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  1. Thanks for the advice guys, yea, I am running open mag, I am going to change that. I have sailed away alittle to repair then came back, but I don't see any way of telling when my repair is finished, and I think the 10 minute repair cooldown is a bit long, maybe 5 to 7 minute cooldown would be better. I finally just got a snow and thought, " NOW I should get through midshipman missions fine but now I am not allowed to do them. So what if a sailor walks right through a midshipman mission in a tier 6 ship for reduced gold and xp, but I was fine with that thought. But now I have to
  2. I think you missed the point. A new player is not going to stay very long if they lose 4 out of 5 newbie combat missions. The enemy boat is over-powered in armor and cannons for the beginning missions. I found a few other problems with the midshipman level combat mission since my first post. Even after cutting up the sails to 37%, it still sails about the same as 100% sails.(that is the absolute lowest I could get them) And, in the last match, I killed all but 5 crew on that ship, but it still reloaded and fired the guns at the same speed as if it had a full crew.
  3. 1. Ok, you could add a skill "navigator" then you could see your position on the map only once every 15 minutes or so. 2. I think PVE combat missions would be more fun and interesting if there were 3 or 4 possible ships instead on the same one each time. 3. The lowest level PVE combat mission enemy ship SHOULD NOT have 40 % more armor and 20% more guns the new people. There is no training or tutorial to help new people get started, so the first combat missions should be alittle more fair. i.e. same armor and weapon values. 4. I do not think the first PVE c
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