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  1. Mate I’m pissed to what happened. A returning player who can only play causally due to work commitments. Peoples egos ruin it for people who just want to play. As a long time officer of bl4ck I asked 7grams numerous questions and he ignored them. I left bl4ck for my personal reasons and stated I would join any pirate clan who is willing to play the game minus the politics. You can choose to assume I’m involved or take my word for who I am.
  2. I will explain briefly what happened. 7grams and approx a dozen players decided to quit Naval Action. Koltes who formed BL4CK while most of us stopped playing till release who then passed leadership back to 7grams when he came back to the game asked 7grams of you guys are quitting can someone else have leadership be it Koltes or Duncan. 7grams in usual form flipped out thinking people trying to steal his clan and decided to hello kitty with the ports. I left Bl4ck as well due to the fact 7grams told players not to defend Cuba. I refuse to be lead by a coward.
  3. Mate I hardly play, was keen to get back into it, tried it here and there but the whole game is going backwards. Pirates never got a Pirate mechanic, they control ports like nationals. Pirates should have raid port mechanic. make them pillage and plunder, mercenaries for hire.
  4. Devs wana fix it put a code in you cant leave port with out cannons. Its a sandbox MMO you can do what. So many carebears.
  5. The game lets you put cannons on or not? its your choice to sail with our without. How is that a broken game mechanic or exploit? End of the day Captains choice. Games fuct anyway. So no cannons should make an easier target to sink? Or maybe he is board fit took cannons off for speed? So many variables yet you cry poor me. No wonder players dont come back.
  6. Flag system was abused but good too as well. Maybe they could have had a system where a nation could only have one active flag per hour or every hour. That way people from different time zones could do port battles.
  7. I'm not talking us vs them attitude. This is a mere nation A has small pop of say 20 - 30 players vs nation B with 150 players. Would be good to see small nations be able to have a go at times.
  8. That's ok for a large nation but what about smaller nations who can just field 25 players. How do you propose they send out screeners? Vs a nation with a larger pop who can afford screeners.
  9. Current meta is PB fleet on there way. Defender attacks fleet. Kites enemy. Enemy escapes defender attacks and kites again. No port battle happens no Naval Action happens. People go to bed. Waste of time. People start to leave the game. A different system is needed. All the work goes into grinding to setup a PB and then it doesn't happen. Is piss poor game mechanics. If the defenders didn't counter grind hostility then there next chance is the PB not out side playing kite the enemy. People want action not wasted time. I rather win or lose in the game field not on the side line.
  10. Ok I think you missed the concept of a Battle Royale style. Have you played Player Unknown Battlegrounds? 100 players slug it out till one victor. So the attacker attacks with his intention to attack and kill not run and grief like a girl. So the guy defending can still escape as the circle will still be big at the start. But if they both fight and decide to run well the first to leave loses and the other is victories. The defending ship could put damage the attacker forcing him to die or surrender. For this to work ships of similar BR would need to implemented for attacking. The old days we used to buy a flag with the intention of a battle without even planting it, we had numerous open world battles because the screen fleet would try to sink the flag. Some of those open world battles were a lot of fun.
  11. Hence the battle circle would get smaller as the battle progressed if you escape before the circle goes smaller well done but if they keep you tagged in sooner or later you can't run and forced to fight. Fleeing maybe seen as treason. Keyword maybe for the trolls.
  12. If the devs ban every player for finding a broken game mechanic there will be no one left playing. My friends on the national side have admitted they will do what ever it takes broken mechanic wise to win. So instead of blaming each other go to the devs and fix it after all it's alpha for the last 10 years. hello kitty all this forum crying I've got mates who want to play this game and they read through the forums and said this is more toxic than League if Legends. My suggestion for port battles and open world is battle royale style. One circle that shrinks over time forcing players to fight to the death. Most ships alive wins. Thus this eliminates people running from battle. If you go out the circle just like old pb mechanic after 5 min you take water and die. now for open world tagging if you are the tagger same thing one circle that closes in and if you are the attacker you have no escape option or surrender as you initiated the fight you finish the fight this will stop grieving. No hit and runs. If you get attacked and are a defender you can still out run and have a chance to escape but if the attacker wants to grief then he can't leave battle and has to carry through his intention of attacking.
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