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  1. I just lost my redoutable in the same way, it was a good boat but the worst are the upgrades and repairs in addition to the artillery I had, please look at it as soon as possible, anyway I made a communication with f11 and sent the screen. Thanks in advance.
  2. As already pointed out by another player, the dlc ships should bring a space in port, since it is a ship that you are paying separately should not take up space. It would be fair, don't you think?
  3. Perhaps the answer would be to limit the vessels to 1, or 2 according to which ports. You can put a br of 5000 but only be able to take 2 first and 4 seconds or some idea based on this path
  4. It is really very difficult to find the balance, I really liked the br when it was different in each port, because it gave a lot of dynamism to the battles, but I also have to recognize that when we put the low br, it implies that the battles always enter same players, with the exception of some exceptions we are always seeing the same battles with the same players. It is my humble opinion
  5. It is true, also the real dead people and they were not 0 and 1, this is a game, and it does not matter what system you put that people are going to twist to get the maximum performance as happened with the explosive ships, I think today on the day the way of labeling is quite good, although as is the case, take advantage to twist it, but that is why you can not limit the movements of the players every two by three because in the end you are taking away the freedom to play as you want and That does not like anyone, just playing with some frigates in your battle group surely they could not keep you in battle, on the other hand it is not logical that from now on everyone has to play with 1st lines, right?
  6. it is precisely what in many combats was used to hunt larger ships while heavy ships arrived in combat, and by the defenders was also used to allow their heavy ships to escape the action when they were not favorable just look at the naval fighting between 1650 and 1820, although even in the ww2 you can see that it is precisely what is done to avoid or engage larger units in combat.
  7. The problem with limiting the game of others is that they can also limit yours.
  8. if that is so it seems to me a fatal idea, it does not allow me freedom of decisions on how I want to act or when I want to fight or not because it will limit my movements, and all because someone complains about how to play this or that player, (although it does not seem good to me either), rediii are you going to complain too that in the battles of port with little br do you always enter the same players? because that is what I always see you in the battle of rvr, you always enter them and only others enter when the br does not reach you.
  9. My locean is one of those that remained unmanned, and I had 3 ships between mine and the one that exploded, I understand that the damage to the crew is completely excessive and it seems good to me to retouch because what happened to my tomorrow today can happen to anyone and it is not logical to lose the entire crew being so far away and parapeted after other ships, but I think that an important thing would be that you could not see the crew that other boats have because it really is an elusive advantage does not leave possibility to prepare a trap or any other strategy and conditions the combat a lot because it tells exactly one player when to board or when not to approach an enemy.
  10. I have to admit that I had so much fun with a patch for a long time, I loved the whole patch, they have made the game more dynamic and fun, my congratulations.
  11. I have the same problem create a connection queue that is irregular in its operation
  12. idem . I spend the same with the tutorial almost finished, I think the developers hate me .
  13. I'm sorry to tell you that your complaint is wrong, if a captain uses a strong to defend against your attack, it is completely logical, as when we use the windbreaker so that they do not reach us or the carronadas to take them off and board them, you plant in an enemy port, near their forts and canyons and you complain that they defend their owners ??? Do you really complain about this ?? My friend, you should meditate.
  14. there is a fault that does not allow to put the boats on sale even if you leave them empty
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