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  1. OW was also pretty empty before EA. I guess the devs should just have dropped the whole game? Stronk logic.
  2. I have decided to fully endorse this proposition. #MakeNavalActionGreatAgain
  3. So crafters would not settle in free towns, where they can get materials for 20-25% of the price, because the area around the capital is unconquerable? Hmm.. how about no? Besides, the zone may be safe from conquest but you can still go there and attack players' ships.
  4. Keep in mind that in the future, we will (hopefully) be able to enter and trade in the ports of nations with whom we are not at war. This will mean a lot more opportunities for players of a small faction and that being reduced to just a few ports isn't the end of everything.
  5. Pirate scum fighting rebel traitors... BAH! Long live the King!
  6. Sneaky pirate scum trying to hide on land! We quickly disposed of them.
  7. Rather than surrendering to the the coming of an "inevitable" all SOL endgame, why not concentrate efforts on making a game where all ships have a purpose? Personally, I don't want to play SOLs much, if at all. I'm a frigate freak.
  8. I have never seen an AI Renommee do this. They try to circle me just like all AI ships since the cutter have done. I wish this was true, though. Would be fun and different.
  9. Very well. I guess I will just have to wait and see then. In the future, it may be a good idea to implement some way to appeal, since moderators obviously make mistakes too. Racism goes against every fibre of my being and I know that I would never and could never have said anything like that in chat. I report, confront and oppose, on a daily basis, people who express such views in various games and social media.
  10. No one can contest that all these examples are more than enough to warrant a ban. I know that I have definitely never said anything even remotely similar in chat. If you are not going to let us know what we were banned for, at least tell us the length of the ban.
  11. It's not a matter of changing the rules to help people. It is a matter of correcting flaws, if there are any. The game mechanics are being altered all the time. What makes you think the current iteration of the game is 100% flawless? I don't play US or Spain, so I have no personal stake in this. I just think that when a nation is losing half a dozen ports every day, it is an indication that the game mechanics may need some work. I don't know what the problem nor the solution may be, as I haven't participated in any port battles yet. It just makes me worry about the future of the game. Old school sand box games are already extremely difficult to get to work in this day and age. Let's not let this game die out because we are so obsessed with some aspects of the game that we refuse to alter them.
  12. That thread is great. Except that it doesn't tell you why you were banned, which is what everyone wants to know. We already know that we were banned for something that someone deemed inappropriate. Making a thread to state the obvious doesn't answer any questions whatsoever.
  13. Without going into details, I think everyone involved need to stop focusing on what they want personally, or what is "realistic", and think about the longevity of the game. You may have to sacrifice some of what you want, or what you feel the game should look like, to ensure that the game stays playable for everyone, or you may soon find yourself very alone in your "realistic", hard core game. Like TrollCraft said, try to look at it from the perspective of a game designer, not a player of a certain faction.
  14. Learn to use depower sails (T key) to make your ship heel less so that you can depress your guns enough. Just remember to power them again when you want to turn or tack.
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