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    Update on the port battle set up

    honestly im no longer interested in port battles until they are redone as promised when they showed us the new port battle model, not the current fleshlights sitting in the water setup. With that said its alot like the red ring system POTBS used to employ. and im interested in generating the unrest part but until there is something worth going into a port battle for ( ie something that doesnt involve capping towers and essentially playing rock paper scissoring for a port on the map) , the idea of more players being funneled into an area to kill or be killed by. It will automatically make the smaller more agile pvp play style shine because there isnt any towers in the pvp, and instead killing the player is the objective, think of old sea trials but for a reason which i've always wanted. Besides ask around, generating a lot of hate is what i do. Now i can use my lvl 50 trolling skill for something useful
  2. like i said, no agreement of this kind can work, it will only cause infighting and more BS than it will ever solve. if you are a little nation, and dont like it then leave that nation. or kick somebody's ass and take their ports, those are your 2 choices. operation green peace is a retarded notion in a game about conquest. massaging the numbers under a false pretense of (again that stupid myth) fairness is also fool hearty, because as an ideal its fine. in practice it will drive more dedicated players away because you negate their work in actually playing the game as it was intended. and for what? so you can hope for more players like the dedicated ones you managed to piss off? brilliant plan If you want player retention then hope that the players that are retained aren't the ones described in my sig.
  3. press gang, thats also my clan recruitment strategy as well thanks for letting us TP out kits, now that i have 50 of each flavor in every port.. is the cap on the officers going to go up or are we getting new officers as well? cant really effectively test all the permutations without being able to have multiple sets of officers. hope you guys realize this
  4. You guys seem to be working on the premise that nations should be allowed to exist. This is a game of war, plundering and conquest, not hippies and green peace. and by trying to foolishly agree a treaty that is NOT a game mechanic, you will be inviting alot of disappointment and infighting within the factions Now i have said this many times in the US, so I'll repeat myself here If you feel the game mechanics are broken in terms of the world map, then the best way to illustrate that to the dev team is not by making up some imaginary treaty enforceable by no one and mistakenly made by a few ppl with the audacity to speak for a whole faction. The best way is to break the map completely and show that to the devs. with a note saying "dear devs, is this working as intended?". This idiotic notion that all the nations should have territory that have no population to hold them, allowed to exist is in the most obvious view counter to a game that is all about world conquest. It kills the realism (The natural argument to that being most of us would be speaking latin as in roman if this weren't the case) and progression in a world conquest game, and also destroys the overall objective. Fairness is a myth, its in the same class of myths like the easter bunny, santa, and the tooth fairy because they were all told to you when you were a child in order to get you to do what your parents want. Why is it that you all have outgrown the rest of them except fairness? If you want a country to expand it borders, then go reroll for that country, dont make up some treaty that will at best last less than a week, or wait for the actual game mechanic to come in. untill then the people in countries that have effectively lost in the game of world conquest thus far can also reroll to a dif country
  5. the JUL troll single file, to hide our numbers.
  6. cheatos503

    Game is Broken

    this must be the OP's first experience with a shotgun hustle dry your eyes there. The current system is going away. dont know how you could have thought this game was broken with that system anyway. considering the game has had that system for a long time
  7. cheatos503

    9.9 Feedback Poll

    thats only from looking at the economy as it is now, with the advent of ATM fishing so no matter what you are making money. This will translate into inflation ( keep in mind if everybody has a million dollars then that million dollars is worth nothing) the only thing that won't rise with the cost of everything else will be sailors and base buy/sell prices of mats. in a month the "OMG this is too expensive" will be replaced with "heh remember when we thought this was too much?"
  8. cheatos503

