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  1. Another hot button topic gone wrong - who'd have thought? Sin Kahn (interesting name there), you need to come to terms with the fact that Religion and Morality are not the same thing. In fact, these two concepts are usually much further apart than anyone will admit. The "Immorality" you describe is not a result of a lack of Religion - it's called "Escapism", to want and need to imagine one self in a space and time where morality and consequence do not exist but for it's representation in the game's rules. We are here to discuss that representation. The outliers - those individuals who troll and bait and goad online are victims of their own GIFT (look it up on know your meme), and it is again not a result of religion, but the result of idiots having the luxury of anonymity and an audience with no responsibility or culpability. In fact, your insistence that you are somehow a moral paragon because you are Religious betrays those who've bled and died for your Religion and your right to practice it so openly, but I digress. TL;DR - Morality =/= Religion
  2. I must concur with Levi and Chustler - the Trinc and Surprise are further apart in personality than you may think. I don't have the Connie yet, so I can't compare, but even at a glance the Trinc is a proper crank with loads of heel, while the Surprise seems more weatherly and far better behaved in a turning fight, an more forgiving to inexperienced gunners. Those 18-pounders tho...
  3. Your project is looking very good so - massive respect sir. I'm sure there are a few Swedes about if you're looking for a project name.
  4. *Sigh* I loathe to weigh in on this, so I will try to stay neutral as somebody who really doesn't care all that much about it: Hopefully "Avatars" go so far is a mugshot with a "oil-painting" filter and a nice hat tacked on - initially at least. However, being an MMO and having towns a villages means that, inevitably, there will be players who would like to walk there, with an avatar of some sort. It's a massive development block and will only happen long after initial release, but it is inevitable. RP isn't dying soon, and the wonderful allure of cosmetic goodies for real money to play doll with an avatar is a revenue stream that the devs simply cannot overlook. Also, it will tie in very much directly into the planned "Exploration" part of the game - in fact, it's sort of a requirement, so I will bet my last doubloon/real/guilder/franc that Avatars are inevitable. This is a hot-button topic, and remains so because, of course, those in the discussion generally represent the other side as wanting the extreme. Coupled with living in a day and age where we live with social sensitivities that are taken to very edges of extreme, internet assaults on one's personal character, accusations of misogyny and misandry, revisionists, anti-revisionists and opinions twisted and taken out of context, it only gets worse. The fact is, this game is representative of history, but it isn't a media form that is given to the strictures of history. I'm sure France will win battles far more often than is historically correct... should French players give up half way through the battle because it's "correct"? No, not in the least. On the same note, French players have no doctrinal orders to aim at sails exclusively, while the British have none that force them to fire on the down-roll. These are concessions made in the name of good gameplay. Surely more concessions will be made down the line as features get added, and thus we will inevitably get to avatars. To welcome and support as many preferences as possible, I assure you, concessions will be made, and with the social climate being what it is, these concessions will be made thanks to outside pressures. Or the Devs could think of something extremely clever and sidestep this whole mess. We can only hope. However, while we're discussing these things, we should never forget that we're a community, a good community, drawn here by a brilliant idea, a good vision and loads of hard work from a half-dozen guys in Kiev who really want to do right by us. Lets not devolve this into The Holy Order of SJWs vs The Stinky Chons of the Internet shit-slinging, please?
  5. That'll do, Mr Harvey, that'll do. She looks fantastic!
  6. If I'm to vote, I'd say go with the St Pavel (in her 90-gun setup). Plans are more readily available, and at 90 guns, she's a little more snugly in between the 74 and the 104-gun Victory, whereas the 80-gunner would be very close to the 74. I'm all for French ships, but alas, those hardworking serfs at Brest did their best work on the myriad of Frigates (and Corvettes), 3rd Rates and 1st Rates.
  7. Once the devs have finalized the Specs and Requirements, our very own players will be helping the Dev team with all sorts of assets, most important of which will be the ships themselves. So if you're a good modeller or texture artist, look around. Loads of people in the "Shipyard" sub-forum tossing out ideas.
  8. Oh I know she was real - she's pretty interesting in and of herself. It's like somebody took a frigate, then scaled it down to make a cartoon version for kids, then somebody with a lot of money said: "Well that's an excellent idea! Build it!" In terms of Naval Action though, she'll be unique - 6x 4pdrs is even less than the Lynx, but she's a square rigger and will thus aim much better at all ranges (with the current mechanics). That said, welcome aboard weirdguy, and enjoy the ride.
  9. Welcome aboard sir! I have to say, La Belle is perhaps the strangest tub I've ever seen. Glad to meet the one who modeled it! It would be great fun to have in game though.
  10. If you read admin's post on Page 4, he adresses the Frigate specifically as "L'Aurore" by a very talented 3D modeller. Once she's re-optimised, she'll be in game. Which is shortly, hopefully. As for the Schooner, no idea. I still maintain it looks like the HMS Halifax.
  11. Indeed - I have to actively tell myself to look around me for allies. In the Trinco, by the time you hear the ship's bell, it's almost too late.
  12. We should - Unity 5 brings, among loads of other things, Physics Based Shading and hopefully more streamlined render pipelines. I just squeal as I imagine what that subsurface light-scattering effects will do - you could actually see your ship's hull get wet and watch the water run off with every wave. The wood grain would technically be able to show underneath the hull paint. The bright-work would pop a bit better... It'll all just be so damned pretty.
  13. I honestly found everything to be rather intuitive. As an alpha, there's no Tutorial, nor did I expect one. I've watched videos before, but that was before the red line came in (when there were still loading circles) beside your "sights". Being a PotBS veteran, I jumped right in and put holes in boats. Also had many holes put in me, but that's a different story. I think, Germanico, that you make a fair point. Unlike FPS games where WASDepring is considered an industry standard, and is same across the board, NA is essentially almost alone in it's genre. There's PotBS, but that's nowhere as complex as NA. This also means that, walking in cold leaves you with no real frame of reference. Then again, I've been gaming a while - 15 years ago, if a friend asked you to try a game on his PC, the standard question was, before sitting down: "What are the keys?" There's a pervasive problem here, and it is two-sided. Firstly, controls and mechanics that are pick-up-and-go tend to be arcadey, and lack depth and real focus. The industry has tried many things to cure this "casual approach" - from popup-radials to context sensitive controls. It is unsurprising that, when a game tries something new and different, the controls are immediately lambasted for being unintuitive - yet 15 years ago we had manuals to read through before even installing the game. Then there are controls and mechanics that are practically unfathomable (looking at most flight simulators at their most realistic settings here) and require months of studious discipline to learn. From planes that have 600-page manuals to weapons systems that requires another 200-page manual as an appendix. This is clearly the opposite end of the scale, and while I have evening that I want to lose myself in such a complex environment, most nights after a 10-hour work day and putting my very active baby boy to bed, I can't be asked. I'm sure this is the majority's view and that's fair. It is, after all, a niche market. I don't think NA needs to be at either extreme to be enjoyable, though, and can easily incorporate elements of both. But we've a long way to go yet. The Journey's just begun.
  14. My framerates have somehow improved... I was getting ~75fps on a single GTX780. After the last two patches (and one nVidia Driver update) I decided to crank it up to Custom with all the bells and whistles going. Now I'm getting 100fps+ - drops down to about 80fps with significant action and rough seas... Did I accidentally break Unity?
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