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  1. Still playing Darth Mod empire today.
  2. Nothing wrong with an alliance, it can create content. Thats not the same as acting like snakes and doing all these back door deals GB do. I often wonder how people who are so utterly inept at diplomacy get to call the shots. Has GB been loyal to anyone on the server? This why everyone was happy to stick the boot in when things were down. GB even did a peace deal with Spain the moment GB started winning the war and its members were enjoying themselves for the first time in ages. it also allowed the Swedes to take Spanish ports. Well that ended well, whoever made that deal what a fantastic pe
  3. I fully agree with you a nation that cannot defend itself should not own ports. I would rather see GB with just Jamaica if it means not having to pander to one super power or another. Its a worthless existence to live at someone else mercy.The annoying thing is the people who make these deals wont leave the nation as long as they can snake their way out of every situation. Perhaps nation capitals should have some craft bonuses and this might stop people rage quiting or swapping nations every time a crafting port gets captured.
  4. Why dont you do the job properly then and put the wounded beast out of its misery? All your doing is holding it down with your foot on its neck. GB will never recover while those snakes who make deals with every nation remain. Most GB players would be happy to see you take the whole coast and it wouldnt effect them in the slightest. You are not helping anyone by doing pathetic deals with self appointed people who have little to do with the average GB player
  5. As I said before you absorbed nearly all the content drivers from both nations. There was a very vibrant war going on between Spain and GB, now there is only Sweden
  6. Sweden killed both Spain and GB, sucked up all the content driving players from both nations, added them to an already impressive RVR line up and then did what? Attacked the empty shell of the nation that had already been bled dry. I know you guys are full of bitter ex GB players but there is not much blood left in the stone. Then what happens some self appointed egos who think they speak for the entire nation of GB when in fact the vast majority of GB players are not represented in anyway. bow down and take a swede sausage in the rectum right up to the meatballs. GB will always be a ga
  7. You need to face the fact that Sweden is full of bitter ex GB players who after failing with Spain want to get the job done with Sweden. The worst thing you can do is feed them content. I wouldn't fight them at all, let them take the whole coast until they are locked in at both ends with Russian ports. Switch your ship building to a different nation
  8. Forager should have to be cycled through all nations before you can go back to one you have already used in my opinion. I hear what you are saying but, if changing nations keeps a player in the game rather than rage quitting I would see that as the lesser of two evils.
  9. Loki runes should only work against players over a certain rank, If you want numbers to go up you need to give people a fighting chance, yes we all faced grief at capitals when we started out, but i dont think it was as bad as it is now. The snow and the Lebroken are simply being used to destroy noobs 24/7 outside capitals. Its sad that anyone would get satisfaction out of doing it. There should be no pvp reward for killing players in capital zones full stop. A loki rune should not work against players under a certain level, and as for log books, hello kitty off with that shit L
  10. Look no further than log books, loki runes and all the seal clubbers that pray on new players for driving people out the game. Its almost impossible for many people starting out to enjoy the game without getting destroyed by other people who they have very little chance against. Every time numbers go up the devs dream up another idea how to drive them down again
  11. Thats the ships masts, the should call him Ram demast
  12. Lets not forget a game is meant to be enjoyed, most people do not enjoy being on the loosing side, I play for GB I know all about loosing lol, luckily for me RVR was not the most important thing in the game although I do enjoy it. . Most the big RVR players quit the nation as soon as things got really bad, is that really any different? I will say though the reward of achieving a victory against the odds is all the more rewarding. It depends on a players patience, do you need instant gratification and the instant reward of quick success, or are you happy to play against the odds have less su
  13. Then why dont you grow a pair and attack using your main account instead of fighting some proxy war
  14. The point is there was no need to agree to anything, I think the nation earned the right to do what it pleases regardless of what the Spanish wanted. If they dont want to fight anymore so what. To offer a deal when they were in no position to bargain leaves me scratching my head. I would of told them to eff off. There is no way they were going to show GB any mercy had the war gone their way.
  15. Why on earth GB would offer anything after all the hard work and effort is beyond me. Its like lying on the ground for months being kicked by a dozen people and then somehow you manage get back on your feet and grab one of the attackers by the throat and instead of throttling them you allow them to weasel their way out. What is the point in fighting a war and then accepting terms the moment it starts to become fun and your winning. The amount effort people put in to defending the nation and turning things around for what? Its shows nothing much has been learned from previous wars. Also not mu
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