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  1. Companion, I am sorry to have to tell you that the requin as you know it is a Spanish jabeque, it is a boat that was used throughout the Mediterranean coast and that was mainly used in America (Caribbean) by the Spanish.
  2. Dear administrator: Would it not be possible an event lasting one week and that is monthly in which in certain random areas, the ships Santa Cecilia, Diana and Ruyter can be attacked and you cannot capture the ships but they grant you a permit from said ship? This would give content to the game and give action to the pvp players since they could capture the permissions that any other player had, in addition to making all parties happy. A greeting.
  3. I just lost my redoutable in the same way, it was a good boat but the worst are the upgrades and repairs in addition to the artillery I had, please look at it as soon as possible, anyway I made a communication with f11 and sent the screen. Thanks in advance.
  4. My locean is one of those that remained unmanned, and I had 3 ships between mine and the one that exploded, I understand that the damage to the crew is completely excessive and it seems good to me to retouch because what happened to my tomorrow today can happen to anyone and it is not logical to lose the entire crew being so far away and parapeted after other ships, but I think that an important thing would be that you could not see the crew that other boats have because it really is an elusive advantage does not leave possibility to prepare a trap or any other strategy and conditions the comb
  5. I have the same problem create a connection queue that is irregular in its operation
  6. idem . I spend the same with the tutorial almost finished, I think the developers hate me .
  7. I'm sorry to tell you that your complaint is wrong, if a captain uses a strong to defend against your attack, it is completely logical, as when we use the windbreaker so that they do not reach us or the carronadas to take them off and board them, you plant in an enemy port, near their forts and canyons and you complain that they defend their owners ??? Do you really complain about this ?? My friend, you should meditate.
  8. I do not mean that they left the game, they have simply stopped until the launch
  9. surely it is the fault of a misinterpretation by the players, but we all understood that the launch was imminent and as you will see few people are doing missions, everyone is waiting for the launch, also that's why many stopped playing waiting, because they do not want lose more time (which I do not share), playing to lose everything in a few weeks.
  10. Excuse me, but that's silly. Simply people are waiting for the erasing for the launch of the game and we are burning our boats, for that we need repairs and now the only thing that is interesting to us is the pvp.
  11. I think that this thought is too simple, does not count on the players need to have level to carry those boats, besides being able to buy cannons or have upgrades so they will need real and doubloons to be able to maintain buildings, that without taking into account that they they can also be sunk by other players. As always everything is very black for players
  12. You are not seeing the possibility that many people could sell the permits so that others who did not pay the DLP had that boat what is not fair, one pays and the whole clan has the boat? unfair advantage because? If you pay for having the DLP there is no injustice, I can devote many hours to play but other people can not, it is not more unfair that they can not have good boats like you for lack of time? Having a better or worse ship today is because you have more time to get certain resources, but that does not make you better captain a player. You can have a very good boat and be very
  13. oday at logear we have observed several players who have problems to start the game because it sends us to the queue and has problems to verify the steam client, are problems of the game or the steam itself? What happens to more players?
  14. De todas maneras una cosa si digo, es que los permisos para los barcos unos se consiguen con marcas de victoria y otros con medallas de pvp, asi que si queremos tener permisos para esos barcos tendremos que tomar puertos y hacer pvp o de lo contrario no vamos a poder llevar una surprise, que hasta este barco necesita permiso
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