    9.9 Feedback Poll

    AI fleets I'm all for the ai fleets being added. A lot of ppl posting here don't remember when you used to able able to have up to snows as your fleet. It makes no sense ato have a high rank such as a rear admiral and not be able to command other ships. With that said i do wish we had either A) better control over said ships or ,B. A smarter AI so it knows to fire chain at sails and not the hull. Also i would like to see something like a "defend at all costs" command so the AI would use itself like a shield around the targeted ship. But on the whole i've noticed a drop in seal clubbers that only gank traders or newbs so that's a plus. new officers Officers should have certain downsides to some, not all of the the perks. defender is great because i've noticed between that and the crew cost that poor pirates are actually forced to learn how to sail and fight not just rely on playing bumper boats and a mini game to make them a credible threat in pvp. pirate hunter/lover should be taken out, its way too op with no downside. I'm not saying every perk should have a downside but some of these are just foolish. Coward is another example, personally i think if there is coward then you should not be able to initiate a fight with a player, you can join another one, but not start one. i again see only PVPrs preying on traders and new players using this perk to get away and start another fight . if they are cowards (which many of them are just by choice of targets and the fact they run from a fair or even challenging fight) then why would it make sense to let them attack? also i would like to see the ability to have multiple first officers because a one size fits all build limits the overall usefulness of the whole mechanic. we don't have 1 ship so why only have 1 1st officer? Fishing: This one worries me. the devs have just introduced a whole mess of problems here 1) Free money for doing absolutely nothing 2) just lessened the importance of lvl 50 crafting 3) will push inflation to the point where the crew costs are a joke, OR will make it so new players will be hopelessly screwed to start off with 4) make this game farmville of the high seas 5) artificially inflate the numbers of players online because they are all macro fishing for bottles now dont get me wrong its a cool idea, but if there was going to be fishing i think it should be only able to be done with the following: NO combat vessels can fish there needs to be a crew consumption across the board, (combat ships would have to dock up instead of just lying in wait forever) trade ships need to have mods that allow them to fish those mods need to have penalties to speed, turning, no guns etc bgottles need to be extremely rare, please stop destroying the econ devs. zero sum games are retarded (if everybody has a million dollars, then a million dollars is worth nothing) GFX and Sound: meh, you guys have more important things to work on, stop wasting time on this for now Hiring crew: Good first steps into creating some money sinks in the game. The crew cost may seem steep now but thanks to an endless ATM of gold by virtue of just sailing i think the price should go up, not down because the inflation that's about to hit the game will be very stupid indeed. And the money sink they just added will not be enough. The pricing both in terms of labor and mats for the med kits is high enough that they actually have value and worth at the same time and therefore are good. New crafting line Honestly only time will tell if the cost of the things here will remain relevant to the inflation the devs just initiated. I can say this though. *ahem...* DEVS, WOULD YOU PLEASE CONSIDER THINKING BEFORE MAKING THIS MANY ECON I WIN BUTTONS......please? it really is kind of embarrassing . a completely new player can now make over 7 mil inside 4 hours of game play. (bottle drops of marines and boarding parties with 2 contracts) And while i understand the need to help new players get established, it lessens the worth overall of players who have dedicated a lot of time into making their fortunes and investment of resources into crafting all to be for not. One way to fix this would be not to have tobacco be bought by NPCs, this does 2 things, first we avoid yet another compass wood econ "I WIN" button, and second you would establish a finished product that is actually worth something in the near and far term points of view. Salt should be rarer and not more plentiful, or if its to be more accessible then make food supplies also not tradable. again for the same reasons as before. If the devs would try to add value toi the new products their worth would remain high instead the only moneysiink in this game that is not just a 1 time fee becomes useless and cant do it's function properly
  9. found the same to be true, something is not working found the same to be true, something is not working
  10. cheatos503

    Hurry Up and Merge the PvP Servers

    so then what do you think the conditions shoudl be? when 20 people are left on each server? and when does "early alpha" mean that the devs shouldn't give us more transparency when they make a statement that has a huge effect on game play witrh no supporting information so ppl go nuts trying to interpret what the hell they actually mean. this game has been in "early alpha" for 2 years. in all likelyhood will live out its game lifespan in "open beta" so what the hell is the difference when terms like alpha and beta are more for marketing now rather than actual statements of development.
  11. cheatos503

