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  1. i like the idea of having Ai damage count towards CMs. CMs can be tough to come by especially for folks who may not be the best PVPers. If folks want to dabble in the water with a store bought ship with mediums, one can go in the patrol zone and at least get 3 CMs fairly easily. In the end, one will eventually end up having PVPing even if they are not a PvPer, so there is really no place to hide. And with low population as some have said, not sure if folks would want to be sailing around for 30 mins or more just to find a human to fight, if Ai did not give CMs damage. And lastly, there is the strictly PvP middle circle for those who want to just PVP in the patrol zone. So a good balance for all.
  2. Just skimming through the post about the arena idea. I remember the old arena/tournament room and i really liked it was a great deal and was a lot of fun. Folks could get instant access to a fight, not worry about losing a ship and could fight with players form other nations. If i remember folks could team up with clan mates and join that way. Here are a free brain storming ideas . . . 1) Limit its access to a portion of the week. Say two week days (Tue/Thurs) and one weekend (Sat) This way folks would have access to it throughout the week. At the same time it will not be on all the time, certain parts of the week all folks will be in OW and just a few days would we "loose" players off open water. So we would have the best of both worlds, days with all folks on OW and days when we could do the arena and any reduced folks on OW. 2) One day be limited to clan/friend or nations per team If we can get enough folks in the arenas, be nice if folks could team up with clan mates or nation mates and be able to fight and practice working together. The clan friends option could work as it had before. The per name per side would have to added in the coding by the devs 3) Have some reward maybe reals or XP, or even drops There should be some rewards, perhaps smaller than on OW fights. But be nice to have some incentive more than just having fun and looking to gain experience. The more folks we get the more battles we can have with folks. It might also be a nice way for folks to level up or get money if they do not have a lot of time to play in game. Also, the arena would give a de facto World of War ships aspect to the game, folks get instant fights, and might bring in some players just for this portion of the game. And the more the merrier, we are only at 1200 or so peeps online at the moment, lets try to get more in 4) Keep the no losing ship aspect of the game Losing a ship is no fun (unless its a DLC) as it take time and effort. If one loose a ship on OW so be it and we all know what is going on. But the arena is just practice and should be limited as such, an actively to horn one skills and just have fun. We have the PVP zone in OW were folks can fight and loose their ships. Be nice to have the arena be a place were folks can go and just practice and have fun. So we have three areas. Arena - just fun practice no ship loss. Patrol Zone practice, CMs, folks loose ships, folks can go if they wish and know they will find peeps. OW all things go and fully open 5) in sum Just a few random thoughts. Be nice to have arena back and brings up a nice way to fight other other folks, see other one would never see, allow folks to fight that might not have a lot of time, be able to focus on the fighting part of the game, have kind of a world of warships aspect within the game but not dominate it but have it as a partial aspect of the game.
  3. Yehoodi

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    Maybe he is trying English to see if he can get additional help and/or open his question to more than just helpers from one language?
  4. I agree with you. It is the time folks invest that they do not want to loose. As folks do not want to loose all the time invested in getting the books, i do not want to loose my time leveling.
  5. Yes we have skills and training, but a good portion of that can be brought up to speed with new players joining a clan and being trained. At some point say two or three weeks in, a new person is fighting a veteran both in say surprise ships and the vet has all of the books, he will be at an advantage. Also, I for one do not have all the books, and can be at a disadvantage at times. If on the other hand the argument is that the books are not that much of an advantage as some have said, then they will not miss not having the books then as they have not lost anything . . .
  6. I hear yah, but what is the point of keeping the books?
  7. How is keeping learned books not a disadvantage to new players? If the theory is the make it fair for new players, books and everything should go.
  8. And to add to your point, even if there is no written contract deemed to exist in the purchase of the game. There is certain a moral point to the concept of the contract law of promissory estoppel. When a contract and duties are deemed to exist when one makes a promise (here keep XP) and folks take action in detrimental reliance on this promise (folks spend human time to level up), a contract is created and the promised becomes a duty of that contract.
