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  1. I think it should be heavily considered to have Major Nation's able to sell ships to Minor's...It was very common up through the first half of the 20th century for Nations such as Britain to contract out during peace time to build ships for smaller nations.
  2. I will say the Herc is too good, currently with the way the Req and Herc are implemented it is for $10 USD you get an unlimited dura ship that costs about 4k Reals to get kitted out again...that is what makes it OP and the 24 hour cool down mean bugger all.
  3. To be fair, currently with the way the Req and Herc are implemented is for $10 USD you get an unlimited dura ship that costs about 4k Reals to get kitted out again. So the concept of "unlimited dura ships" has long since sailed once those were introduced. Being able to spend 20k or whatever to get back a ship isn't the worst idea right now, as it's much 'safer' economically to just spend the 10 USD and have a free 5th rate for the rest of time
  4. The more onus that is on the player is "more" to do if you want to play customs agents for 8 hours one day go for it. Thats why I suggested it.
  5. This post is based off discussions on the SLRN TS, and also is written on a mobile phone, you've been warned... We were discussing the contraband system and the possibilities of international trade. And a few interesting points and suggestions were brought up. 1.) Trade between nations is good for nationsat peace, American produces cotton, others need cotton if I'm at war with American I lose my legitimate ways of obtaining cotton. Unless smugglers. A.) Smuggling is a good thing for nations at war. However it's against the law - you're putting money into an enemy economy. But if my nations crafter's need that sweet sweet cotton I can make a killing in profits. So it may be worth it for me to smuggle that cotton in. 2.) Customs are the people trying to stop our cotton smugglers, but if they can just see that you're carrying contraband from the horizon its not fun for either party. I propose another button in the interaction box, "investigate" which brings up a circle like the attack option with a longer timer, say 30 seconds where if you maintain lock with the suspect vessel you can see if its a contraband carrier and intervene if necessary, making the need for fast intercept ships to be used as customs vessels. 3. Taxes similar to smuggling from above if you are working shady deals without paying the excise tax on your goods that should be contraband as well. V/r Celtic
  6. Celtic

    The AI

    @Konali.....as I've said before I've been playing since sea trials, please take that into account I've seen several different iterations of the AI. Yes Challenge is good, however as you say you have to fall before you can stand, but when you fall and get beaten with a stick there isn't much incentive to keep at it. I'm not raising this as a concern because I'm having a hard time advancing, I'm raising it as a concern because I believe its going to hamper the game in the long run. If we have to fight every enemy to the death. with them slinging cannon balls until the guns are literally underwater (which is the most unrealistic part of the game currently) then new players are going to have a hell of a time advancing especially when the AI tends to travel in fleets of more than one combat capable ship. Making the AI 'unimpressive' is not what I'm suggesting, what I'm suggesting is making the low end AI not masters of combat. There is a balance that needs to be struck making the AI a challenge but not so much so that you're dissuading players from bothering. Like you say not interested in getting to the bigger ships and ranks. Currently boarding is going to net you less XP than a fight to the death, which for national players is unrealistic, its better for the nation to have captured ships, hence taking prizes being a big deal in the age of sail. Granted its going to get you more money which carries its own benefits.
  7. @Flyingtaco Where are you getting information about those ships being part of the Texas Navy? They were all ships of the Revenue Cutter Service which was part of the US Treasury, forerunner to the US Coast Guard.
  8. Got to thinking about it and the "big name" US ships are getting a fair bit of representation in the various suggestions and polls. However the USRCS was...for a number of years the only naval forces the United States had at its disposal and having more small ships is ultimately good for everyone right? Do keep in mind just because they're "cutters" doesn't necessarily mean they were all cutter rigged. Revenue Cutter James Madison 1807 Revenue Cutter Eagle 1799 Revenue Cutter Hamilton 1830
  9. Celtic

    The AI

    Its not the learning curve, nor is it yard control....and please don't start going "well if you were here when OW released" I was here when open world released, and It seems completely the opposite the AI were not this accurate before, and I'm not seeing the AI pitch most of a broadside into the sea, the main issue I'm seeing from the AI currently is accuracy, as other have mentioned at mid range they are very very good shots. and when in small ships 2 or 3 broadsides at even a 60% hit rate wrecks your hull. Learning to exploit the AI's weaknesses is not the only way we should be able to beat them and thats what people seem to be suggesting. "Well if you just got better at x or y" they'd be easier to beat" Well for people just getting into the game they're going to try that....for about a day, and then get frustrated and leave, because no one is going to want to nearly sink in every fight they're in until they get a ship that isn't made of match wood, which they won't be able to get because they're not pulling in any XP. @Maturin Regarding orders, I pulled a kadet order just for grins, and it put me against two privateers while I was in a pickle. Similarly sized perhaps but given the heavier guns they shipped and the fact it was 2 v 1. I would hardly call those fair odds. Especially for the lowest rank orders.
  10. Celtic

    The AI

    You're average age of sail captain also didn't have to fight to the death 20 odd times to rank up past his starter ship, nor was he aiming each cannon by his lonesome in order to score hits lol, I'm not trying to be hostile so please don't take it that way, but as others have said, once you're in a real "ship" as opposed to the small craft, the game....opens up....but currently when you're trying to get rolling you're at a severe disadvantage, are there ways to be more intelligent than the AI -yes- however if you get in a battle where there is more than one enemy vessel which is most battles, a player in any of the tier 7 ships is going to be so much kindling before long. The ships can't take that much damage, combined with the accuracy that the AI has its not worth it going into a battle for the paltry 30 or 40 xp. If I were going up against a crack warship it'd be expected to have a tough fight ahead, but picking off a trader and his escort in the back end of nowhere, they'd be likely to strike after a decent dusting, rather than fight till the guns are underwater. which is what they're currently doing. You're average officer would have a few creditable actions to his name to rank up to at least Master and Commander as opposed to.....scores.....that the game is going to require of him. As others have said for the dedicated group you have here testing now it may not be a big issue, however for the player base to expand this is going to be a big issue. TL;DR Actual warships having decent accuracy and being competent fighters is one thing, small craft being equally competent is bad. Perhaps tie the AI skill to its 'rank' its a bit disingenuous to say you want a realistic age of sail experience, and then have all these Midshipmen and junior leftenant AI that are all Nelson at the outset of his career.
  11. Celtic

    The AI

    As it currently stands, at least in my opinion the AI is supernaturally accurate to the point that its almost discouraging to attempt to go after anything larger than you when you're starting out. with the model for gaining xp being linked to damage done in combat, this is unfairly harsh on players who are in the bottom tier of ships, and once the game hits Early Access, its going to cause a lot of, at least partially, justified rage. I believe that the AI should be maybe not easy, but definitely not an unfair challenge which right now they are especially for a new player in a small ship. V/r Celtic
  12. It seems to me right now the issue is the AI coming to "help" you I keep trying to get involved in battles with small ships to level up, my low level character, I'm in a pickle I'm attacking a trade cutter, and I have a fleet of 3rd rates jump in to help me. they do a broadside and are just as likely to kill me as the enemy let alone me get any experience out of the damn battle.
  13. I'll Chime in on this one again, we got to test AI fleets, and we learned that as it stands currently without downside beyond the initial cost of the escort there was no long term reason to not amass the largest number the biggest ships you could to follow you around. Leading to an inevitable grind towards massive fleets that no-one is willing to take into equal battle for fear of losing to the guy who happened to have more friends with bigger boats..
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