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  1. Its only usable once a month
  2. I really think if you are going to try and ruin someone's AI battle then there should be a chance its you that gets ruined. I have had so many dickheads in my battles that sail off with the ship or do some other dumb shit to be the biggest pain in the ass possible , the first thing anyone in an AI battle should do now is chain the AI down so when a loki player does enter he cant do anything.
  3. Capitals are generally camped 24/7 by people in small ships with a BR too low to be attacked by the home fleets. They then quite often attack a bigger ship, witch means the victim has only 2 mins to get help but the attackers friends have 20 mins to dog pile in.
  4. Dutch should be Pancakes
  5. The best fight you can give someone in a trader is to make them chase after you for an hour or more
  6. They are still reasonable ships, I find them a pain in the ass though because you know they will turn into the wind the moment things go south. I like the fact they are slow enough downwind for you to ignore them in many ships. the other day I got tagged by one and I simply sailed off down wind, he was cursing and saying why run in that ship, we all know what would happen if I turned and started beating him up, it would of turned into one of those long drawn out into the wind chases that I really couldnt be arsed with at the time.
  7. Why is it players of one nation can join a battle in progress between two other nations and become allied to the AI in that battle? Should the AI not treat anyone in the battle who does not belong to the country of the AI as hostile. If people want to jump in into other peoples AI battles great, but to have all the AI on their side is that right? Unless the player entering is the same nation as the AI I cant understand why the AI should not attack both sides
  8. Tried this, the Niagara is a good brawler but its weakness is the mast sticks out a long way in front. The result is the Snow can ram the Niagara and almost always come out better off.
  9. Thank you Vernon It works, I kept 2 seal clubbers in battle for an hour they cant kill you as long as the masts stay up witch they did, I was not able to get a kill but with practice and control perk I think I can. Or if not at least keep them in battle for an hour and a half and that will keep other players safe. Prince with longs and mast upgrade mods did very well indeed
  10. Had a loki rune player enter my battle then sail off into the sunset with the AI ship and exit the battle. A bit dumb really,,I knew what was going on the moment the AI ship turned away from the battle. I was not going to bother chasing
  11. I tried A Niagara but the front mast gets rammed off very easy A prince cant fit the 32lb carros can it brawl with the Snow?
  12. The battle closing system atm is all set up for people to slaughter noobs outside a capital, It really needs to be fixed, I have seen so many battle close on defending fleets, but remain open so yet more seal clubbers can enter, it is utter garbage, I wonder how many people get driven away from the game because they cant sail outside the port without being constantly slaughtered and no help can be organised to save them, Some people might be amused by whats going on, but it cant be good for the game in the long run, you are not even giving these people a chance to get revenge when the time comes. Instead of adding up the BR to see if a fight closes, why not add up the level or rank of the players inside, If an Admiral attacks a midshipman or flag captain. close the admiral side of the battle and keep the midshipmen open for 20 mins, better still just keep both sides of a battle open for longer within a certain range of a captial.
  13. How the hell are you supposed to get a Snow off your arse in this game? They seem to turn like dodgem cars, they are fast they hit hard, I have tried to fight them a couple of times in a 5th rate and you are lucky if you get a shot off on them after the initial closing. Is a fleet ship the answer?
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