  9. Honest question - Should the game be rewiped 6 months after release so those players who buy it 6 months after release can have the same XP level as the players playing the game at that time? If you answer "no" then why are folks against players keeping their XP when new players come on board at the release. Bottom line folks are going to buy the game as time goes on, and just like those who bought in EA, had to join a game with many folks much higher on the XP as them and we all survived. I highly doubt there will be a high influx of new players to the game. And it would be a big shame if we only get like 100 new players and take a player base from 450 to 550 and the 450 loose all their human time to level up. On hand it would be fun to level up, on the other at this point I do not plan to spend many hours of my life leveling up again. To the extent this is EA and we are "testers", this is my first EA game and am surprise to see the wipe as being part of the process. Yes we are tester giving feedback, but games are nearly always evolving even after release with players giving feedback to the game. So i really do not see the testing process any different that feedback and updates after release of the game.
  10. I hear what you are saying, and it is good to adjust and adapt, as one should. And yes we have some good folks (thank you) in the US, but is it tough when one is out numbered. This may change down the road, who knows, maybe sooner than later. One concern for me and few others, is the point if the devs are not going to step in here, are they going to step in on other situations after release. Another concern is the charge on the US coast happened a lot sooner than expected and via a short cut, which brought the ire up as some of us were looking forward to tooling around the east coast testing port upgrades, trading, etc, as opposed to having to get sidetracked with PvP and port battle. We would preferred to test out the new mechanics. Surely a raid on the coast was likely to come, but some of us wanted to focus on the new mechanics first and save the rest for later.
  11. Yes, for the overall betterment of the game. It is obligation of the devs to maintain order in the ranks. Otherwise there is chaos, resentment, etc. Which is not good for the game community. We should be trying to grow the community so as to attract more players. Not set up situations where there is resentment in the ranks. When folks takes steps to get short cuts (regardless of the label attached to it), it does not sit well with others who are trying to play a game. A game needs to be set up and maintained with an equal playing field. Otherwise it won't last long. You guys are good enough not to need a short cut. You could of found a different route to where you were going to go, might of taken some time, but you might of still accomplished your goal.
  12. Thank you for the clarification, I forgot. As you say some of the members went to VCO. And agree the act in question is the act of taking the hostility mission on the neutral port. Either way the plan is clear.
  13. I do not think so as that port can only attack Ays, which Spain can already do from Islamorada. So there is no benefit or time reduction for Spain by taking that port.
  14. First off Wraith (&VCO), thanks for being on that wall to provide content along the east coast and finding potential loop hole before the wipe. There is a lot of back and forth here about what happened and how to label it, folks can agree to disagree. I wont use the C word per se, but to be honest it wasn't too cool. It is done. It has cost me some of my real time that i would of otherwise not done, but i can put that aside for now as i enjoyed sailing with you guys when you were with the US. To the extent of not be able to take back ports, we are fighting almost two nations version one. So it can be tough to take back forts or storm forts when one is out numbered. The recent San Augustin Port battle is evidence of this point. So at this point it is not a point of cowardice. Speaking of two v. one as opposed to the chivalry one v. one, perhaps down the road WO or VCO would like to arrange a one v, one battle with some in the US? That might be fun. No screeners or nothing, just a one v one battle.
  15. This game is a lot of fun but takes time, it is not something one can play for 15-20 mins and have some fun. So there is a real life human aspect to it. Folks invest their real life time. When the wipe was announced and came, i saw it as an opportunity to get the coast back at least until the release or the next time folks came up from the tip of Florida to challenge and/or take our ports. So spent a good deal of my time, and although i had fun, none the less was a good size time investment, but i did it so i could play this game with a relatively free coast for some period of time. But then when I see folks usurp the rules to get ports earlier than they otherwise would be able to do so and i am kind of back to square one, it can cause frustration. Again, i got ZERO problem with folks playing by the rules and taking ports, so be it. But when someone takes steps knowing to get around rules to take a short cut, which then results on some level of me wasting my real life time, it can cause frustration. Understand my point?
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