    Boarding OP or not?

    yes, imagine how that fight would have turned out if your sole goal wasnt to bypass that combat in lieu of the mini game? my god you'd have to actually fight then
  12. cheatos503

    Hurry Up and Merge the PvP Servers

    I think its time to start thinking of the survival of this game, now that the devs have once again screwed up by not allowing any transparency into what is going on with the merger. They convey no information, no timeline, not one bit of insight as to what the yes/no condition is for the "possible" part and have never answered a direct question at all about mergers in regards to whn, why, or how until thousands of players ran for the door. the snapshots arent looking good, they are hopefully going to put the game on sale, but the looming merger scare coupled with alot of players simply giving this game a bad review lately (yes i am one of them but thats because this game used to coddle the well, millennials and their special needs and requirements for a safe place) and screaming the game is dead. So yeah im all for the merger, have been planning for it for some time. now that pvp1 is approx the same as pvp2 in terms of population it only makes sense
  13. cheatos503

    Development priorities 2

    actually one of the biggest things done poorly (and still is) is the devs making vague statements with no information behind it, no follow up after numerous times there has been direct and pointed questions. And letting the player base come up with what amounts to interpreting less information that you'd fins in a fortune cookie into what the devs plan to do. CASE IN POINT: in march the devs made a post stating that the servers were going to merge. No information as to which servers, when was a nebulous date and no information was given past that for 2 months. Many of us (myself and clan included) left pvp2 because we had at that time, no confidence that everything we had worked for would come over to pvp1. While i had been established on pvp1 it was in a different faction than where we decided to go. And starting all over cost us a few players, then server problems as the server wasn't able to match the demand of the players trying to access pvp1 outstripped its capabilities, this caused more ppl to leave or "take a break" and have not returned. once that ball started rolling the doom/gloom crowd yelling the game is dead, coupled with the fact that gamers are for the most part, sheep and followed the crowd. My point is, all of that would have been avoided if the devs had given us, at that time, some more info than a half sentence to go on. It by far caused more problems than it could have solved. And unfortunately it continues still with yet another half sentence on possible merge, and yet again, no information at all on it no matter how many ppl ask. The mishandling of things of this nature has hurt the game more than any mechanics change or short term breaking of the mechanics could ever do. And if they hadn't said anything about merging the servers. I'm pretty sure we'd have a lot more people on today.
  14. cheatos503

