more you put into something the greater the reward should be. We've taken poles regarding sailing times and how immersive this game should be and I think it's safe to say that the community wants a deep massive game. I am open to counter points, but stand by my opinion. Naval Action should make this game as immersive as possible for rewarding game play for years to come. -Cannonball
  16. I made a post regarding material quality and how that translates into ship build... I think players should also have a part in the final product of the ship. -Cannonball
  17. I would like to see customization in the game for ships. Deep, rich, customization. Not all your ideas I agree with, such as Torpedoes. But the general idea is there. -Cannonball
  18. Flying false flags is a must for this game. Take it a step further, the better your skill is the better you can "sell" the deception of a false flag. -Cannonball
  19. I resized my image to fit the requirements. Let me know what you guys think. -Cannonball
  20. I'm pretty sure this has been covered. There should be a deep penalty system, but I feel once you are considered vile against everyone and a pirate. The player should be able to re join society, as long as it is a long drawn out system to discourage flip flopping. -Cannonball
  21. I can always re-scale it if it's off. Thanks for the love you filthy wobbly legged sea turtle! -Cannonba
  22. Here is a little something I came up with. I'm pretty sure the scale is right. -Cannonball
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