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  1. 1.) Will Sail plans be done via individual sails? allowing for realistic/historical sail plans used in different circumsances. 1a) If Question 1 is a yes, will we be seeing yards carried away, or other rigging damage due to poor selection of sailplan. and giving reasons to risk carrying more canvas at the risk of losing a yard vice carrying less canvas but losing speed. 2.) Will it be possible for a player to start as say the watch officer, as opposed to the captain of a ship.
  2. Given that we'll have avatars - will there be a potential to start as a ships officer (mate, lieutenant etc) , as opposed to the captain?
  3. I'm not suggesting people get things for nothing, HOWEVER as someone who has been playing is game since before it was even on steam. I'm watching new players stop playing because what was always a difficult game trend towards something that isn't fun. It IS NOT FUN for new players to get into fights with ships that even when they do things right, they lose to because that ship had 5 million reals worth of mods they've never even heard of that negate any disadvantage that a specific hull type. In properly balanced MMO's new players have places in which they can learn the mechanics, and have opportunities to get a base skill level and gear enough to go forward into PvP. In Naval action - new players sail 5 minutes out of their starting port and get ganked by Gold Princes and Requins when they dare to sail something better than a basic cutter. They do this repeatedly, they finally get into a a proper fighting ship, and then they find out that they're still woefully outclassed because the ships they are able to buy are still worse than anything that is actually been used for PvP. When a new player has no ability to take part in meaningful PvP and actually learn what does and does not work because they're going to be utterly outclassed by ships that BR says they are 'better' than. They start losing the ability to bridge the skill gap before they eventually become frustrated and stop playing. Mods don't adjust BR - BR is our main "balance" in Naval action. Should a gold seasoned wood ship with 5 million reals in mods, port bonus, and all the skill books have a higher BR than a blue variant made out of standard wood and no mods...Absolutely. This would at least give people an opportunity to realise that a fight isn't worth attempting on their part because the ship is well above "standard" BR.
  4. This has to be trolling right? Veterans, have a significant advantage over new players for 2 different reasons. High Base skill level. They're quite simply better at the game than a new player. This is in no way a problem. This is a good thing Access to better ships, better mods, and more money. This latter pointis where it becomes problematic. Because they have the ability to reliably get better ships, you can enter a battle against them in what very well may be the same hull, but be utterly outclassed due to the various modules, port bonuses, and woods. While I think everyone is okay with different wood combinations giving different bonus, and I'll even go so far as to say (S) woods and gold/purple/green ships aren't necessarily an issue. When combined with a port bonus, high dollar mods, and various other things that a 'noob' has simply not got access to. It stops being a skill based fight, and it starts being a "my ship is simply better" That's not effort, that's not skill. It's quite simply facing the fact that you won't be able to fight this person. It stops being fun for the underdog.
  5. The point I'm making is that it's not really any more exploitable than the current systems, and is a bit of a strawman argument. You're gaining a modicum more XP for clicking one button, or you actually fight the battle out and gain likely more XP, at the cost of time. If people are going to go to the lengths to exploit for XP grind there are far better ways to do it.
  6. Absolutely not - this isn't Eve. The game is already far too clan focused - generally to the detriment of the "nation."
  7. How is that any more exploitable than the current system? Hint: it really isn't. If a player was so inclined they could use 2 alts and just get a ship near to sunk end the battle, rinse wash and repeat ad infinitum. As for your second point - yes lets balance the game around the fact that everyone is playing is admirals.
  8. It sounded like Sea Legends will bring thing backward to NA though? I do agree that anything that would break into the meta of everyone sailing the same 5 ships.
  9. Except there is literally 0 incentive to surrender, If you read what I suggested it would be 1.5x whatever they would have gained had they not surrendered and fought the ship down to a sink - which probably would have been more XP anyway. Basically the concept I'm suggesting is to make it worthwhile for after fighting a bit and knowing you'll lose you get a little perk for not just getting your boat sunk out from under you. If all you do is surrender without fighting you get 0 xp - and 0 x 1.5 is still 0. but 100 xp from fighting would net you 150 is you surrender.
  10. I see this making the ganking situation worse - if a ship can sit outside a harbour continually sinking nubs it'll just continue to accrue repair supplies and be in no real danger
  11. I think we're nitpicking him a little hard here - mods are somewhat unbalanced as they currently exist. The degree to which they are unbalanced is debatable, but don't miss the forest for the tree's.
  12. It does seem that mods are too powerful right now, I'm not against them existing - I am against (particularly boarding mods) mods that seem to make it near on to impossible to lose against an unmodded, but otherwise equal opponent
  13. Seasoned woods aren't necessarily a bad idea, However DLC ships should not be dropping it given the prices it goes for. Once the economy catches up to the demand for it, I think it'll be less of an issue. *That being said* it is rough that those of us who forked out for a DLC ship can get on demand, an objectively better ship with a wood type that is quite spendy
  14. As a thought, having not played since one of the early builds....Choosing to have the land battle parts be AI controlled, but allowing the Player, if they choose to stay as a naval oriented player control Marines / Armed Sailors / Naval Manned artillery?
  15. Hmm, when I purchased there were only the two options, now there is a third (more expensive) option, is it possible to upgrade?
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