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  1. I too think folks are waiting for the last wipe. Also, too with all of these mini wipes/hot fixes, folks just might to want to wait till things setting down so we all know where things are going and what is what in the end.
  2. yes there is an overlap now with the cargo and normal resources mission . . . at the same time there are some differences Cargo is Free to purchase (no stress if you loose it) Limited options on where you can go Trade goods You have to pay for the goods and so there is a risk of loss You can do short trips and choose the destination from many ports. So some differences, but likely folks might lean towards deliveries and may not trade as much. I will still do both.
  3. I hear what you are saying, but if 5000 logs of rare wood is going to cost 50,000 dubs, then these woods are just going to be much more rare and/or valuable if there is no reasonable way to get dubs. I think overall there needs to be a relative balance on all levels and i agree with you. I do agree that delivery mission gave too many dubs, but if 5k wood cost 50k dubs, then there is a balance there, a person spends 8-10 hours of sailing to get the 50K dubs to get 5000 rare wood, so on that level there was a balance. It remains to be seen if folks can generate enough CM to keep the ship building going. And too like the fact that some of the mission now are giving reals.
  4. You can still use the TLynx for passenger deliveries. So that dynamic has not changed, just that now it is reals not dubs. Perhaps more of a blend of dubs/reals might be nice to keep this different than the cargo missions. But agreed, there may be less TLynxs on the waters in the up coming days as there only have passenger deliveries and no more cargo ones. The cargo deliveries have now become something that augments trading, which kind of makes sense as it is cargo. And frankly the money is pretty good given what i looked at this morning in reference to weight/distance/money. and one could just throw it in one trading route and take 8 less items of a trade good. Also, one could simply replace cargo deliveries with ones trading. Given the drastic change in dubs gathering, one would think that there needs to be some balancing of the dubs collection to usage ratio.
  5. The dicey part is that a lot of folks stock piled ships and are using these ships. Thus some do not have to buy new ships nor craft ones for themselves. Alas, with the wiping of VMs and such a lot of folks do not have access to the permits to built the top level ships. So it will take a while to replenish this supply. And unfortunately, we might not be seeing a lot of top level ships on the market.
  6. At moment my tlynxs are blue and i have not reach the speed cap. I do have two very fast blue ones but i want to wait to see how things work. I am just getting use to cruising around and for the first time not really have to worry too much about being attacked or even tagged. So that is a relief, from the other end of the spectrum of hauling Tbrigs in the bahamas and worrying about the enemy, like Nassau for example. I do not venture my Indys in troubled waters. Right now just testing the deliveries with my tlynx with all replaceable parts, the ship and upgrades, so no sweat even if I get tagged and sunk. Later i might set up a max speed tlynx. The delivery are nice as nice payback, but must less worries from being attacked both with being in a fast ship and the losses are not as bad as if one looses a trader filled with trade goods.
  7. I have not done this yet, but it has crossed my mind.
  8. Great idea, I have been pulling into a port with an outpost to drop off doubloons when my chest gets near 10k. Also, will plan my routes to hit an outpost to drop off dubs. But i like the idea of storing them in the hold if one needs extra space on a delivery run. :-).
  9. I agree with this point. As the crow files does not work and folks will simply will not take them, as i have not taken these deliveries. And it should be by ocean distance, something that might be difficult to code. One way i would think to do it, altho would take human time, is to take rough distances between a hand full of ports from one end of the map to the other to get a linear line of ocean sailing. For example go to Charleston, and look on trader tool for distance from CT to Islamorado, and then to Islamorado and see distance from that port to say San Marcos, to get a rough idea of sea distance from CT to San Marcos. Just a thought. Again it just need to be rough, but it is a lot longer than the crows flies distance between CT and San Marcos
  10. Had some quirks with the game, got logged off, could not log back in again after several tries, but i think i am good now. My chat screen went blank and could not se my ships in port but i think i am fine now.
  11. Needs O'Tune here is the post in question. And oh yes, to all of those that complained about Sir Max Magic use of cap and bold, although i do not like a lot of it used, i find it very helpful to emphasis key points in a post, letter or what not so the writer can make extra sure the reader sees the more important messages. Indeed, in this very post by the admin caps were used and to good effect imo. What is actually kind of sad is the very thing that was capped letters was not even done per Sir Max.
  12. Alas, this forum does not number its post so i can not refer to a post number, but it is the second to last post on page 27 in which the admin was clarifying a point about ship contracts will be included in the wipe. So Sir Max Magic is correct. I will quote the admin post in my next post so you will see it.
  13. The last point is the one that hits it on the head. There is no way to "store" money in the ships contracts. Nor is there a way to get money back as no one will have the funds to buy the ships. So no need to wipe them. Just let the folks use the 10 rented dock spaces for the time being.
  14. I would just like to add. We all greatly appreciate the time the Devs put into this game and to make it a really fun game to play. It fills a nice niche in the gaming community and we are all thankful for you guys bringing this game to the gaming community. Much appreciated. Great job.
  15. Admin you may wish to read my immediately preceding post on this matter for a larger picture of my point . . . In the end you wish to do what make sense. What makes sense here Admin is to do what is fundamentally right and which is to recognize that there are competing rights and wrongs but which can be addressed with a simple compromise that will honor rights of all and avoid all wrongs. I spent a great deal of time becoming RA and 50 lvl crafter and do not want to see that go in vain. I fully understand the need for all to be on the same playing field at the release. However, as previously mentioned a delayed release of redeemed assets until a time that the new comers have, or have had an opportunity to, come up to speed is the really only fair solultion for all. It will protect the rights of the new comers and honor the time spent by vets. Could you please explain to me why this is not a fundamentally fair solution? And if you can not, why not institute it to ensure that all players are happy?
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