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  1. Just did. No change. Before the 0.5 update I could play without any problems. Since then 😢
  2. My graphics card is Intel(R) HD Graphics 620
  3. Didn't work specs for my laptop. Intel(R) Core i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz 64-bit operating system, x64- based processor Windows 10 Pro
  4. I'd go for it. They could also be used to minorly affect accuracy. (ie dazzle pattern camouflage decreases enemy torpedo accuracy but increases enemy gun accuracy.)
  5. Problems continue. Still unable to fight. I can design vessels but cannot test them.
  6. Tried. No good. Same as before. No movement, all buttons save the hat that gives control to AI gone once battle begins.
  7. One that might be a bit off topic. Sea Power in The Pacific by Hector C. Bywater. He get off into politicking a bit but his book was written in the 20s and was his look at the current Japanese and American navies and how he predicted they would clash. He uses the British navy as a yardstick and the pdf version I got from Internet Archive includes maps and sketches of vessels from both navies.
  8. CVs. No. It pushes away from battleships to air combat. If we must include aircraft I could be take up the argument on floatplanes or seaplane tenders.
  9. Well here are some more old ships. The first two are protected or light cruisers. The last is the battleship Oregon
  10. This looks cool so here is my idea Double eagle or Dragon With the battle of Tsushima, Russia is left blooded. Both the Pacific and Baltic fleets are down and out. The Japanese are now posed to land on Sakhalin. The Russians have one card left. Their intelligence units had learned of a new vessel under construction in Britain that could revolutionize war at sea. To keep ahead of the curb, a copy of that vessel was begun in Russia. Now that ship will be deployed with the Arctic Flotilla in a do or die mission to turn the tide of the war. As the fleet approaches Sakhalin, part of
  11. Well a new tester here so here goes. WOW! 6 stars! Well worth the money I paid. I believe this game can become a serious contender to World of Warships. The game is challenging but by having fully customizable vessels I don't become discouraged. Instead of building tactics to match the vessel you can build ships to match your tactics. A few things I would like to experiment with in the next update. Coastal defense vessels "or Monitors, which ever floats your boat 😁". Submarines capable of carrying up to 11 inch rifles and/or long range operations. Seaplane catapults tr
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