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  1. “No dumb bastard ever won a war by going out and dying for his country. He won it by making some other dumb bastard die for his country.” attributed to General George S. Patton
  2. This teleportation back from hard gained positions thing must be fixed. It happened to me at Chickamauga as CSA and my exhausted troop had to advance again towards where I was before. Happily enough I had wiped most Union troops so this was still possible.
  3. You can always go back to your toy soldiers :-).
  4. WHY ? They give better bonuses and can command more troops, there's no downside.
  5. Yes, been there, done that. It was somewhat easier after removing the good rifles of my lone skirmisher unit as all the enemy units weapons scaled down. Also, I used cavalry to destroy the enemy skirmishers and artillery. After that the infantry reinforcements attacked the dismounted cavalry that I attacked from the sides or behind.
  6. I agree. It would be great if we could merge the remnants of two experienced brigades to form a new one instead of being forced to disband them or fill them with recruits.
  7. In my first campaign as CSA I stockpiled too much and lost points when I reached the 100 points cap because there was nothing worthwhile/useful to buy. In that sense, it's better to use some points in early/mid-game when building your army and when all the ratios for money, men, arms or generals are the best. I agree with you that the morale boost you get by stockpiling reputation points is valuable, but you can still get it despite spending a few points (if you win consistently).
  8. Other than about their respective power in the woods, I do think that generally speaking skirmishers are a little too fast and powerful in melee and cavalry a little too slow and should be a bit more powerful in melee.
  9. It seemed your main concern not long ago, that may be why he answered about that topic.
  10. Select a brigade, then you will see a window with detailed info on this brigade on the right side of your screen. Use the slider to increase the number of men (up to the max allowed by you army organization). You have to chose between veterans or recruits reinforcements. Veterans cost you both manpower and money (so they are quite expensive), while recruits only cost you manpower. As men will need weapons, it will also cost you money if you don't have enough weapons in your stock (armory). In the same window you can select another officer and also change the weapons used by this brigade.
  11. I made my own list of reputation linked bonuses for CSA (just began an Union campaign). It is useful as the relative value can evolve with time. For exemple, for the Lee Enfield rifles you can sometimes get a high ratio of 285 guns per reputation point or later as low as 100 guns per reputation point. Most of the times the late offers are more costly, so it's better to spend early and mid-game. And never forget there's a cap of 100 reputation points.
  12. Exactly ! I was also annoyed by the damn skirmishers when first playing. Now I send two detached skirmishers units against them to have a 1,5/2 to 1 ratio. Shock cavalry is still useful against skirmishers in the open, to disturb/destroy artillery, to flank the enemy and to chase routed brigades. So it's not useless as some pretend. Its use is quite historical which, surprisingly, fits an historical game.
  13. As CSA, I successfully baited enemy troops in the NW with a single brigade + skirmishers + artillery in the thin tree line close to the Potomac (by the way that's where Stuart was historically). I also had a long range artillery (Tredegar) to pound the enemy troop on the open ground. I was often close to being overwhelmed but I grinded many enemy brigades this way and also released some pressure on the West Wood until reinforcements arrived. Being able to stand in West Wood and Dunker Church, I think that diverted troops from Sunken Road where there was no really threatening attack. So I could
  14. I fight enemy skirmishers with my own detached skirmishers putting two companies/battalions against one for a 1,5 or 2 to 1 ratio to get some success. After I get rid of them I go after another. Charging them with cavalry on open ground still works fairly well, if you distract them a bit before you reach them. I agree skirmishers are highly annoying, but so are yours for the enemy. That being said I find their hiding and melee bonuses, as well as their speed, a bit too high. That needs some fine tuning.
  15. A sparse skirmish formation hidden behind trees seems hardly an easy target for cavalry impeded by the same trees/stumps/bushes.
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