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  1. the message you wanted sent is done now can i have the herring?

  2. its a ploy to gain peoples attention on something else while there ports are sacked.
  3. well then here take this sack off potatoes i am about to throw to you and watch out might have a teranchela in there with them too.
  4. ya just make sure your ship fits the waters your going through.
  5. your facts are welcome freedom of speech look it up people.
  6. pirates have no alies on pvp2 we have no diplomats.
  7. that is one way an internet connection can slow down however i live in a place where the trees detour the signal so internet can be troublesome on normal wi-fi so when i play naval action i use 4G phone net works smoother.
  8. though a travesty of injustice i shall press on between BOTH this account and my many other's this restriction of having my content moderated shall not hinder me nor those who are massing we out number them and it is our will that breaths life into this forum and if the monarchs cant see the wrong they are doing well then be cursed they are.

  9. ok this concept wont end well please tell me you are not TRYING to empty the game completely because that's whats going to happen.
  10. true on both accounts however you cant rely stop them you ban one account well then they form a new one and then home group it so they don't even need to buy a new copy so theoretically its a chess game that will never end.
  11. your issue sounds like a technical problem within your internet itself i asked my friend if he has experienced something like this and this is what he gave me as it shows the pings over 5,000 he said a few minutes after that it peaked over 10,000 and then went back to normal flow he was using poor internet at the tame of this shot and hasn't had this problem in a long time but with that said try looking at your internet it might help.
  12. could you make it so we can make the Indefatigable its such a lovely ship and maybe make it so only pirates can make the Pirate Frigate to since it cant stand in a fight anymore.
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