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  1. I agree with you. in these way the game will have a bad balance even for smaller nations. I am even thinking off moving over to pve do to the balance the game have now. As I see it it is be in big nation and big clan or pve to be able to play the game. Really sad
  2. thise game is not so big to have 3 servers not even 3 pvp servers. and if you look how is easiest way to do it is to get pvp2 and pvp3 over to pvp1 the maps are to big for the rest of the servers unless they change the size of them.
  3. He talks about Digital Homicid that is only thing steam have done anything about and what they did was protect the gamers do to those programmers doing realy bad games and when the youtubers say what they think about it they get lawsuits. and now they put in even more when players ask if they are real programmers they have been the same got a lawsuit. then they want the real names of the players and do the same to steam so who is doing bad thing ther. I love steam..
  4. why I dont like it is just so all cant be online same times. there is players from us, Europe, Russia, Australia. and having events were admins says why are you not pvping. fells wrong do to there is players that dont do pvp and works with crafting and trading only.
  5. easy that is the officer... as it was before players surrender as they was going to sink do to saving the officer and not giving the winning party his cash and xp he get for sinking you
  6. I think thise is a good way for the start do to new players stop playing do to they get attack direct outside the ports.
  7. probem is he cant tag ai traides so I vote no
  8. Ther is many us players that players the game they set the timers so it fit them. eu players do the same. so UTC is the best way to handle it if in Europe you know it is -1 standard time and -2 for summertime. so complaining about the port times all nations and most those that take a port change them to meet there own times. And you doing the same when you taking ports
  9. if you cant take that they have a chanse to get away or try to and not position you to block then don't attack to sone and manurer him to were you want
  10. Kronans


    we have players from Australia and Asia on pvp1 in tf not many but we have them and they have no probem
  11. seems like br difference is fucked up that shall not be able to happened.
  12. good that you change it at list for now.... But Question to admin/devs. When you thinking of changing the game ( sometimes good some times bad) are you only seeing a probem and get a solution and do that or are you thinking of if we do thise change what will happened to the game play if these things on nations. like positive / negative for the nations? how will the gameplay be on all nations? Why do I ask.. That is becose last patches you seems to see pvp only in the eye and go to try to fix the game for that even if the game have traiders and builders in it. what I think you need to be starting to think off is these if you want pvp -don't make all to sail for hours and not doing anything will only make that traders and builders and those are 30-50% of the server skipping pvp do to they need to sail for materials even longer then it is now. -give out so you can have more outposts maybe even in enemy ports but then only traders and no buildings -Start to think of new players. those don't have cash to be able to do you special events ( witch I think is wrong way). -when you put back special goods in 1 rates with is a good ide in the bottom. then make so all nations have one 1 rate so they have one they can make. like britts have victory for free, Spain have santisma France have le ocean. ...... what I mean free is they need to be like it is now. for the nations that are different then national ships they need to buy/breakdown/ or getting them in events. maybe with some restrictions to get the chance like some events. that is on every day. every hours. ( don't know what for now)
  13. good if the was 1 rates of all nation ingame. but the balance is off the chart. ┬┤giving Brits/spans and France upper hand when ocean get more in game but now it will never get balance again do to Sweden and Danish will have really problem to even get santis or victorys. us will have same problem with victory and ocean will not even be on the map any more do to the limited ports that we can have
  14. Good jobb now you blocking all low ranking players to be able to do something
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