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  1. I like the way Admin does his own style communication. The review in question reads like a false appreciation and has no worth, that was my impression which has only increased with the oh scandal and certain posts being removed by the OP. Every Dog Rat has its day I suppose. ************************************************ Inks Topic on the Hub should be pinned and closed to comment (imho). http://steamcommunity.com/app/311310/discussions/1/312265672109433338/
  2. So you don't teleport between Outposts ? I do, mostly to recall what I have in the different warehouses, If there was some form of Captain's Log which noted these sort of things, I would probably not do so (teleport) and be most pleased (with the Captain's Log). I'm all for removing teleporting but I doubt it would be accepted by the majority of players, so I'll just take it as a game mechanic / function to be used if it suites me.
  3. The Prey button : Admin said that the function was unknown or rather "we don't know" . Catching salt while fishing !
  4. "Raise the Anchor Ball" when at anchor (with animation, if you please). This term will live with me forever and a day, I believed that the first had ordered "raise the anchor boy" which I accordingly commenced to do. The grinding of the works wakened the Captain who lept from his sleep in a panic aboard to put stop to the process. True story...
  5. Never really bothered about grinding or levelling up but for the lower ranks the Snow is a really good all round vessel, fore, aft and 2x deck cannons. I enjoyed sailing, fighting and boarding AI Traders (mostly) and learning the sailing tactics required to become a good half decent Captain of the seas. The Surprise has all the above qualities but with bigger balls, put 32lb carronades and you have a real beast of a ship that can do some serious damage, even if you need to take some risk and get in close. I think I'm going to stick with the selection of Snow & Surprise until I can go full 3rd rate.across my different outposts, even though I'm interested in the Trincomalee. Nice Topic
  6. Something should be done about derailing Topics. Generally there are two actions that work with Trolls, ignore or slap. Another but rarely used is to troll the troll, this method is often fruitful and amusing but is missed by all but the parties concerned. Recommended ***************************************** I've moved my ships / stored material to Outposts / Capital. I'm ready for the next patch. Deploy when deemed fit. Thank you for the waves
  7. Why, so you can have all the perks without having to make a decision on which are more important to your needs ? Voted NO. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15541-officer-suggestion-for-multiple-officers/
  8. This is not a serious suggestion (Who else hates Steam?) therefore should be moved out of this Forum section or better still sent to the ocean floor.
  9. There was a before Steam and an after. You've never had it so good !
  10. I've seen AI passing through land (recently Ruatan for example) but never a player since public release. If fixed for AI it should work with players. I will report in future any errors I witness.
  11. Your images are extremely expensive in terms of resources. 2560x1400 pixels + width 90.31 / height = 50,8 per CM (I checked only one). Change this to per inch, divide by 2 and save as a PNG file, quality loss is negligible. There may be a limit size imposed (attachments) but iirc there is some conflict with bbcode and IPB 3x (the forum being used). A Forum Guideline for acceptable image size would be useful. Might help, might not...
  12. Good for you. If you have reached Master and Commander rank a Surprise (240) is a good vessel for taking on LGV's. Upper/lower + fore and aft cannons (32 lb carronades do real damage). If you are capturing traders you have the material for crafting, which is another interesting aspect of this game and will only add to your enjoyment while playing. Be aware of the soon to come Port Reset and make sure you review the patch notes and read Admins comments, you will profit from the knowledge. As always I recommend that you join the Euro PvP1 server, there is nothing finer than player interaction, be it friendly or other. Fair wind...
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