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  1. Precisely I think it has been a very good idea to put the frigates in shallow waters, boats like the surprise, renome or cerberus no longer had space in the waters and now these ships have come back to life
  2. I have to tell you that Spain used them on several occasions both for trips where they brought troops and equipment and in combat actions.
  3. firebool

    Shallow port hostility - part 327

    But is that precisely that is not correct, because it depends not only that the port is shallow or not, but of the geographical situation where it is located, it is between two deep ports and it is decided to attack that port? ' Why do not you attack the deep ports that are right next to you? You can not complain that your strategy on the battlefield is not good or it will not work for you, IT IS NOT A PROBLEM OF THE GAME IT IS A FAILURE OF STRATEGY.
  4. firebool

    Shallow port hostility - part 327

    Honestly I do not see it as a problem GB & Spain, it's simple, I do not think that subtract possibilities to the game, as missions or strategies is good, many times to heat the unknown and other shallow ports, we had to do missions with deep-sea vessels passing through the only strait for ships of line or coming from the pirate islands and those missions are full of emotion, seeing as it is possible to discover you and intercept, (as the passage of the two German battleships across the Strait of England in the World War II "Operation Cerberus"), or how other nearby ports are attacked for being of deep water because your strategy is to heat a shallow zone. I think the only thing that makes this proposal is to limit the fun in the game.
  5. firebool

    Shallow port hostility - part 327

    But do not complain when your strategy did not work because you lose credibility
  6. firebool

    Shallow port hostility - part 327

    But why did not you complain before heating those ports with deep water vessels? I do not think it's a problem of the mechanics of the game, rather I share the opinion of the comrades that if you want to launch a campaign in an area where there are deep and shallow ports you should first attack the deep ones to have a consistent base of operations. Also according to your method you would be subtracting the opportunity to deploy different missions as it was to move your deep fleet to the other corner of the world to heat a shallow harbor, reducing the emotion of the hand blow to the game. It's okay to complain when things do not go well.
  7. firebool

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    You know exactly the damage received but you do not know the damage you are doing, that would be fair, in addition to the real thing. You can see that the enemy is increasing or decreasing their shots or their speed but you do not know what hull or damage is left or how many crew survives after your broadsides, with which you really submit to decisions that nobody (NEITHER TODAY WITH SO MUCH TEGNOLOGY ) known.
  8. firebool

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    At the risk of being burned at the stake, I think that we certainly have too much information that even in a battle of today YOUR ENEMY does not have, nobody knows the real damage that is doing to your enemy in a battle and we know exactly how many more volleys can stand a guy who we see that he has no band or helmet. Personally I would remove the possibility that your enemy has to see the damage that he is doing to you in the hull or crew, that affects or damages everyone equally and maybe it would change a lot the dynamics in the battles.
  9. Nobody talks here about the expertise of one player against another when winning another player with better or worse ship, I mean that the combat values of the constitution are as we know those of a superfragata that is not equal to its cost in br , I already made it very clear, it is better that the consti continue with its defects and virtues at its price to be improved because then it would have to rebalancear its price, at least that's what I think.
  10. Perfect, but if it is a super frigate, it can not cost 250bp, if we want it so good, that is able to plant battle at a third rate is not logical then it will cost as such ???
  11. The tutorial very good, I would not have removed so much protection to the ships, but it is a matter of getting used to it and trying a bit more, since the wasap is a 3rd now because it would raise a little the crew. I love the changes for the crafteadores, it makes exciting every time a boat is created.
  12. Gentlemen, from my point of view the constitution is fine like this, it has the band of a third, a very powerful artillery and a speed more than acceptable, if you have trouble turning you fix it with knowledge and permanent upgrades, or is that want to create another wasap ??, because until two days ago everyone complained about the wasap and so the poor man has remained, with values of 4th bp of third and it is only possible to get it with pvp, it is necessary that we meditate on what we asked for because we can be granted ....
  13. please, for when are you going to establish this rule in the game ?, we are eager to try and sure to push port battles to a level of fun for much older players.
  14. I sincerely think it a great idea to impose a system for BR, and thus give life to ships that were always fighting in these battles as the third, besides allowing captains with less experience to enter such battles and not have to wait for that can carry a wasap. Equally to mention, of which I sincerely seems to me that the wasap is not a ship of 4, but that it should rather recalibrarse to be a ship of 3ยช and if it joins to other ships of that same class would give much life to the battles of port.
  15. firebool

    Port Battles with limited BR

    A greeting to all, never enter to the subjects although I found them very entertaining, although in this case I find so interesting that I could not resist. In my humble opinion I sincerely believe that it would be a great improvement for the game to be able to play battles for the BR, simply for the strategy, the diversity of the ships and the veneficio to be able to exploit the use of all the boats that today are limited in the use in the port battles, besides not to depend of having to take 25 players to a battle, which already would be a true achievement. Thank you very much for your attention.