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  1. This is quite troublesome. Market is broken, there is no point in trading when you can do trade mission with 0 risk. Combat is bugged, the chain shots, I had a bug where I was unable to shoot or aim or use the spyglass. Port perks, albeit they are great but they are way OP atm... and you are launching in 30 days? Oh boy... Im pretty sure its just to justify more DLCs. But congrats devs.. if you call this game ready to launch https://photos.app.goo.gl/DAsr46oMdsQfEn2F7
  2. The price of the buildings is either lazy design or a precursor for micro transactions.. Build materials for resource investments should cost resources AND money instead of just a stupid amount of money.
  3. And by crafting the boosted DLC ship you are asking to add port bonuses on it, right? Whats the point, really? Just bribe the devs with money and Im sure they will enable godmode for you.
  4. I would like to request sales graphs.. The flags DLC is the only DLC that is in the spirit of truly supporting development, it offers no cheat nor perk to gameplay. I would like to see how well the flags DLC has fared against all the other DLCs. Before all this DLC crap I hoped to see a monthly subscription to support this game.. now it isnt even worth the spit to spat on. UPDATE One last thing Developers, please hire someone who is an expert on game theory or sustainable development. I mean, you cant be so stupid that you don't see how the DLC boats are hurting your game. You have created a game which is essentially a diamond in the rough. Like EVE Online in its early days, you have something unique and there are no other games like it right now. But if you want this game to last, you need to stop giving instant gratification options to people.. are you truly so stupid and blind that you do not realize; if you let people hit the endgame instantly, they wont stick around for long. Yes, in your greedy little minds this will get you a lot of green quickly but that wont last. I guess you are aware of this and you are now doubling down to make max profit. You saw how many players you had starting off and that was before anyone even knew this game existed(the casuals). You can still have those players and thousands more but in order to get them.. you need to show that you are willing to go for the long haul instead of instant gratification(yes, it goes both ways). Right now you are only showing people that you have absolutely no intentions to keep this game developing after launch :C EVE Online has been going for 19 years, you had a shot at that.
  5. Honestly.. stop trying to spin bullcrap about DLC ships not being op and appeal to what the devs want to hear.. If the OP DLC ships cant hold out on their own against port perked crafted vessels, people wont buy them as much and shazam.. they will allow port bonuses to DLC ships. These kinds of DLC are a form of paid cheats(you get around certain game mechanics such as hauling and crafting and they also dont require you to be so good at sailing either since they are boosted) as was stated in original post. Casual and bad players wanna feel good about themselves and they will cough up the cash for these instant gratification boats. I bet my left testicle the devs will make sure the DLC boats will have the upper hand cos thats the only reason people buy them. Give it a few weeks, possibly months and your precious cheaty DLC boats will get perked up. Or then the port perks will get nerfed to hell, at which point you will achieve the same outcome; Crafted boats are super expensive with crappy port bonuses and take an eternity and a half to craft with rare woods... and DLC ships can flex with their daddies credit cards. If the devs wanted honest support, they would provide a go fund me link. But they went all in on this DLC crap and thats a rabbit hole you dont climb out of(though it does get them a lot more money if you have ever read up on game theory).. imagine how pissed off the instant gratification weeabos would be if you suddenly took their toys away from them or nerfed them? Devs chose to do DLC route so now the only way they can get people to support the development of the game is to offer the players cheaty boats. UPDATE I'm already looking forward to when they announce loot boxes 😂
  6. Oh great... So we can still expect compensation from the whole no xp wipe - yes xp wipe mess since the Pandora had nothing to do with it?
  7. What? No way! 😂 Dont worry Licinio, they will change their mind in a few weeks.. not likely they would kill their own cash cow. UPDATE Also, them not allowing the perks on the DLC ships is admitting that the ships are superior to normal ships?
  8. ... No payment. You didnt accept the wager Update. And yeah, pretty sure it just need a patch and bum, it will happen
  9. You can see it from Admiralty Connections DLC already that this game is going be p2w DLC game. State your doubloons, matey... a wager. DLC ships will get the bonuses.. I wager 10k doubloons.
  10. Licinio... of course the DLC are going to get the bonuses. Devs are making it clear they dont care about ship building as long as people buy the DLCs. Turning the game into a p2w DLC mess would make little sense if the DLC ships wouldnt get the bonuses? I promise you, they will get the bonuses or then you will be given a separate DLC to beef up DLC ships or some dumb idea like that. Its funny that before christmas they made the economy update to make the prices of ships realistic(lower them) and now they are jacking up the prices skyhigh with permits and whatnot to encourage DLCs? PS. Can I have all the DLCs and some doubloons if I remove my negative review and make a positive one on steam?
  11. Holy moly, this ship is a serious joke Slow, no armor, no guns... What is this, devs showing us the middle finger because we got upset because they lied to us about the XP wipe?
  12. Where do you get the ship blueprint materials from? I beg you to share you sources
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