    Update on the port battle set up

    im concerned by the pirates in this, as they have no PVE fleets, does this means capping traders with contraband currently works as hostility against pirates? seems until the pirate mechanics are resolved to your future plans this will be an advantage in that it will be harder to get the pirate towns into a PB situation. Also will there be a guage of some sort that we can see the progress of every area being hit? if we are talking an area and not a specific port, will there be a maximum radius? if so, how large are we talking? will it be big eonough that we could take multiple ports if close enough to each other? will the devs actually give us information to test with? IE do we have to guess at how many x per hour and y per hour need to be done to give us unrest, and the opposite to lower it. or for once will the devs actually supply that info
  15. let me know when you are actually a mod instead of playing at one. until then, this is a perfectly fine place to discuss this
  16. this could be acceptable provided they are actually worse than an off the shelf AI crafted one, and if this is the case then the impact on the econ might not be as badly felt as i anticipate. can you post the link for this?
  17. how about this information, on this issue
  18. capping ships used to mean the role of the crafter was for the most part not important. everybody used to cap 3rd rates, from there you'd take on fleets with said third rates and if you lost one it was no big deal, 15 mins later you had that ship again. No cost aside from time spent. Since this was around for a long time, but with a different econ model nobody paid the practice much mind, and it was the norm, not the exception to see all ports maxed out on resources (aside from gold because back then there was only one type of crafting note). Now with resources have an actual value, this is due to 2 things: 1. the current hybridization of player derived and NPC derived resource base. This gives value, not just worth, to our resources by making them cost us in terms of labor hours which we attribute to another currency that we trade. When that happens coupled with the fact that the overall supply shrinks you now have the conditions for healthier economy 2. The inability to cap combat ships means you have to get them somewhere, now the ship builder who invested the time and effort to lvl up. Now the lower class boats have full durs on them which invites people to want to invest in having them crafted. removing the second will collapse the first unless the limits on size of ships is kept small so it helps new players (on which i can agree) but when you start getting above 5th rates i can see the game giving out its last gasp and croaking. Your assumption that people wont fit a 1 dura ship is false, most gold mods cost way less in hours and resources than big ships with 3 or less duras on them. from a cost savings perspective you could lose 5 sets of gold mods (player made) before you run into the cost line of a fully setup bellona and the infrastructure (shipyards, mat stocks) it takes to make them with all gold mods. I have done it in the past and if you pull out as calculator, you'd see that it would make sense as well.
  19. i remember playing this game when pvp didnt mean rock paper scissors. you know WHEN THE GAME WAS ABOUT NAVAL ACTION, nowadays ppl have gravitated to the easiest way to win.. with 4 mods (and thanks to you taking out ramming leaks) this game goes from a game of skill to a simple push button combat reminiscent of the days of playing lemonade on a commie 64. WHY? this game was filled with promise, and good combat. it wasn't easy, and it wasn't meant to be. so why are you ****ing this game up now? It would be nice if boarding combat was something like a 5% chance to achieve, because think about all of you who crave your reality in the game, you try hooking in a ship and boarding it while still moving? realistic that it should happen every time right? and make it so that it took time to retry like 1 min per try make it a 15% chance if the target is stationary make it 50% if both ships are stationary. simply put the boarding mini game is becoming the game, is that what you, the devs, want? all i know is that if somebody was trying to board my ship, i wouldnt just lower my sails and say "ok, lets rock paper scissors for it"
  20. agreed, and it would seem the devs do as well
  21. cheatos503

    Does anybody use random fire? Why?

    if you have a very small window to fire and get some hits in, random is better than a line of shots missing because of how fast you are going, or the target
  22. currently im im agreement. but i do think some of the aspects of tking traders and such which is vital for new players, should continue. The boarding does not in any way mesh up with the rest of the game currently. and I hope a better solution is found, because while historically boarding actions while A): the battle hasn't been decided , and B)ships were still moving were rare. BUT>>> They did happen
  23. cheatos503

    Update on the port battle set up

    im skeptical at best of this. seems this would work if there was still a large player base like 3 months ago, now? im not so sure. I had proposed a while ago that we keep the timers for PBs BUT..... you can still attack at any time but it would cost you 5x-10x the original port cost. The devs are always looking to make a system for PBs to work. why not let economics work instead? It solves for any group wanting to take a port at any time instead of what it has devolved down to. And it add some defense in the form of breaking the attacking side's war chest so you wont see widespread port caps because after a while nobody could afford it over the long term. Also if you do lose that port know they paid through the nose to do so
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    For a more Fun and profitable Player base Econ

    i would like to see it so that ytou can only have 1 resource building in a city this compass wood nonsense has got to stop. So many ppl brag about how they make millions doing it. I highly doubt the devs had this in mind. So in that i can agree But. since there are going to be new buildings added in soon, I can yet say that only 1 of any type (i would agree on resources) could be a good thing or not keeping the total number of buildings to 5 currently works, well it works for me. In the future i see the devs wanting you to make a tougher choice as to how you plan on doing econ, not an easier one. everything the devs have done thus far points to you being forced into a specialization, not the other way around. So i highly doubt they would change that. I do agree with the site code being changed, with reservations. the produce/consumes for any particular port should be at least 3 ports away from each other. And i dont feel that the free towns should produce or consume anything at all. they are free towns anybody can enter them so why not have them be strictly player ran as far as econ.