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  1. Good. No one had scout helicopters on ships in 1800.
  2. The damage model for both sails and masts seems wonky. The vulnerable parts are not the canvas or the mast itself. The vulnerable parts of the system are the standing and running rigging. The way to disable a sail is not to shred it with chain, it's to cut the halyard or the topping lift and braces and the whole sail comes down. The way to take down a mast is not to hit the mast itself with ball shot (as stated before, these guns are not accurate enough to do that at range). It's to damage the standing rigging and then let the force of the sails take down the mast.
  3. I am level 40. I crafted an exceptional brig (I wanted a rattlesnake BP). I hadn't crafted a brig since I was about level 10 or so. I had 3 BPs drop: Rattlesnake Navy Brig Mortar Brig
  4. The port timers in the Bahamas are brutal for North American players.
  5. That is the LEAST annoying thing the AI does in my experience. They turn sharply in front of you. The position themselves between your broadside and a target. I suppose it is a little better than the old AI Snow fleets that we used to drag around pre-EA, but not a lot.
  6. eriks


    What do you want? The devs to share their scrum board? This is a pretty big complex piece of software. My understanding is the dev team is quite small. I would also imagine there are ops issues that the players have very little visibility into unless things go horribly wrong. Some feature fixes are easy as tweaking parameters (penetration and such). Architectural features are much harder (revamping crafting) especially if you are trying to simultaneously support an active player base. Honestly I could not care less about the grey/blue port UI. That is the LAST thing they should be worrying about.
  7. Erik PVP1 EU Fighting Top - Basically snipers in the rigging. The demise of Lord Nelson. Master Blacksmith - increases the yield of casting related crafting. Master Carpenter - increases the yield of woodworking related crafting. Navigator - Gives you one position fix every 24 game hours assuming the skies are clear. Foreman - Increases the yield of production buildings. Master Armorer - Makes cannons.
  8. Your "borders"? Or the borders of your oppressive, imperial empire? I can't find Spain on the game map at all.
  9. Those numbers seem low. Are they for crafting grey ships? I too am stuck building many Frigates trying to get a Inger BP. But on the whole I seem to get a BP on average every 3rd or 4th ship I craft, not every 20th. BTW... If you're looking for a quality exceptional Frigate in Oak please let me know. I have a few around...
  10. You make the traders AI, not the escorts. The player is sailing the escort. Trader AI is easy, run like hell and your best wind angle. Escape ASAP. I'm in my Trinco and I have two loaded Trader Snows controlled by AI.
  11. I think you are missing the point. If you think the game will sell well in the US (outside of China the largest Video Game market in the world) if new users from the US log in for the first time and see their native land squished then you're in for a surprise. The game needs a self balancing mechanism that where the better a faction is doing the harder it gets for that faction.
  12. The larger problem with a massively unbalanced map is it makes onboarding new users really problematic. But again, that is worrying about the larger game not just the agenda a a few clans.
  13. First of all. This is an MMO. If someone wins then the game is over. Second. I happily fight pirates on relatively even terms all the time. I like PVP. What I do not like is 5v1 which is usually the only way to fight SORRY because they rarely come out and play alone. Fixing the conquest mechanic is simple. Owning ports comes with a cost. That cost increases exponentially rather than linearly with the number of ports you own. You could do this as an increasing operating expense. You could increase cost of flags exponentially. There's lots of ways to do it. If you do that you will have an ebb of flow of power and on the map for years to come. The better you are at the game the more challenging the game becomes. Take the port flag example. Let's take a base cost of 2. If you have 0 ports a port flag costs 2^0 = 1 If you have 1 ports a port flag costs 2^1 = 2 If you have 2 ports a port flag costs 2^2 = 4 If you have 3 ports a port flag costs 2^3 = 8 If you have 4 ports a port flag costs 2^4 = 16 . . If you have 20 ports a port flag costs 2^20 = 1048567 . . If you have 25 ports a port flag costs 2^25 = 33554432 . . If you have 30 ports a port flag costs 2^30 = 1073741824 Are the specific numbers right? No. Will this automatically bring balance to the game? You bet. It also mirrors why all empires fall. They get too big to sustain themselves.
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