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  1. I would very much like to see a Search function added to the map. This would allow players to type in, or begin to type, the name of a port and have the map either pivot to the port, or highlight it. Too often while playing I am left thinking, "Where the heck is that?" and then spend five minutes combing the map to find the place folks are talking about. I would also like to see the Conquest section of the map upgraded so that a player can click on a port name under the Conquest Information section, and have the port be highlighted on the map. British attacking the neutral port of Pacer a
  2. My suggestion is to add a feature to the forums which allows players to view the current Conquest Map. This would allow players who cannot otherwise log in to the game to see how the dominance (or mere survival) for the Open World is going at any time.
  3. I would like to update that I continue to have this issue despite switching Sever / Faction. I am now Jooky de la Mer on PvP 2 / France. Attempts to sell goods to a player contract result in only being paid the AI set store price for the item.
  4. My suggestion is to implement the old Sea Trials as its own game mode at the login screen. I hear a lot of chatter from folks who dislike the current small / large battles for various reasons (It takes people out of OW PvP, it breaks immersion, people only use cutters, not enough people queue for it). Implementing Sea Trials as its own game mode would address many of these issues. Set up Sea Trials as its own server at login. Doing so would consolidate the people engaging in small / large battles into one location; making finding a match easier. You could then remove small / large battles
  5. This has already happened. For example: My faction on my current server controls one port on one side of the map that produces hemp. That port only produces 360 hemp per day. To make a single Cerberus requires 72 hemp. In other words, if the entire hemp production of that port is devoted to nothing but building Cerberus class ships, only 5 can be built per day. Everyone has the ability to craft ships, but in reality only five people each day will have the capability to do so (assuming of course that 30 people don't all come to the port and everyone takes away a fraction of what they need). Thi
  6. They need to just remove durability loss from the small and large battles. This would encourage people to use bigger ships, not run away, and to experiment with new ships and tactics. People always counter this proposal by saying something about risk. Here is my take on that. In the Open World and Admiralty Missions you can lose durability if you sink. However, the risk there is far far less than in the arranged PVP battles. First of all, the Missions are already stacked in your favor, and second, you can more easily flee those scenarios. In the PvP battles, however, you know going in that at
  7. I was doing missions with a friend the other night. He was in a snow, and was only down to about 95% armor on one side when suddenly he caught fire, went into Fire Shock, and then exploded 5 seconds later. He didn't even have time to go into survival mode. The resulting explosion killed about a third of my crew and put me into crew shock even though I was pretty far away. P.S. Snows are somewhat notorious for this as their powder magazine is located above the waterline, making it easier to hit.
  8. When I attempt to sell goods to a player contract, they are instead sold for the AI store price. This makes trading for a profit nearly impossible. Everything used to work just fine, but I have had this problem for at least the past five days now, and have submitted an F11 report each day with no response and no resolution to the problem. Please see the attached screenshots. As you can see from the screenshots, I attempted to sell 10 x Hemp to a player buy contract for 150 gold each, but instead received only 114 gold each - the AI store price. Please let me know if you have any questions
  9. Regarding griefers and your first issue: They are actively taking a poll on two proposed solutions. I feel like your vote, and your own solution would be better spent in that thread. Regarding nation populations: Yes, I agree. I feel like the developers have bowed to pressure from numerous nationalistic groups to put in more nations than the population can really support. I understand that folks want to sail under their own nation's flag, and that they are proud of their heritage and history. However, splitting the player base among eight factions seems unwise. The servers right now only h
  10. He really has a lot of hate for the teleport on a 3 hour cooldown! I also like how he keeps harping on the lack of realism, but holds Sid Meir's Pirates! up as the pinnacle of the genre. If you want realism, why not complain about being able to see the enemy's health in battle? Or how many guns he has ready to fire each side? He complained about crew respawning at port, too; a mechanic that is a place holder until they rework crew and officer mechanics. It just seemed like he really cherry picked with his complaints. I also disagree with the hate towards the small and large battles. All sa
  11. He has a fair point about the collisions. As my old physics teacher said, "The equation may be Force = Mass x Acceleration, but you always want to be on the side with the bigger M! This is why compact cars lose to big trucks on the highway."
  12. I think the repair kits are the biggest issue at the moment for getting people into the Pickle and Privateer. Make their repair kits much much cheaper, or even free, and people will start using them. Even if they aren't that much better stat wise than the free Cutter, I feel like folks will want to sail them for variety's sake alone, as long as they aren't being unduly financially penalized for it.
  13. Pardons happened all the time in real life. I think there should at least be a system in place for the poor folks who make a mistake once. Sure, fine them, but let them come back to the straight and narrow if that is what they want. I would also be ok with making it harder / impossible for career pirates. Perhaps a sliding scale fine for number of ships attacked while a pirate, or time spent as a pirate.
  14. Could we also please have the following things to making grouping easier? 1) Group members are not invisible to each other while the invisibility timer is running 2) Group member mission signs are visible to each other 2)a) Make group mission markers a different color from your own 2) Make your own mission markers a different color from everyone else in the world 2)c) Make mission markers a different symbol from battles. Yes, I know they are a different heights over the water, but can't you figure out some better way to distinguish them? 3) Group members share and can a
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