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  1. Been having the same problem. I'll try again in about an hour of this post. (Two and a half in-game days) 😉
  2. I'm stuck outside the open world map. East of Barbados. I can go north and south, and east. But not west back into the map. X: 819908.4 Z: 227002.1 I missed the bug number, could file again if needed. In-game handle: Admiral 8Q
  3. I voted 'Flotilla', but 'Armada' or 'Guild' would work too. Honestly, after I think about it, 'Guild' or 'Company would make more sense. I see the majority voted 'Fleet'. If it is changed to 'Fleet', then any in-game mentions of 'Fleet' would have to be changed. Otherwise more confusion. People don't seem to understand that a fleet is a group of ships. A fleet needs harbours, trade guilds for supplies, manufacturing companies, etc. Fleet is fine if you're only a group of ships and nothing else. Just my thoughts. Let me know what you think.
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