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  1. Robert

    a few suggestions from a new player

    I agree with your points, I know the pain as I was there not long ago, about 3-4 weeks ago, if I can do it you can do it as well. Make sure you use a live oak/white oak or wo/wo ship for missions. Also try to get elephant bow figure or planking book for 6-7 rates, basically it's recommended to have the armor hp/thickness and reload maxed out (+25%). Use carronades and get the carronade master, emergency repair perks. Also, get the fleet ship perk and learn how to use it, I would mostly just use it to demast and slow down the other ships while not impacting too much your exp gain. Please let me know if you have any questions!
  2. Robert

    Saddle Guns

    I think the best comparison is Endy and Reno, why would Endy have all chasers and not Reno? I agree, they all should have bow and stern chasers, I think that would bring so much more variety.
  3. Have you ever heard about LGV hunter? There is/was such thing, hence the removal of the unlocked ship knowledge on that ship. I am new, but, what's your excuse? I wonder do you really play the game or just a forum warrior?
  4. Robert

    Battle History

    Thank you for your response. I will try that again, the button on the side was there and I believe this was the only thing displayed after I pressed the button.
  5. Robert

    Battle History

    The battle history was in the same instances at the same time, the one above is somebody else and the one below it's mine.
  6. Robert

    Battle History

    How do I get my battle history look like above? The one below is mine and doesn't show the battle details
  7. Not sure why this was removed but I also wonder about adding back the durability on the ships, more so, make it refill durability in a form or another. Just an example for whoever not familiar with the system: http://potbs.wikia.com/wiki/Durability
  8. 1) You never know, hence the poll. What do you think is more, casuals or hardcore? The thing about polls in forums is that very few new players get to vote. But then again, in the end we can talk until blue in the face, just depends how admin sees it. 2) I don't think so, it depends how is implemented. You could have a join port battle button on the UI, which puts your name on the list for that battle and automatically enables the PvP flag. The list could also be used by the port battle leader(s) to assign groups and tasks. That join port battle button should only be available in your national waters so you travel there with the PvP flag enabled. 3) Nope, if you smuggle you should only be able to use the smuggler flag which makes you open game for everyone. 4) There is no PvP without players. You need the casuals and care bears because that's the majority of player base in the gaming world period. The thing is that I have rarely seen in this game hardcore PvP'ers going against each other, it's mostly going after traders and newer players, which to me is hardly PvP. Nobody wants to be there just as a punching bag. In the end, it all depends how is implemented. I think this game needs to encourage more competitive PvP and skilled players through high rewards, win or lose, so they have the incentive to fight each other, players that like a challenge not just killing for sport. I also think that this game needs a way how to teach new players to PvP. It's different when the game starts and everyone is on par leveling together and discover what works the best. At this point there is no balance. The game has progressed to a point that some players are at the top of the game, skill, mods and all that and new players have no chance to stand against and or learn anything from any encounter. It's like learning to box from the champ, no gloves no holding back, just beat you senseless and ask you, what have you learned today? So the new player is stuck grinding PvE for levels, unlocks and mods but how much is that teaching/preparing him for PvP? Maybe an instance PvP might work, again i know that many here including admin have played potbs so lets look at it again, maybe some things from there could be adapted to help this game out. Just my 50 cents.
  9. I have to take your word for that, I wasn't here at that time. The only thing I know and speaking with other new players and most returning they all like the reinforcement zones. I have played a bit before the latest patch was implemented and the only thing I saw was some specific experienced players ganking new players in their national waters. I was fortunate enough to escape few times but I would of most likely quit the game if the reinforcement zones would not of been implemented. This comes from a guy that used to be hardcore in a few games before and being around before the games and computers were invented. I no longer have the time and my skills not as sharp as they used to be, but I keep trying to have some fun and find my place around that.
  10. I don't think there are PvE'rs on a PvP server, just players do PvE for PvP. I think a new (casual) player would want to learn to manual sail, aim, use the interface, unlock ship knowledge in PvE rather than against a hardcore all unlocked/mods/leveled up experienced PvP'er. That should sum up to a bad experience for both. It's like taking on a kid. Again, we obviously represent 2 different categories of players and this is just expressing my point of view.
  11. So you saying there were more players before the latest patch than after? If that's true then you are completely right.
  12. How many people were/are playing the game before and after the reinforcement zones were implemented? As admin stated the biggest problem is retention of new players and turn them into veterans. I think that everyone that joins the PvP server they want to PvP. I think the majority and casuals would want to have a choice to do it when they are ready and/or when they have time for it. I don't think majority wants to be constantly bashed in. I think they want to have fun while they are learning, leveling and getting ready for PvP on their own terms. Not even the hardcore players can do any sort of PvP if it's at a wrong time, if they have to go to work/school or they don't have that amount of time. In that case they would have to simply not play the game because there is nothing else to do. Just my thoughts.
  13. That would have nothing to do with RvR, you would have to turn your PvP on to join. The RvR is based on players that willingly do it and will continue to do that. I can see a problem, as mentioned before, with how to design it so it cannot to be abused.
  14. History would tend to repeat itself. If there was or revert to such thing as an unrestricted PvP server, there would probably be a majority of players leaving it.
  15. You might have something there, I would suggest you start a poll on that.