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  1. Right so Sweden let you join the war on their side without telling you they were going to surrender, another nation destroyed by Sweden.
  2. Why then, has Sweden done its best to destroy or make so many other nations turn to Russia for help. they even surrendered to the Russians days after letting Prussia join the war on their side. Sweden has done far more damage to the game in general than Russia in my opinion. I am no fan of Russia but they are by far the lesser of the two evils when compared to Sweden
  3. Why make a peace deal with Russia if your lacking pv I am all for propper screening from the nations involved, however a port battle attracts all the vultures from the rest of the server who have little interest in the battle. People like Sweden, who make peace then find their only in game content is screening for Spain, now they will have no content at all. Am I supposed to feel sorry about that
  4. I disagree, most people who turn up to other peoples port battles have very little interest in who wins the port battle, I hope that when 2 nations are at war the screening will take place during the hostility period and consist of the 2 nations involved. At the moment a port battle is an open invitation for anyone to turn up and try and ruin it As for Baracoa the mystical fog and the vanishing privateer fleets allowed the attackers sail around the screen
  5. Forager should have to be cycled through all nations before you can go back to one you have already used in my opinion. I hear what you are saying but, if changing nations keeps a player in the game rather than rage quitting I would see that as the lesser of two evils.
  6. Loki runes should only work against players over a certain rank, If you want numbers to go up you need to give people a fighting chance, yes we all faced grief at capitals when we started out, but i dont think it was as bad as it is now. The snow and the Lebroken are simply being used to destroy noobs 24/7 outside capitals. Its sad that anyone would get satisfaction out of doing it. There should be no pvp reward for killing players in capital zones full stop. A loki rune should not work against players under a certain level, and as for log books, hello kitty off with that shit Log books should work in the patrol zones only
  7. Look no further than log books, loki runes and all the seal clubbers that pray on new players for driving people out the game. Its almost impossible for many people starting out to enjoy the game without getting destroyed by other people who they have very little chance against. Every time numbers go up the devs dream up another idea how to drive them down again
  8. Lets face it, a port battle had become a magnet for every vulture on the server, most are not interested in screening at all, they are there for their content and do not care about the port battle itself. nothing more but leeches using other nations wars and content. I will be glad to see the back of these people.
  9. Thats the ships masts, the should call him Ram demast
  10. Lets not forget a game is meant to be enjoyed, most people do not enjoy being on the loosing side, I play for GB I know all about loosing lol, luckily for me RVR was not the most important thing in the game although I do enjoy it. . Most the big RVR players quit the nation as soon as things got really bad, is that really any different? I will say though the reward of achieving a victory against the odds is all the more rewarding. It depends on a players patience, do you need instant gratification and the instant reward of quick success, or are you happy to play against the odds have less success but a much more rewarding experience from each victory.
  11. Then why dont you grow a pair and attack using your main account instead of fighting some proxy war
  12. The point is there was no need to agree to anything, I think the nation earned the right to do what it pleases regardless of what the Spanish wanted. If they dont want to fight anymore so what. To offer a deal when they were in no position to bargain leaves me scratching my head. I would of told them to eff off. There is no way they were going to show GB any mercy had the war gone their way.
  13. Why on earth GB would offer anything after all the hard work and effort is beyond me. Its like lying on the ground for months being kicked by a dozen people and then somehow you manage get back on your feet and grab one of the attackers by the throat and instead of throttling them you allow them to weasel their way out. What is the point in fighting a war and then accepting terms the moment it starts to become fun and your winning. The amount effort people put in to defending the nation and turning things around for what? Its shows nothing much has been learned from previous wars. Also not much incentive for anyone to fight another war if there is no reward at the end and the enemy gets off so lightly. If Spain had taken Belize do you think they would offered a deal for GB to get their shit out?
  14. The Spanish had Swedish help, and besides the Russians would attack GB and claim it was just pvp, we must of lost just as many ships to the Russians as the Spanish and Swedes, pretty much anyone who came screening for GB did so looking for something to kill and a british flag certainly diddnt stop them
  15. GB and Spain were fairly evenly matched, GB had more numbers Spain had a higher concentration of skilled PB players, {my opinion} it was shifting though as more GB players were learning. Not in the same league as Russia.
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