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  1. Despeinao

    Basic cutters in patrol zone

    I agree, but i think that the lower ranks yes could be avalaible.
  2. Hi captains. I change my name using DLC forged papers yesterday, and today, when my name changes after the server maintenance, all my missions and its progress, including the new weekly misions, were deleted. That`s a bug? Thanks for comments and your time, @admin @Ink
  3. Despeinao

    No damage in Patrol area.

    I see that, and for that is my question. Is a bug of new patch or is a standard mechanic?
  4. Despeinao

    No damage in Patrol area.

    Maybe. I think that make no sense, because the way to sink one ship is not the important, the important is sink it. So i think that that is a bad mechanic in game.
  5. Despeinao

    No damage in Patrol area.

    Hi captains. I was in patrol area and i tag a NPC. I shoot my cannons several times and i boarded and sunk a belle poule with only 2.4k of damage. Is that a bug, or only sinking a ship with cannons make damage to patrol count? Thanks for your time and replies. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1559075686
  6. Hi everybody. I have some alter counts and i use one of them to create a new player into PvE server for test the new trading mechanic and i observe that i have 2000 doubloons in my count of redemables. My question is, are this dobloouns in the wallet for all new players? In that case, a doubloon fabric can be create deleting and creating new players with alts counts. Thanks for your time and replies :)
  7. Despeinao

    Port Battle bug?

    Hello everybody We win a port battle in La Desconocida vs Danmark, (9 spanish vs 2 danes, 31 october 17.32 of server time), but this port is still dane. I have not more details, like screenshots, because i forget to do it, but we have another PB in Tampico at 19.09, and i will update the with some screenshots of this battle. Thanks for comment and your time. UPDATE with Tampico PB: I was the last player in out to the battle and this port is still neutral. I have 2 screenshots with the players in the batlle and the reports of la Desconocida and Tampico (the 2 last reports. Thanks for your time
  8. We win the PB of La Desconocida 40 minutes ago, and this port is still of Danmark, is that a bug, @admin, @Ink?
  9. Despeinao

    Food Supllies lost

    Hi everyboby I lost almost 40k os food suplies in FLEKI clan warehouse and my personal warehouse with the 27 patch, so i cant craft ships. There will be any solution?
  10. Despeinao

    ALT in RvR battle

    it seems good
  11. Despeinao

    ALT in RvR battle

    i dont ask for Lantia, a player taht i dont know. I ask you for Pepinus, and yiu mentioning Lantia. I don know if you are joking, remeber that we are spanish speakers, and keep the engglish humor is complicated XD
  12. Despeinao

    ALT in RvR battle

    i ask you for Pepinus in chat, and some mates of you told that he was an spanish alt. Maybe you dont undestand my question, i know that my english is so bad, im sorry for that. But this player is so strange in his behaviour, and i think that tribunal need msome work
  13. Despeinao

    ALT in RvR battle

    I aks you for spanish player Pepinus, and some mate of you said that he was an alt of Lantia.
  14. Despeinao

    ALT in RvR battle

    Clan issues are secondary, in not my clan. The report is for the use of an alt in RvR, banning a mate to join into battle.
  15. Despeinao

    ALT in RvR battle

    the port was property of the clan of the suopposed alt. The problem is no that one clan makes a mistake and puts an alter between his people, the cuestion is that the use of alter in RvR is illegal, and the cupable is not the clan that recruits him