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  1. The French are very organized. They are organized to live out of Free ports and do OW pvp since they have to sail across the map to find PVP. The French are organized to do exactly what they want to do. Most of the discussion about getting organized is about port battles which the French couldn't care less about. No matter how many times you tell the Pirates players something they just don't seem to get it.
  2. Again like others said above was a player decision not the developers. France has been doing nothing but OW pvp since the reset. All you need for that is your base county that can't be taken. If France could do it the Pirates could as well. Either you are over exaggerating or you just simply don't understand the diversity of the game mechanics that exist in NA.
  3. Wow, you Pirate guys must not be capable of reading anything beyond 140 characters. Let me repeat myself. We are creating alts to kill alts in order to track alts that are used by alts to spy. I am not omitting anything. Let me walk you through this very slowly so you can understand. "We" represents France. "We are creating alts" means France is creating alts, "to kill alts" means France is creating alts to kill other teams alts like you Lone Wolf. Do I need to continue or can you just read it again? Ultimately my criticism has nothing to do with any individual particularly, I am being critical of the game itself for building this game in a way that doesn't allow the players to police this themselves. The fact that we have reached the point where Alts are eliminating PVP means NA has gone way off the rails in understanding what ALT's are doing to there game.
  4. Re-read your post. It says. You weren't talking about PB's you were talking about open water. I stand by what I said. I could respect your thoughts but the Pirates never show up to PVP.
  5. I could respect your thoughts on the subject much more if your reading retention was higher. Believe it or not this is not about Pirates.
  6. I could respect this if the fighting part actually occurred.
  7. Fair enough. Let's see what happens.
  8. The French are organized. We are very organized when it comes to OW PVP. Just because the French are playing a different game then the Pirates doesn't mean they aren't organized. How much more clear does one have to say it. The French hate port battles!
  9. Oh... I love this. The entire French team could go Pirate than it would be so much easier to get some OW pvp. Now that you mention it maybe the entire server should be Pirate. That might be the only way to solve all these problems.
  10. It is a problem when you build a PVP game and ALT's start preventing PVP. It is a problem when you have to have ALTs to conduct PVP in a PVP game. It is a problem when you have to start your evening with "Who is going to kill the ALTs tonight so we can go PVP?", It is a problem when you start asking players to do the suck ass job of tackling ALTS so 24 others can have fun. In other games like Planetside or WWII Online where spying could be harmful to PVP they had an easy fix. You could kill someone on your team with certain limitations. The lack of Green on Green in NA has basically created an environment where ALT spying heavily contributes to the lack of PVP. I have zero problem with spying but it ruins games when players have zero ability to deal with it. When you have reached the point that people in coms starting saying "well... we have no body with ALTS playing tonight so maybe we should go play (insert your game here)" the ALT issue has moved from a minor to a major problem.
  11. On Global we know who the Pirate spies are (Grand Merchant Loop) who just follow us around telling the Pirates what we are doing. So we now have to create Alts to tackle them to get them out of the way otherwise we can't really play the game effectively. Then the Pirates get to know those alts and create other ways to circumvent our alts so they can continue to spy. We are creating alts to kill alts in order to track alts that are used by alts to spy. Say that fast 3 times. When 25 guys just turn around and end the night and go play Hearts of Iron because we don't have a way to deal with ALTs on that particular evening you know your game is seriously screwed up.
  12. You clearly don't understand the French at all regardless of how many times you are told. While I agree camping capitols is certainly not the healthiest thing for a server where does a nation go that just wants open water PVP? France wants OW pvp and if that means burning every bridge on the server to get it that is what they will do. They punched the Pirates in the face because that was the one place they thought they would get OW pvp. France was wrong. The Pirates want to play another game that France doesn't want to play. France may lose players but it will be over a lack of PVP not dots. I know you have trouble with this concept but just maybe you should start taking what we say at face value then maybe we can get somewhere. This brings us back to the issue at hand that Teutonic raises. You have players in France that just want to OW pvp, you have the Pirates that only want to take dots, then you have the Brits and US who are stuck in the middle somewhere. The game has failed to bring all players together that want different kinds of PVP. In the end no one is satisfied including the guys that want 1v1 solo fights. I honestly don't know how you bring everyone together that all want different kinds of PVP. This game has managed to separate all of them. Unlike WWII on-line and other products who seem to build an RVR component that incorporated everything.
  13. Here is part of the problem right here. I am not sure you guys are getting that your spawning mechanics simply do not support your contention mechanics. Putting aside that just killing AI fleets is some what flawed at least if you are going to have it put spawning mechanics in place that make sense. Other than shallow water ports or capitols there is simply no reason to have Lynx/Pickle/Brig fleets. I should never see Pickles in a Frigate fleet or 1st rate AI fleet. It is a waste of BR and they simply don't bring anything to the fight. Regional 4th rate ports should all have 700 to 1200 BR Frig fleets with nothing but 5th and 4th rates. There is simply no use for BR AI fleets lower than 500 to even exist (other than shallow water) in the open world other than to just having something to look at. Your players aren't sailing Brigs and Privateers to grind contention on the other side of the world. Quite frankly this goes for open world grinding in general. Your entire fleet generation mechanic simply builds too small of fleet make-up. Your AI fleets needs to be upgraded even if you change the PB contention mechanics.
  14. The Flag system never worked well. It certainly isn't any better than what we have now. We need to move forward not backwards. They need to re-think the entire port battle system. We have already tested flags. We have pretty thoroughly tested just OW PVE. Time to try something new.
  15. Yea he is some pissed off Dane that CCCP was screwing with or something. You can find some other thread about it.
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