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  1. I have the same problem create a connection queue that is irregular in its operation
  2. idem . I spend the same with the tutorial almost finished, I think the developers hate me .
  3. I'm sorry to tell you that your complaint is wrong, if a captain uses a strong to defend against your attack, it is completely logical, as when we use the windbreaker so that they do not reach us or the carronadas to take them off and board them, you plant in an enemy port, near their forts and canyons and you complain that they defend their owners ??? Do you really complain about this ?? My friend, you should meditate.
  4. there is a fault that does not allow to put the boats on sale even if you leave them empty
  5. I understand that in ships of 6-7 as the number of players may be adequate, but 5-4 is already high to get 10 deaths for the prize you can get and let's not destroy 10 of 3-1 to get the possibility of a permit that then it is not the one you want, it is ridiculous to be ships after work that surely cost developers to create them for the game, it is my humble opinion.
  6. sincerely you see normal that you destrullas 10- 1/3 to have the possibility that you can leave a permission for bellona or santisima ?? that's totally disproportionate, on the other hand I sure have opened as many gold chests as the most of you, and that gives you permits from ships, BUT NOT FROM RARE SHIPS, which is the permissions I refer to, not the permit of a surprise if not to the permission of a bellona, indefatigable or santisima.
  7. I want to put on the table the problem of permits, sincerely I do not think it is right that a group of ships is created that will be very difficult to obtain. It is not normal the difficulty that we now have to accede to a permit of bellona, indefatigable and other ships that before was usual to see the seas. I understand that you want to place them as special ships, but it is not normal that it costs so much to get them. I also want to express my opinion about the boxes they give us when you manage to destroy 10 players, it is not normal for them to give you a permit for ships that you already get with a gold box, with the difficulty that entails at least they should get insurance (not a probability), rare permits and not having to eliminate 10 players I think that with 5 is enough at least 4 to 1 lines. Thank you very much for your attention
  8. I do not mean that they left the game, they have simply stopped until the launch
  9. surely it is the fault of a misinterpretation by the players, but we all understood that the launch was imminent and as you will see few people are doing missions, everyone is waiting for the launch, also that's why many stopped playing waiting, because they do not want lose more time (which I do not share), playing to lose everything in a few weeks.
  10. Excuse me, but that's silly. Simply people are waiting for the erasing for the launch of the game and we are burning our boats, for that we need repairs and now the only thing that is interesting to us is the pvp.
  11. I think that this thought is too simple, does not count on the players need to have level to carry those boats, besides being able to buy cannons or have upgrades so they will need real and doubloons to be able to maintain buildings, that without taking into account that they they can also be sunk by other players. As always everything is very black for players
  12. You are not seeing the possibility that many people could sell the permits so that others who did not pay the DLP had that boat what is not fair, one pays and the whole clan has the boat? unfair advantage because? If you pay for having the DLP there is no injustice, I can devote many hours to play but other people can not, it is not more unfair that they can not have good boats like you for lack of time? Having a better or worse ship today is because you have more time to get certain resources, but that does not make you better captain a player. You can have a very good boat and be very bad at handling or have a mediocre boat and be very good. . It is honestly equally unfair to want to evaluate everyone with the same standard when they can not play at the same time.
  13. for the price that they have put to the dlc, I do not think that many people buy it and if you are going to have to wait more than 24h to have the boat it would not be worth it to acquire it.
  14. I do not think it is a boat that invites anyone to use dlc, honestly it is a pretty mediocre boat that can be replaced by any frigate that buys in a port or catches, I prefer that they try to take out new boats such as the mountaineers, the nepomuceno, the santa ana and in my case if I would be willing to pay for one dlc of those boats even if it was not available every 24 hours. It is my opinion.
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