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  1. Mate I’m pissed to what happened. A returning player who can only play causally due to work commitments. Peoples egos ruin it for people who just want to play. As a long time officer of bl4ck I asked 7grams numerous questions and he ignored them. I left bl4ck for my personal reasons and stated I would join any pirate clan who is willing to play the game minus the politics. You can choose to assume I’m involved or take my word for who I am.
  2. I will explain briefly what happened. 7grams and approx a dozen players decided to quit Naval Action. Koltes who formed BL4CK while most of us stopped playing till release who then passed leadership back to 7grams when he came back to the game asked 7grams of you guys are quitting can someone else have leadership be it Koltes or Duncan. 7grams in usual form flipped out thinking people trying to steal his clan and decided to hello kitty with the ports. I left Bl4ck as well due to the fact 7grams told players not to defend Cuba. I refuse to be lead by a coward.
  3. Mate I hardly play, was keen to get back into it, tried it here and there but the whole game is going backwards. Pirates never got a Pirate mechanic, they control ports like nationals. Pirates should have raid port mechanic. make them pillage and plunder, mercenaries for hire.
  4. Devs wana fix it put a code in you cant leave port with out cannons. Its a sandbox MMO you can do what. So many carebears.
  5. The game lets you put cannons on or not? its your choice to sail with our without. How is that a broken game mechanic or exploit? End of the day Captains choice. Games fuct anyway. So no cannons should make an easier target to sink? Or maybe he is board fit took cannons off for speed? So many variables yet you cry poor me. No wonder players dont come back.
  6. Sealed bottles should be giving loot like the event is. The bottles are super rare so why not offer paint or blueprints. Considering it's still a sail to get the stuff.
  7. Defiantly would love to see an anchor graphic when pulling upto port.
  8. Hey Devs, Great idea with the name of the ship builder on the ships. Going further could we implement the date it was crafted as to see how long your boat has survived the wars its in? Also could it have like a captains log attached to the ship to see which port it was crafted in and how many times its changed hands? Thoughts guys? http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/16102-ship-documentation/
  9. Game, Set, Match Point.
  10. Whats your friends name?
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