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  1. So I ordered a 3D printer and started thinking about the things I could print and what I realised that this game would be an amazing tool for creating and printing your own ships. So for example after you finish building a ship, you could export it to an STL or OBJ file so it can be opened in a CAD software, modified if it needs to for individual printers or if someone would want to make a stand for the vessle and then sent to the printer. Space engineers did this and it seems to be looking really cool so it would be really fun idf this game had this too, especially as 3D printers are more and
  2. IM pretty sure the guns are not overlapping, and i really think it shouldn't be an issue.
  3. So, are we gonna get any physical features, like hulls, guns, and towers?
  4. Check the replies to this post, you will be pleasantly surprised
  5. I feel next update is nearby so im guessing they want to wait till the next update where the new updates were released
  6. Thing is they played a significant role in later periods of naval warfare, so it would be unhistoric if they werent there. However even just to have float plane catapults or land based aircraft would be a significant addition in the right direction
  7. I doubt airstrikes are planned for anytime soon, maybe a post release feature or im hopping for an aircraft carrier DLC
  8. This refers to building rest of the fleet in custom battles not just a single ship however id expect more national hulls and turrets as the game gets developed further
  9. Also thanks for the input, I added your suggestions to the list
  10. Yeah that's what i meant, its the features i expect to be added but haven't been officially mentioned
  11. Firstly this is unofficial however i wanted to make a list of confirmed features i read from forum replies from devs, so i made a big list of them, in addition to things that are considered and speculated features, the speculation is coming from my own expectations and also if i made any mistakes, missed anything or have your own suggestions, feedback is welcome. What I think is work in progress/is planned: Confirmed: -Ability to make more than 1 ship in custom battles -Barbette armour control -Barbette placement improvement -Campaign -Casemate
  12. what do you mean by addressed, partially addressed and to be addressed, the words are confusing me and this is purely my fault
  13. i made a massive post explaining how catapult fighter should work:
  14. How about barrettes were generative, so you could change the height to anything you want within reason
  15. by tied to technology, do you mean tied to individual nation's technology, or just generally, also i largo number of players do want more gun turrets specific to nations, to make their ships more authentic. For us players when the super structure and weapons are the same for multiple nations just ruins the immersion that we want from the game, I have made a forum post about turret suggestions
  16. I feel even a simpler float plate mechanism than i mentioned would still be good, just a catapult that lets you launch a spotter that will help to identify ship and increase accuracy for the given ship, then that would need to add some simple AA guns, personally i don't think that would be too complex to do but I'm not a game dev. However id love aircraft carriers in the future, even if its a paid DLC
  17. Ship Launched fighters (catapults not carriers), Long words short they will give accuracy bonus and spot enemies and possibly carry light bombs. I have a lot more detail going on in my post:
  18. We really do need improved barbette placement system, same way we can place turrets preferably, especially secondary gun barbettes.
  19. my guess is that the nations are america and japan since they have the most ship parts and they both operated in same theatre. So now my question is, are we expecting more ship components for japan and USA for the near future?
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