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Found 3 results

  1. First of all, I really enjoy the campaigns and find the scenarios interesting, but occasionally I just want to load up a SoL and just lay about smashing frigates all around me, and you can't really do that in the campaign. So I thought for a bit and it occurred to me that between the campaign interface for buying and modding ships and an existing roster of maps creating a custom battles generator is quite feasible. Take the interface, pair it with a map selector, and give the AI a list of pre-built ships to purchase (preferably with a pair of check boxes for frigates and SoLs [both checked, AI can buy frigates and SoLs; only frigates checked, AI can only buy frigates; only SoLs box checked, you get the idea]). Before entering the interface the player can enter how much money they have, as well as choosing if the AI gets more or less cash than them (10%, 25%, 50%, 75% [max AI cash reduction], or 100%). The Player should also have all techs available from which to mod their ships after buying them. Maybe also allow optional limited stock in the admiralty shop? (Options: unlimited, plentiful, many, average, few, scarce). This would be an excellent way for players to field test new ships before they're added to the campaigns, as well as test out the viability of different strategies for attacking, say, an SoL with only frigates, without the pressure of failure imposed by the campaign. It would also help test for bugs major SoL engagements may cause before they show up in the campaign. Hope to hear what others think.
  2. i Like N-A is a greate Game sugestions: (i am: developer, 3d animator, vfx and full gamer) like see letter skills for ships and crew, orders for nation fleet in no open sea, example move fleet advance to create hostility and influence, need have co-workers for ports craft/and builds, realy need change parameters of camera view in open world and battle mode "(change for angular camera for magnificance size of ships in lvl wather) for see magnification of ships of line" actual suze view is equal to Miniature models. like storms, and fog. but need more storm and compass and trancer, in storm and fog compass disable function u need promo/gold, for users buy premium ships premium artifacts, ammo firely and see shots lighting in sky and night. new gameplay for user (epic battle in port and selection faction for enter, see list of players in list for enter full list (gamers like battle and battle and battle and open sea for battle is long long long ago) i recomended use open world for move advance, traders and localize gifts and battle in. like ships of smoke for port battle or ships firely direct to defence of port. pvp like for ships, (several ships in external port in user conected for defend ports of fleet ias or masive fleet of players ships no lost only repair ships and win or buy news upgrade admiral, the user most up online have rank general admiarlty and create hostil place, this user can acept or no and all players can vote. in open sea can find a a pirate specific and published in interfaz with photo of ship and photo pirate famous. in battle: NEW select capture or protect Treasure ship and beging in port of faction with radar, coordinates xyz and path of treasure. in ships can u create a reliq and mitologies ships and ghost ships and phantom ships, in open world create a magnetics anomalies and triangles of lost ships and dangerous ships pirates in mision port. implement a sistem of superiority or user with real money, user like be supreme and buy all premiums or artifacts or special ammo with real money. we need more players and need a system or recruit and alerts of user conected of close position for find and recruit or invite to battles. implement system servers fusion middle eu middle us whit posibility of go battle of all servers need more update ever for interest of user and all see realy news in game. i need see a santisima chass cutter and see Immensely gigantic. i thik this in 30 min. need help ever, users is a greate idea for updates and sorry my english is realy bad but ideas is for to get better. greate day Bucanero srv1 junjo bucanerbo srv2 Juanjo.
  3. My suggestion is to implement the old Sea Trials as its own game mode at the login screen. I hear a lot of chatter from folks who dislike the current small / large battles for various reasons (It takes people out of OW PvP, it breaks immersion, people only use cutters, not enough people queue for it). Implementing Sea Trials as its own game mode would address many of these issues. Set up Sea Trials as its own server at login. Doing so would consolidate the people engaging in small / large battles into one location; making finding a match easier. You could then remove small / large battles from the main game, which would address the OW PvP / immersion issues. Lastly, because the Sea Trials rules had no durability loss and free ships with progression, people would more willingly engage in ships other than the Basic Cutter. You could make XP from Sea Trials translate to players' Steam accounts as the small / large battles do now, or leave it wholly separate. Additionally, you could set up account based rewards for playing or for the winning teams in Trafalgar battles such as redeemable BP or ships. Finally, I envision this Sea Trials mode as a method for the developers to test new ships and balance changes before making them live in the main OW game. Give people who want a quick and balanced PvP match someplace to go that is separate from the OW game. Bring back Sea Trials and make it a fun and rewarding extra game mode!
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