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  1. This is unfortunate. Our clan on the PVE server was going to help one of the minor clans in another nation generate hostility. This rule change will make it essentially impossible for the small guys to take any ports. It seems the the easy way to solve this is to allow anybody to help with hostility missions if they have permission from the clan doing the missions.
  2. I know that when an NPC raid turns a port neutral, the port loses a level from investments. First question, does that mean that premium forests that are invested are lost? Second question. If a clan abandons a port, thus making it neutral, does the port lose a level of investment?
  3. We sank all the Indias and some of the Essexes before they got to the circles, but they just kept gaining points. COULD WE PLEASE GET ALL OF THE MECHANICS OF THIS MESS POSTED IN ONE PLACE?
  4. That's wrong. We just lost after taking all the Indias and a few of the Essexes.
  5. This situation happened after the AI took the port and we took it back. Everything worked fine before that.
  6. I've made a couple of other posts regarding this. Hope we can get it fixed ASAP.
  7. We took our port back from the AI, now members of friendly clans don't have the shipyard bonuses. Could we get that fixed ASAP please?
  8. In addition to the other errors in the OP, we've found out that members of friendly clans lose the shipyard bonuses when a port is taken back from the AI. Sure would be good if we could get these screwups fixed.
  9. To you and I it's obviously a typo, but people with no knowledge of these battles DON"T know that. I tend to check things before I post them. I notice that you chose not to even address my other points.
  10. A lot of this post is just wrong. They do NOT attack the richest ports. Also, only one port in the Gulf of Mexico has been attacked since this started. We had the 6th highest tax rate, but our port was the only developed port attacked. They do NOT take advantage of the existing wind, they pick whatever wind direction that makes it the easiest for them. Since you can't scout, it's just a guess as to what direction they're going to come from. They IGNORE BR totally. We just fought a fleet that was 18 ENDYMIONS and 6 Indias for a BR of 5940 in a 5000 BR limit PB. And then the admin screwed up the update, the traders are worth 325 points, warships are worth 15 points. It's fairly upsetting to first not get the info you need to make a plan, and then to make matters worse, the info we do get is quite often totally wrong.
  11. So in the latest PB defense, the NPCs had 18 Endymions and 6 Indias. The BR was 5940 in a 5000 point battle. The AI changes the wind in battle to suit it, it's not the same as the OW wind. Since you can't scout to see where they enter, we didn't even get within firing range of the one group before we were kicked out of battle. This whole thing just keeps getting stupider.
  12. I think it would be a great idea if we got ALL of the info regarding a new mechanic in ONE place. If info changes, it would be great if an admin would edit the original post to include that. The main reason people leave NA is because it's too time consuming. Having to read through hours of forum posts to find all of the info regarding a new mechanic just makes that problem worse.
  13. Boarding against these guys is not a good option. I had a Wapen with Redoutable refit, nassau boarders and marines, I was turning through the wind to go for an India and an Essex t-boned me and instaboarded. My prep was at 100%. Went musket volley, killed 22, the Essex killed 94 of my crew with a musket volley, and it just went downhill from there. DO NOT BOARD.
  14. You might look at what he posted, bubba. This is about as civil as I'm going to get regarding this issue. I'm the customer, the admin is here to provide customer service.
  15. Ok, it would have been physically impossible to win that battle. They had the wind advantage, number advantage, since we were expecting 4th rate ships at a 4th rate PB. How exactly do you put over 500 crew on an Essex? I'd have more to say about your "this is how it works" nonsense, but I'm trying to be more polite in my old age. Your mechanic is severely broken. You really need to put ALL of the info regarding these port battles in ONE easy to find place, I don't have the time to be searching the forums for hours. Also, it's oldcrankyman, NOT cranky old man. You boys need some training in customer service.
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