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  1. Eventually I bet we can reach a deal.


    All I can say is the French really do want to get into Pirate lands and raise some havoc. There are old scores to settle out there but the problem is France is built out of OW pvpers not line fighters. We could make life tough on them but our play style has us stuck in a corner. 


    I bet ya that you Slamz and Teutonic could reach a deal if ya just sat down and talked. For France it is all about just OW not world conquest. Maybe you could come up with your own idea's on how to control France? Think of France as ole Privateers, give them something to fight for and they fight for the crown, once they get bored they become Pirates. 

    If you used your imagination I am sure you could come up with something to use that to your benefit. 



  2. I love Spain on Global. Now those are boys you want to fight with.
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