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  1. I agree with your points, I know the pain as I was there not long ago, about 3-4 weeks ago, if I can do it you can do it as well. Make sure you use a live oak/white oak or wo/wo ship for missions. Also try to get elephant bow figure or planking book for 6-7 rates, basically it's recommended to have the armor hp/thickness and reload maxed out (+25%). Use carronades and get the carronade master, emergency repair perks. Also, get the fleet ship perk and learn how to use it, I would mostly just use it to demast and slow down the other ships while not impacting too much your exp gain. Please
  2. I think the best comparison is Endy and Reno, why would Endy have all chasers and not Reno? I agree, they all should have bow and stern chasers, I think that would bring so much more variety.
  3. Have you ever heard about LGV hunter? There is/was such thing, hence the removal of the unlocked ship knowledge on that ship. I am new, but, what's your excuse? I wonder do you really play the game or just a forum warrior?
  4. Robert

    Battle History

    Thank you for your response. I will try that again, the button on the side was there and I believe this was the only thing displayed after I pressed the button.
  5. Robert

    Battle History

    The battle history was in the same instances at the same time, the one above is somebody else and the one below it's mine.
  6. Robert

    Battle History

    How do I get my battle history look like above? The one below is mine and doesn't show the battle details
  7. Speaking of honesty, I have to say that unfortunately while they blaming everyone/everything else there is a loud self entitled group that really holds this game down. Is their way or the highway mentality. This is just my personal opinion as a new player to the game.
  8. I was born and raised there so maybe we have something in common.
  9. I have to say that it tells you for each mission the rate of the ship, in fact you can only join with the ships within the rate of the mission. My problem as a new player is that the combat order missions matches you with at least 2-3 AI same rate ships on steroids, better reload, accuracy, hp and ready for boarding no preparation needed. I'm not talking about fleet missions where multiple ships are a given for the reason they are meant for multiple players. I think at least for the lower rank combat missions one AI same rate ship should suffice and should only scale up with the
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