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  1. No Joy with Steamlink, but as an RD client it works amazingly well as I was logging in with my smartphone.
  2. I'll check out SteamLink and keep you posted. Thanks for the suggestions. I agree. Simply binding some keys for camera movement would be helpful.
  3. I occasionally travel for work, as I was yesterday and I thought I'd remote in to my PC and run a few trade/cargo missions over the hotel wifi. I've discovered that I can't right click and pan my mouse in the open world when I'm connected remotely. I've observed this using Teamviewer, Remote Desktop, VNC, and even Google Remote Desktop. I can however pan to change my camera in port, and right-click drag the mouse in the Open World map, but not when sitting in my ship on the seas. Thinking there was an issue with my laptop, I used a colleague's laptop with the same result. Has anyone
  4. I never really understood that mentality either. But then again, 2 years later after getting mapped twice in EA here I am taking another spin. I'm not sure how the devs intend to promote new players and power changes once the map is "set." Maybe seasons?
  5. I've missed you all. Full Release treating everyone well?
  6. What?! You actually want a community of players to make THEIR community better?!?! That's insane. How dare you print such radical notions. I bet you expect players to hold themselves accountable and be respectful to their peers also . . . Games are only fun when players: undermine eachother, trash talk everyone, gloat about their combat prowess, are generally condescending, are racially insensitive, and encouraging of their mates to leave their nation as a solution to conflict. Everyone knows toxicity and flagrant egoes keeps games going, indefinitely.
  7. <eats popcorn> What a great thread!
  8. Well, as most of the ships were purchased from port when we heard there were French nearby, it wasn't that big a deal. Gloat all you want, you earned the right to it, but it was still a good opportunity to give some players who've otherwise never seen PVP their first glimpses of it. Not having anything big enough to crack the armor on those Bellonas kept the engagement French favourable from the get go, nevermind the bad tags and pursuits. Oddly enough, my Rattlesnake made it home which was glorious.
  9. They would have the same problems everywhere, doing everything with the internet. Moreover, a server merge likely doesn't require a relocation of the server farm. But as I said, London to Sydney seems pretty quick for other games.
  10. Most? Where are the numbers to support such bedtime stories?
  11. And the secret is out . . . well done. Now the drama monkeys will begin their campaign.
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