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  1. More dynamic background and storms. Playable submarines. Ability to sell or buy ships from allied or friendly nations in campaign mode.
  2. I'd support this idea. With campaign mode, monitors and similar vessels could make up costal battleships of some of the smaller nations (Sweden, Finland, Thailand etc.)
  3. I'm going with Norbert on this one. A Panzerschiff that makes the Admiral Graff Spree look like an angry lapdog.
  4. After study of the battle, guess the shells are 18 inchers from the Yamato. Only the Yamato did not have dye shells. Also the Yamato's third salvo had a shell that, while it did not penetrate the hull, damage the right engine room.
  5. Night battles! Link the spotlights to the guns in use. (or if equip with radar, a green outline)
  6. No. They just got back to me and said the only handle payment issues. So what files do you need and where do I send them for you guys to find out what this issue is?
  7. redownloaded it. it will not let me log in. says login or password is incorrect. tried changed the password through the forgot password link a dozen time and a few different passwords. i can't log in now.
  8. I still have the original computer but it want to transfer the game to the new one. how do i do this?
  9. is an Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 sufficient?
  10. well dos anyone know if there is a graphics chip better than the factory one that will work on a Inspiron 5566 laptop?
  11. Just did. No change. Before the 0.5 update I could play without any problems. Since then 😢
  12. My graphics card is Intel(R) HD Graphics 620
  13. Didn't work specs for my laptop. Intel(R) Core i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz 64-bit operating system, x64- based processor Windows 10 Pro
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