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  1. the message you wanted sent is done now can i have the herring?

  2. that is one way an internet connection can slow down however i live in a place where the trees detour the signal so internet can be troublesome on normal wi-fi so when i play naval action i use 4G phone net works smoother.
  3. though a travesty of injustice i shall press on between BOTH this account and my many other's this restriction of having my content moderated shall not hinder me nor those who are massing we out number them and it is our will that breaths life into this forum and if the monarchs cant see the wrong they are doing well then be cursed they are.

  4. true on both accounts however you cant rely stop them you ban one account well then they form a new one and then home group it so they don't even need to buy a new copy so theoretically its a chess game that will never end.
  5. your issue sounds like a technical problem within your internet itself i asked my friend if he has experienced something like this and this is what he gave me as it shows the pings over 5,000 he said a few minutes after that it peaked over 10,000 and then went back to normal flow he was using poor internet at the tame of this shot and hasn't had this problem in a long time but with that said try looking at your internet it might help.
  6. Clearly you haven't read any of my posts on this topic i have done my own inquiry on the system i reported my findings the systems a problem i have even used my self as a test subject with the in game reporting service its a laugh and as for photoshoping the evidence ya it would work why simple take it to the tribunal and there you have it since the tribunal has a connection to the developers by some stroke of luck and don't go saying it wont work i have seen the tribunal do it. And i have answered his question as clearly as a can make it clearly you must be harboring some resentment fro
  7. You are true for the most part were lucky people haven't reached the point as to Photoshop evidence to ether get people chat banned or banned all together however i find it more entertaining to read some of the things people should be getting chat banned for and having a good laugh out of it.
  8. firstly do you play Call of Duty? Because that's the attitude of a CoD player right there only a CoD player would be so the way you are i know i dealt with a lot of them. Secondly I can be fair and reasonable however what you said shows your arrogant's and that you are in fact not fair nor reasonable and that your out to hurt other's for nothing because you think that they should just be banned and do you know why that's bad because that's counter productive say one hundred people got banned one day then they all put up review's of the game that's one hundred hate reviews that hurts a gam
  9. it more sounds like happy got dragged into battle under the pretenses of trying to make a quick score i once saw something like that an american continued to draw a pirate into battles and another came along in a very large ship far bigger than the Americans chased him away happy was just doing the usual thing everyone does attack until chased away by something bigger. as to the ramming you must be there to be leave it as my friend before the update that prevented pirates from killing pirates he was attacked by 5 other players under the pretenses that he a rammed one of them and b shot at
  10. to me doesn't look like much of a difference as to him being an alt how do we know could have be some jo shmo who jumped in the video to me looks a little bit staged but who knows i say let the fight begin n kill or be killed not like ramming in those tall ships is effective anyways hell i played demo derby with my 2nd rate lots you don't here me complaining do ya.
  11. if its done weekly then i should have been chat banned clearly the methods of how it is done are faulty i have given ample example's of the same if you don't be-leave me then make an account go into the game and watch how your methods crumble.
  12. or will they maybe its fake. It seams more and more a waist of time in game reports had a guy get racist on me last week was racist all week reported him all week did anything happen nope o and to clarify he harassed me all week with it so ya and the smart ass got real creative too didnt even think it could be done when i final put him on ignore guess what he did to just break it he pulled me into battles and even followed me into them so ya theirs Mr. racist rat on the far flank outside of battle just mouthing off care to weigh in on this.
  13. Ya sorry PowDerhorn not real worth doing good example why A year ago made probably 100 reports in one day 1 for every person who was rotten in chat months goes by and you know what nothing ever became of any of them every day the same thing bad language. i even tried it i had a guy do it to me every day for five months i said 100 horrible things from racism to death threats to him each day and he reported it it was just a test [we knew it men't nothing] and presto nothing again so tell me now does it work hmmmmm? ill say it for you. PowDerhorn reply's no it doesn't work thx for
  14. I agree those are not insults hell i know more insults in other languages that work better than that nonsense and a profanity filter not a bad idea but then instead of saying fuck which would be caught you would say probably say f.u.c.k. or some other form of the word like my fave Fu-cK more looks like an element on the periodic table than a swear easy.
  15. Never the less it did happen he's gone and is not coming back he's off playing some other game more based in mad max style of world. Clearly there are issues in the system a more cumbersome system how many reports do you get a day? If you counted them daily you would probably find less and less people use it and more just say the hell with it hen's my point its not working months pass and does anything happen to these people no they continue to bad mouth people and it gets a lot more interesting to watch than to send in a worthless junk report that take away valuable time so only conclusio
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