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  1. Spanish attacked Cayo Romano a few days ago.
  2. So by the end of August will we finally see GB rise once more? (I doubt it) Imagine putting faith in Raxius lol
  3. I'm just some Random Noob with a bit of insight into Nations politics. Now would you please answer my question?
  4. @Charles Caldwell Big words from someone who did basically nothing for his nation since he came back to the game. How about you actually support your nation with more than just propaganda?
  5. Green on Green is only allowed is both players agree. You can warn a player that you will shoot him if he joined a battle with the intention of only stealing loot. Only if he does not comply you are allowed to shoot him, and again - only in the case of loot stealing. Technically Salladin did nothing wrong by joining the battle and if all, you should be punished for green on green if you shot him. Regarding bringing you own alt into battle just to surrender and take reps: Pretty low gameplay if you ask me, don't know if it's allowed or not though. @Ink will have to judge.
  6. You better learn to read your opponents movements then, think ahead and avoid getting boarded.
  7. Last time I saw Doran was in NAL, of course he was in a Trinc, me only being able to sail a little Cerberus. I thought "Wow it's Doran, the legend, let's see what he is capable of." In the end, I wasn't too impressed, my Cerb wiped the floor with his Trinc. Still, it was a more interesting fight than what you get nowadays with multiple repairs and upwind kiting. One mistake would decide a battle, as would a good maneuver. Now you just turn around and run until your next repair is ready. 🙄 Good luck with your efforts o7
  8. Sure Despe. if you had the choice to join a battle Pirates vs Poland, you would join Polish side.
  9. Playing in Russian Nation must suck. So many "Enemy Players" that are actual "Allied Players" you can't just start a fight in OW against each other. Glad this shit of people from different nations teaming up will be put to an end by the devs.
  10. You do realize the developers have proper meanings to check potential alt abuse cases? You should report the player anyway and provide the evidence you have collected, even more so if he's a friend of yours you're potentially covering his action. Regarding your suggestion: I think it would only lead to trolling and more toxicity, in global chat for example: "Haha, Despe got sunk AGAIN! What a noob!". No need for such things.
  11. Ten of those downvotes was Liq and his alts.
  12. Am lautesten beschwert hat sich Reverse, mehrfach in seinem Stream und auch im Forum dass besonders die Briten BF mit Fireship-screening trollen. Und weil der mit seinen 200 Viewern auf Youtube eben gute Werbung für Naval Action hat er seinen Wunsch eben erfüllt bekommen. Zuletzt war Screening aber auch leider wirklich nicht mehr spaßsig, wenn man sich mal die Gegend um SDC ansieht. Üblicherweise wird gegen den Aggressor gescreened, aber die Russen haben inzwischen so viele Vasallen, die bringen halt mal die Preußen, Briten und Dänen zusätzlich zu ihrer eignen Screeningflotte mit.
  13. Im Prinzip machst du jetzt halt doppelt pve für nen PB. Erstmal die Privateer Fleet killen um die Flagge zu krieggem. Dann Flagge platzieren um Hostility zu starten. Wenn du Pech hast holt dich natürlich beim davonsegeln aus der Schutzzone noch eine zweite Privateer Fleet und du darfst noch mehr pve machen. 😂
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