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  1. Been having the same problem. I'll try again in about an hour of this post. (Two and a half in-game days) 😉
  2. I'm stuck outside the open world map. East of Barbados. I can go north and south, and east. But not west back into the map. X: 819908.4 Z: 227002.1 I missed the bug number, could file again if needed. In-game handle: Admiral 8Q
  3. Admiral 8Q

    Too Windy

    It be too windy in the Caribbean mun!
  4. I put together this edit from the movie "Amistad".
  5. Got to make crafting fun though!
  6. I know this is a bit ahead of the time in-game, but I'll post this song anyways.
  7. Bit much of rum while crafting a ship! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoOqJbk7qEs
  8. I would name my ships partially on things I like, but more on the history in game with them. Let's say I had a Snow that I had to keep fleeing from battles with. I might name it the "Runner" or the "Scaredy Cat". Heh! If I had a slow but powerful ship, maybe the "Anvil" or "Sledge Hammer". A few names I'd keep for my flag ships, like "Redigallia". For trade snows I would name each one, perhaps "Greenwood" for a Fir one with speed. One that I use on alot of long distance circular trade runs, "Far Orbit" It all depends on the history of a ship on what I'd name it. The two fleet cutters I ha
  9. Admiral 8Q

    Baba Yetu

    It was the first, if not the only song that won a Grammy that was made specifically for a computer game. I bought that game when it came out, and even though I had no idea what the lyrics were, I loved the song. I found out it was in Swahili later.
  10. Just put the pure link in the text part, like this:
  11. Admiral 8Q

    Baba Yetu

    Civilization and culture is what we as humans make of it. Culture is as simple as playing a guitar or cooking a turkey on special gatherings. Or it could be as large as building megaliths like the pyramids of Giza. Unfortunately, with many positive parts of culture, there are also negative parts. It's what we as individuals make of it that counts though, in my opinion.
  12. Is that the name of the movie? "All is Lost"? I can't find it.
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