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    No port bonuses

    It has always been set at Clan & Friends.
  2. RickC

    No port bonuses

    My clan (CSR) is friended with USNA clan and we have invested in Saint Marys. They are receiving port bonuses on ships built there but I am not. Sent an F11 bug report but I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else.
  3. Just remove the agressive ai entirely from the peace server please. On the PVE server combat should only happen when the player chooses it to happen.
  4. Can we get confirmation or clarification that this will apply to both PVP and PVE servers?
  5. Remove the Loki Rune from the Peace server please. It will drive new players away and many veterans as well. We play on the peace server to avoid PVP play and encourage cooperative play.
  6. Please, give PVE clans the ability to add port upgrades to our shipbuilding.
  7. CRASH!! Cannot relog in.
  8. Why can't the PVE server have this feature where a port can be turned into a shipbuilding port (to build better ships)
  9. I play on the PVE server These PVE changes confuse me. Players will need to plan movement around clusters of enemy ships (players or non players) Why would players on the peace server need to avoid players? Aggressive AI was tried before and it was removed for good reason. You seem to implement things that players dislike, then remove them, then reintroduce them. (RNG quality ships for shipbuilders as an example) Now we wonder just what your plans for the peace server are. The ONE constant on the Peace server that players enjoy is the ability to choose our own battles. Do NOT take that away.
  10. Game is most fun in a group. Spot on!! So give us back our old Fleet Combat Orders. Your new mission system kills the ability to grab friends and get quickly into a fleet battle sailing the rate of ship we prefer.
  11. How many of you actually bought this game so you could sail 5th rates? Limit or severely restrict the ability to sail and battle in 1st rates is a mistake. It's where the fun is.
  12. Unable to log in for 30-40 minutes now. Both servers do not show a ping at the log in screen so I assume it is both servers
  13. Quote: The only way to fight in the PVE zones will be to attack smugglers - which will from the patch create outlaw battle (FFA) - the mechanic that you can test on the testbed. Does this mean Fleet battles vs NPC fleets will disappear for PVE players?
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