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  1. Scrouch

    Bring boarding to a new level

    Boarding needs to be reworked but not this way I suppose. Troll post-scriptum: devs couldn't handle to add UI for 2 years, how can they add this boarding system ?
  2. Scrouch

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Ssshhhhhhh ! Requin seems to be that favorite "no-matters-if-hated" child here, don't blame about it.
  3. Scrouch

    Is the requin bad for the game?

    He's right. Le Requin is beatable for sure but only when you can fight it side to side. Requin's tactic is simple (and I faced that several times): - spot any frigate - tag anywhere (reinforcement area included) - rush boarding with your boosted crew - captured/sank using boarding stuff and rhum - use fastest reverse in da world (just don't care about others enemy ships, they can't got you) - run away sailing into the wind - press Leave Battle If something went wrong wait 24h and try again. Yeah you can beat Requin with Prince but you have to fit it wisely and you can't hold a 1v1 boarding with (flat stats) 130 crew vs 250. Actually Requin's fight mechanic (and I'm okay to say, "realistic mechanic") is tough to deal with. Next step, let's talk about Adamantium frame/Vibranium trim Hercules that can tank Bucentaure.
  4. Scrouch

    Is the requin bad for the game?

    Lust beyond morality. Le Requin - last another nail in NA's coffin
  5. Scrouch

    Damage and sinking

    It will be. Not yet. So Diana can't be considered as added right now.
  6. Scrouch

    Damage and sinking

    Diana was gifted for testing. It's not currently a new permanent ship. Can we craft Diana ? No. Bye.
  7. Scrouch

    Damage and sinking

    Not planned in roadmap. Oh wait, still waiting for august's ship.
  8. Scrouch

    Hugging "Tactics" and Hercs

    Lost 1 Bucc vs 3 Hercules. Lost 3 Indiamans (2 IA won't ever leave battle) and my Sabicu India cause of 1 Hercules that never ever took any damage (hello medium cause India cant fit carro) and wipe my side + structure under 5 caronnades volleys ... BUT NO, isnt P2W.
  9. Probably cause buying an Early Access game is already a way to say "thank you" or to encourage devs. You know about it, EARLY ACCESS, that thing deserving updates and new content.
  10. Remember about my Buc wiped by 2 Hercules wihtout any chance to sink one.
  11. We love both PvP and PvE and being tagged by or tagging enemy players while moving to PvE mission is okay for me. I was complaining about: PvP players invading PvE mission the fact they were teamed up with AI DLC ships overpowered. I'm aware about that "exit way" and I don't blame about it. As AeRoTR said a warning message can be deployed or invading players should have to fight vs players they invaded and vs AI in current PvE mission.
  12. Scrouch

    Put some commas in these numbers

    What are you talking about ? 🤔 @Jean Ribault Can't you free an extra dock by putting on sale 1 of your ship ? If guess sometimes players put it on sale to gain extra docks
  13. Seriously ? That sounds great, thanks ! PvE is now a fun way to make some money ... Trading is boring as **** and economy is strangled by few players over-abusing buy-orders and alt-accounts.
  14. No reinforcements available during PvE order 🧐
  15. Close PvE orders in any way. Imo, only joinable OW fights should be: PvP battle (sigh) Hostility missions AI ship/fleet tagged by player in OW (and nation dependent ? ex. only GB players can join a british AI tagged) On another hand why enemy players joining PvE mission are team-up with AI ? Shouldn't they be sided in a 3rd "team" ? PvE missions are fairly balanced (based on players BR/ships and order level) but adding several players on AI side is just ugly. We were ready to fight vs IA + 3 Hercules but we suddenly noticed that ship is pain-in-ass ... just hugging stern, tanking massive amount of damage then we just gave up, disgusted