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  1. Been having the same problem. I'll try again in about an hour of this post. (Two and a half in-game days) 😉
  2. I'm stuck outside the open world map. East of Barbados. I can go north and south, and east. But not west back into the map. X: 819908.4 Z: 227002.1 I missed the bug number, could file again if needed. In-game handle: Admiral 8Q
  3. Admiral 8Q

    Too Windy

    It be too windy in the Caribbean mun!
  4. It's more about aiming, and hitting your target in a ship like the Surprise. A full broadside is useless if most shots miss. I use long cannons on the lower deck, but have carronades on the top deck for chain shot and ball if I get in close by mistake.
  5. "Pubbie"? Hopefully not referring to the "Pube Muppet" originally from NewGrounds...
  6. Seriously? I rarely bother with precise navigating. It's more about visually seeing the map in your head, and using land as checkpoints. There us no need for numbers or degrees really, in this game on OW. But at first I admit I was calculating very precise. It's actually quite easy to navigate. I took a photo to show. So to set a course for Tolu, I point my ship East on the in-game Compass, and just a bit left of the first notch North.
  7. I put together this edit from the movie "Amistad".
  8. Got to make crafting fun though!
  9. Galleons left over from the 1500's and 1600's were obsolete and usually stripped of most of their armament and put into service as cargo haulers. I would love to have them in-game as a trade ship though.
  10. I know this is a bit ahead of the time in-game, but I'll post this song anyways.
  11. Bit much of rum while crafting a ship! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoOqJbk7qEs
  12. I would name my ships partially on things I like, but more on the history in game with them. Let's say I had a Snow that I had to keep fleeing from battles with. I might name it the "Runner" or the "Scaredy Cat". Heh! If I had a slow but powerful ship, maybe the "Anvil" or "Sledge Hammer". A few names I'd keep for my flag ships, like "Redigallia". For trade snows I would name each one, perhaps "Greenwood" for a Fir one with speed. One that I use on alot of long distance circular trade runs, "Far Orbit" It all depends on the history of a ship on what I'd name it. The two fleet cutters I have though, practically useless unless I'm in a Cutter myself. I'd name them "Beavis" and "Butthead".
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