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  1. The French are very organized. They are organized to live out of Free ports and do OW pvp since they have to sail across the map to find PVP. The French are organized to do exactly what they want to do. Most of the discussion about getting organized is about port battles which the French couldn't care less about. No matter how many times you tell the Pirates players something they just don't seem to get it.
  2. Again like others said above was a player decision not the developers. France has been doing nothing but OW pvp since the reset. All you need for that is your base county that can't be taken. If France could do it the Pirates could as well. Either you are over exaggerating or you just simply don't understand the diversity of the game mechanics that exist in NA.
  3. Re-read your post. It says. You weren't talking about PB's you were talking about open water. I stand by what I said. I could respect your thoughts but the Pirates never show up to PVP.
  4. I could respect this if the fighting part actually occurred.
  5. Fair enough. Let's see what happens.
  6. The French are organized. We are very organized when it comes to OW PVP. Just because the French are playing a different game then the Pirates doesn't mean they aren't organized. How much more clear does one have to say it. The French hate port battles!
  7. Oh... I love this. The entire French team could go Pirate than it would be so much easier to get some OW pvp. Now that you mention it maybe the entire server should be Pirate. That might be the only way to solve all these problems.
  8. You clearly don't understand the French at all regardless of how many times you are told. While I agree camping capitols is certainly not the healthiest thing for a server where does a nation go that just wants open water PVP? France wants OW pvp and if that means burning every bridge on the server to get it that is what they will do. They punched the Pirates in the face because that was the one place they thought they would get OW pvp. France was wrong. The Pirates want to play another game that France doesn't want to play. France may lose players but it will be over a lack of PVP not do
  9. Yea he is some pissed off Dane that CCCP was screwing with or something. You can find some other thread about it.
  10. Boneless, Adding Slamz to your signature is Richard Farley levels of weird. Don't be the creepy internet guy.
  11. That picture is a perfect representation of his personality. The dude is flat out strange. Imagine 3 hours of nation chat of the stuff he said up above. Literally every 2 mins he was trolling Slamz for 3 straight hours.
  12. Your idea of trolling is kind of creepy. Park the white van, put the lollypops away and just play the game.
  13. I can't speak for all of France but I can speak for Purge. If you see any Purge using Brits or American's to cheat send it to me and I will end it. I can promise you that if I am in a battle with Brits, I am trying to sink them. I can also tell you that I would be highly critical of any French clan publicly and privately that used such tactics if I found out about it. Purge will not be associating with cheaters.
  14. I recommend you should keep this a secret. I would not make this a public thing. The intent is good but it does put a lot of PVP targets all in one spot. Just saying...
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