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  1. OW was also pretty empty before EA. I guess the devs should just have dropped the whole game? Stronk logic.
  2. I have decided to fully endorse this proposition. #MakeNavalActionGreatAgain
  3. Pirate scum fighting rebel traitors... BAH! Long live the King!
  4. Very well. I guess I will just have to wait and see then. In the future, it may be a good idea to implement some way to appeal, since moderators obviously make mistakes too. Racism goes against every fibre of my being and I know that I would never and could never have said anything like that in chat. I report, confront and oppose, on a daily basis, people who express such views in various games and social media.
  5. No one can contest that all these examples are more than enough to warrant a ban. I know that I have definitely never said anything even remotely similar in chat. If you are not going to let us know what we were banned for, at least tell us the length of the ban.
  6. That thread is great. Except that it doesn't tell you why you were banned, which is what everyone wants to know. We already know that we were banned for something that someone deemed inappropriate. Making a thread to state the obvious doesn't answer any questions whatsoever.
  7. Learn to use depower sails (T key) to make your ship heel less so that you can depress your guns enough. Just remember to power them again when you want to turn or tack.
  8. This is my own translation of a facebook post made by the swedish national archive: In 1784, the small island of St. Barthélemy in the West Indies became a swedish colony. King Gustav III's desire for a colony had been satisfied. After capturing St. Barthélemy from the french, the swedes founded and erected the town of Gustavia by the port of Le Carénage. Living quarters, administrative buildings, taverns and businesses were constructed in a massive scale. The swedish church Sophia Magdalena was completed in 1785. The town grew rapidly and by the early 19th century, Gustavia was one of Swed
  9. Hey, I thought I'd share with you this map of Gustavia, the swedish colony on St. Barthelemy, that is currently in the game. I found this in the swedish national archive. The map is from 1799 and is drawn by Samuel Fahlberg.
  10. There are literally thousands of historical ships to add, so why add fantasy ships? Especially ships that are not even close to the period of the game. This ship looks like it is from the 1500s or possibly early 1600s. It reminds me of the Mayflower.
  11. I probably want the Amsterdam more, but being swedish, I had to vote for the Wasa.
  12. Of course it doesn't have to. That's what I'm trying to prevent here. I think it is a fair assumption that if you take one step in one direction, the next step in the same direction will be easier to take. Note that I never claimed that A with 100% certainty would lead to B, just that there is a risk. That's just how the human mind works. There is no logical fallacy there. The clumsy attempt at being clever displayed at that website doesn't even pertain to what I said. Use that link when you debate with republican fanatics on facebook. Not here.
  13. As far as I understand, what people want to do is not to remove any of the information available to the player. Just to make it harder to access. (ie replacing the nametag with a flag or similar) This is what I'm against. If the info is going to be there, good design is to make it easy to access. Removing it altogether, while still a bad idea, would make more rational sense than hiding it away. I come from World of Tanks. A game where 90% of the game is hidden from the player to such an extent that it is pretty much impossible to become even an average player without spending countless hou
  14. The only reasonable idea so far in this thread. Everything else has just been the old "realism" nonsense and pretty much all of it would deduct from, not increase, the fun factor for me. You also have to consider that if this game is going to be commercially viable, it has to be reasonably easy to play. The idea of making the UI of a computer game "realistic" is fundamentally flawed right from the beginning. It is there to make the game easier to operate so that you can concentrate on the decision making, which is the core of gaming in all it's forms. Let realism influence the range of choices
  15. In my opinion it would be a bad idea to remove the names. It is after all a game. What about the info box where you see their armor, sails, ports etc? What about the wind direction indicator on the compass? The yards indicator? Why not remove the UI altogether? No thanks. Ideas like these make games a hassle to play and offer no substantial increase in enjoyment, if any at all. I want to concentrate on tactics and maneuvers, not pointless memory games.
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