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  1. i remember VCO calling us out for not coming to help you in American waters even though Fortunatis and i were both there grinding the fleets with you. GA is not witch hunting Red we have had some words but most of it stems from your arrangements with them which to all of us when you switched looked like a clan in your pocket. I personally have no problem with Cheshire Cat but do dislike his stance on the Americans. SLRN members called Hardy out for having to log out after playing for 12 hours straight i think he deserved the rest unfortunatly it cost SLRN some ships up until then there had bee
  2. While I agree with what has been said above we at GA do have a dislike for VCO well actually certain members the personal attacks by unnamed members about our character within the British nation forced GA to take a step back from the RVR especially shortly before the map reset when were lucky to have max three online. We have since had a resurgence of members allowing us to renter the fray thus being at port defences and several attacks (carta, and Nippes) while we currently do not openly engage in open world pvp we do sally forth against regular forays by pirates in our area of ports. Right
  3. I like this alot i propsed a idea a while ago that would have seen wars declared by a random generated algorythum but that fel on def ears.
  4. Also its not that I wasn't in that battle because i was in my Bed but Fortunatas was using my Agga and i had hull repairs and rum available for Brits to use in the port for a small fee
  5. Cartagena was never defended by VCO you came to the one port battle and got trapped by the French losing 6 ships because your home base is so far from the front lines it takes an age to get to Cartagena now you know why we didnt show in the Gulf
  6. i just looked in KPR and three basic things are not available in port to build ships so dont give me that bull crap
  7. You still playing, you old Salty!!!

    How are you doing mate?

    Hope you are well?

  8. its not about stopping them from having the ability to march cross country but more about fatigue.
  9. No actually a old hand at 'Scourge of war Gettysburg' a game where fatigue made alot of difference to how you fought the game tired troops arriving on the field of battle would be exhausted sooner therefore they would not be able to fight an peek effiency if a game that old can have it coded in then i am sure this one could with real good effects as it is your troops only get tired when you double time the them. Can you imaging how tiring it would to cross a river that has boggy ground either side then have to march into battle without a rest.
  10. i hope you got a warning for this because i got one for calling out that the danes had been using this very bug long before we even learnt of it. i know for a fact it was not LV that discovered the bug but another player who has an friend who plays Danes who passed the info on now LV did the right thing and made it available to all A by making a video and then telling everyone about including the devs then devs proceeded to fix the bug within 48 hours. as of 19 April it will be irrelivent so get over it and carry on!
  11. Redii to my understanding and for a good length of time the British nation has always sailed from a starting point be that Bridgetown, La Mona or KPR to port battles it is the Eastern alliance that is dishonourable and try's to log out outside of port every time the last time the BRITS did it was at Trinidad and that was for 10 mins because we made better time than expected. I for one am totally against logging out in front of port because it's cheating. Maybe we should have lowered ourselves to your level to get into the ports we night flipped but no we sailed there every time just as well a
  12. Then join us in battle don't sit hiding in port and tagging us into screening battle bring your whole fleet and let's see who wins and who can claim to victory!
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